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Overwhelm: When We MUST DO… or DIE!

Most of us have moments when we’re overwhelmed, but when that feeling starts lasting for days, weeks, even years, it’s time to do something about it… and with Tapping (EFT) we can!

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The natural reaction when we feel overwhelmed is to try to run faster, to catch up, to push ourselves further and harder. That can work occasionally. But long term it causes stresses on our minds and bodies which can reduce how much we enjoy life, how productive we are, and even how healthy we feel. Long term stress is a major contributor to illness and disease.

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When we feel overwhelmed, our primitive brain kicks in and starts putting all of our tasks in the “must do to survive” bucket. We MUST feed the kids, MUST do the wash, MUST pay the bills, MUST return a call, and MUST get the Halloween decorations up… or WE WILL DIE.

(Does that feel too strong to you? You can see if that is the connection for you — or your client — by asking the question: “Well, what will happen if you don’t _____?” And then keep asking until you get to the core overwhelm. When you keep following the emotional thread, as it gets more and more intense, it often leads to a feeling of doom, a feeling that we don’t survive, that we’ll die. This logically feels melodramatic, but the primitive brain… once it raises the Red Flag… has already made the connection to survival. “Must do… or die.” Tapping (EFT) on it can really shift that energy.)

Admittedly, not feeding the kids is hardly a prescription for family harmony, and wearing clean clothes is appreciated by all. But when our primitive brain is handling the reins, it’s very hard to prioritize or even be efficient at what we’re doing.

We don’t think clearly when we’re in overwhelm. So our evening might look like this:

  • Snap at the kids when they ask what’s for dinner, because you can only do so many things at once.
  • Put water on the stove to start supper.
  • Run around gather dirty clothes from all over the house.
  • Dump clothes on washer and remember that the detergent is still in the car from the trip to the store last week.
  • Run to the garage to get the detergent, and notice the stack of bills… feel frustrated and grumpy.
  • Trip over the box of Halloween decorations you left in hall, drop detergent, dent the bottle, and bruise your shin.
  • Say choice words under your breath as you limp to the laundry room.
  • Start the wash, and breathe a quick sigh of relief as you avoid the box in the hallway this time.
  • Notice that you forgot to turn the stove on, so the water is still ice cold. Decide that pizza will do just fine, again, tonight.
  • Pick up the phone to order pizza, feeling guilty that you haven’t called your friend back yet.
  • Shove the bills in a drawer, kick the box of decorations, and collapse on the couch exhausted, while considering taking up drinking.

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but most of us have had nights like that. And they take their toll.

Instead of rushing forward ever faster (until we collapse), STOP. Change your state of being.

Most people don’t stop. The primitive brain is KEEPING THEM from stopping.

Tapping, because it is a physical action, can break the cycle. Just start tapping, all over or just your collarbone point. Then take a deep breath.

Then tap a round or two to center yourself and restore calm.

From even a slightly calmer place, we can see solutions we wouldn’t otherwise. And when we’re not panicked, we may find the same tasks surprising easy.

After tapping and breathing, the same situation as above may flow like this:

  • Laugh, and tell the kids that dinner is a surprise, to ALL of you.
  • Ask the kids to gather the dirty clothes and bring them to the laundry room.
  • Put water on the stove and turn it on.
  • Remember that the detergent is in the car, and get it.
  • Calmly step around the box of decorations and ask the kids if they would like to help put them up.
  • Start wash.
  • Cook supper while the kids decide where to put the decorations.
  • Enjoy the connection and lots of laughter. Realize that it really is okay if everything isn’t quite straight or exactly where you’d put it. They had fun.
  • Remember that you’ll see your friend at lunch tomorrow so you don’t need to call her back.
  • After the kids are in bed, sit down with a cup of tea and pay the bills, noticing a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Which scenario was more productive? Which had more connection and enjoyment? Which one would be better for your body and your life? By the Law of Attraction, if you are OVERWHELMED you get more and more to be overwhelmed about. Change your state… change you life experience.

Tapping for Overwhelm

If you feel overwhelmed, here’s a script you can use to start shifting that feeling. Print it out and stick it on the ‘fridge.

Karate Chop: Even though I am overwhelmed, I accept all of me and my feelings.

Even though I’m not sure where to turn, I have so much going on, I’m open to relaxing a bit and gaining more clarity.

Even though I don’t even have time to tap, I want to feel better, and tapping may help.

Top of the Head: I am SO overwhelmed.
Eyebrow: This is too much!
Side of the Eye: I’m so far behind,
Under the Eye: I’ll never catch up.
Under the Nose: My body feels stressed.
Chin: I can’t think straight!
Collarbone: What if I could relax and think calmly?
Under the Arm: I don’t have time!

Top of the Head: I’m not very efficient right now.
Eyebrow: And I never seem to catch up.
Side of the Eye: Overwhelm isn’t working for me.
Under the Eye: I’ve tried so many times.
Under the Nose: What if I tried something different?
Chin: What if I could slow down,
Collarbone: And get more done?
Under the Arm: That would feel great!

Top of the Head: I keep thinking I have to try harder.
Eyebrow: But it just doesn’t work.
Side of the Eye: What if I could just be here and now?
Under the Eye: What if I allowed my primitive brain to relax.
Under the Nose: I do feel calmer.
Chin: I allow myself to relax.
Under the Arm: I can think better now,
Collarbone: and make better decisions.
Top of the Head: That’s priceless!

Take a deep breath.

Even taking 2 minutes to calm and center yourself will create a different vibration. Try repeating this tapping script (or change the words and do your own) a few times a day, and notice how your trend changes.

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