April 25, 2020 by Thriving Now Support


YES or NO?

1) Do you feel frazzled and exhausted?

2) Do you try to juggle two, three, or more things ALL at once… in a desperate attempt to catch up?

3) Do you often find yourself feeling frustrated and even angry when someone asks you for help? (After all, your plate is already overflowing!)

4) Do you ever have trouble going to sleep at night because of all the thoughts of what you SHOULD have done or NEED to do are racing through your head?

5) Do you believe that if you could JUST GET CAUGHT UP… FOR ONCE! …you would be okay and you could relax? But you never quite get caught up?

6) Do you love the feeling of being the GO TO person… the one who can take care of everything and everyone… but you’d really like to find some time to breathe and take care of yourself?

7) Do you sometimes find yourself wasting time, re-doing things, or hunting all over for keys or important papers because you have so much going on you’ve lost your CLARITY?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we guarantee that you can benefit from EFT Tapping for Overwhelm. The energy approach is so different from just “getting more done.” It helps you to live life with grace, engagement, focus, and clarity. If that is what YOU crave, join with us, tap with us, and make the shift that will have a powerfully healing impact on your world and lifestyle.

Our coaching options are here.

  • this is wonderful thanks since I started tapping I have had better clarity over my life and health and the pain relief tapping is amazing I can sleep through the night now and relaxed in the morning when I wake I tell everyone and help them also thanks for sharing what you know with the rest of us wanting to learn

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