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Pain Relief: Understanding the Messages from Your Body

by Rick Wilkes

Any of us that have spent even an hour in pain wants to change it. We want Relief and we want it NOW.

We want to go from a place where we’re not sure we can deal with it… we’re not sure we’re even going to survive it… to something where we’re getting clarity from our body about what to do to feel a little bit better. We also really want to help activate the healing process. Tapping does that.

I’ve seen that over and over again. There are times when I was in pain that I didn’t have tapping. I’ll tell you, looking backwards at my life, if I had had tapping at those times I know the experience would have been fundamentally different.

You can help yourself feel better. Tapping with EFT puts a measure of relief right at your fingertips. Even if the pain doesn’t go away immediately (sometimes it takes time for the cells to heal), tapping can let you feel more empowered and calm… no matter what!

Karate Chop: Even though I am so frustrated with this pain, and it feels like it will NEVER get better, I am open to releasing these feelings and finding a calm, grounded place.

Even though I HATE feeling this way, and I just wish the pain would go away, I ask for clarity and help with this process.

Even though I hurt and that makes me feel overwhelmed and down, I am taking steps to help myself… and I’m open to a new way of looking at this.

Top of the Head: I am hurting.
Eyebrow: That’s the truth!
Side of the Eye: I really want relief.
Under the Eye: I am scared.
Under the Nose: And I’m really frustrated.
Chin: This pain is overwhelming.
Collarbone: I just want to feel better.
Under the Arm: I’ve tried denying the pain.

Top of the Head: That didn’t work very well.
Eyebrow: I tried blaming my body.
Side of the Eye: That seemed to make it worse.
Under the Eye: What if I could try something different?
Under the Nose: What if I tried tapping on what I’m honestly feeling?
Chin: My stress and anger…
Collarbone: My doubts and fears…
Under the Arm: I would like to feel better about myself.

Top of the Head: And yelling at myself isn’t working.
Eyebrow: I want to release this!
Side of the Eye: All these old energies.
Under the Eye: I’m ready to do something different.
Under the Nose: I want to feel different!
Chin: If I feel more calm and relaxed…
Collarbone: That could help my body heal.
Under the Arm: I ask for clarity…

Top of the Head: And RELIEF.

Take a deep breath and notice how you feel. How does your body react when you consider working towards relaxation and calm? Are you more relaxed? If not, what thoughts and fears are coming up for you?

Warm smiles,


Originally published Jan 22, 2013


  • Thanks Rick. I watched your presentation – and so far your session was
    my fav! Really appreciated it as chronic pain is a daily companion. Will
    definitely be working with your scripts – as they did help. Cheers.

  • Lourdes M says:

    Dealing with every day pain ! Migraines are getting in my way of joy . Not taking med and trying to go at it in a more a more natural way . I’m frustrated. Tapping brings some release but not lasting . I’m tired

    • Migraines are really energetically difficult. In my experience a first step is to be WITH+IN your body and ask if the headache is an excess of certain energy or a depletion. If excess, ask what emotional state is flooding you. Then, where would the energy like to go?

      Almost everyone I’ve touched who gets migraines has energy that shoots UP to the top of the head, like a flood of energy through a crown center that isn’t meant for “all that.”

      How grounded and connected to Earth do you feel most of the day would you say?

      And yeah, migraines are really hard on the joy…


  • Star Davies says:

    Thank You, You are such Gifts to the world Bless You May ALl life come to you with Ease and Grace & Joy & Glory!!

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