July 11, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

Nothing’s Going To Work For Me (Around Sleep)…

Now what do you do if you’ve tried so many things and none of them work? What can you do if you’re convinced nothing will work for you?

It’s really common for people to try and try to make a change, and the more failures they experience, the more convinced they are that NOTHING will ever work.

I get it. I was there. I had tried therapy, medication, meditation, and every approach I knew of to get past old traumas. After 20 years, I wanted to give up. I had TONS of evidence that nothing would work for me.

The problem? If I gave up, I was giving up on me… I was giving up on my life.

I had already tried harder. In fact I was exhausted from trying so hard. I dreaded going to bed, being alone, and facing another night of failure. Another night of facing the fact that I couldn’t even sleep right.

I feel so blessed that at the moment I was really ready to give up, the Universe gave me a solution. A solution that seemed really silly. Yet was so powerful that it changed my life.

Tapping gave me back my life, and I care deeply about other people finding the joy and freedom I found. Rick and I offer our hearts and all the encouragement in the world in each tapping we send out, because we feel so blessed to have found this technique.

What if you could try to sleep DIFFERENT instead of trying harder?

What if you could go back in time and erase the pain points that make it hard to sleep?

And install new, better patterns?

There’s nothing wrong with fearing something won’t work. We encourage you to never give up. Because you’re worth fighting for!

Let’s tap!

Karate Chop: Even though I’m afraid nothing will ever work for me, and I don’t even want to face the pain I feel around this issue and the failures I’ve experienced, I don’t want to give up on me.

Even though I’ve struggled around sleep for so long, and I’m afraid this will never get better… I’m open to doing something different, and taking care of myself in a new way.

Even though I’m convinced that nothing will ever work for me, giving up isn’t really an option… and I do deserve to have good sleep. I ask the Universe to guide me to clarity and deep loving rest.

Top of the Head: Nothing’s ever going to work for me.
Eyebrow: I’ve tried so hard.
Side of the Eye: I don’t want to try anymore.
Under the Eye: I’m so tired.
Under the Nose: I just want rest and renew.
Chin: I don’t want to work hard…
Collarbone: And experience failure again.
Under the Arm: I just want to sleep like a regular person!

Top of the Head: What if I didn’t have to try hard?
Eyebrow: What if I could just be different?
Side of the Eye: Maybe I didn’t learn the skill of sleep.
Under the Eye: And possibly, just maybe…
Under the Nose: It might be easier than I think.
Chin: What if I could adjust the way I sleep,
Collarbone: by changing my mind?
Under the Arm: And install new habits?

Top of the Head: I don’t want to give up on me.
Eyebrow: I just don’t want to be led down another false path.
Side of the Eye: I believe that people can heal.
Under the Eye: I believe that life can be loving.
Under the Nose: I ask the Universe to guide me.
Chin: Please give me insight and lead me to what will work for me.
Collarbone: I deserve sleep and loving rest.
Under the Arm: I want to make a difference in the world,
Top of the Head: And feel the joy in my life.

Take a deep breath.

Notice what you’re feeling. Do specific memories come up? When did you learn to feel powerless about sleep? (Could it be an old frozen feeling from an old trauma?)

Whatever you try, we invite you to never give up on you. You’re worth fighting for!

Sleep Now...If you’re guided to being part of our Sleep Now Program, we’d love to help you reprogram your sleep and release old patterns.

To never giving up before the miracle!
Warm wishes
Cathy and Rick

P.S. Our Sleep Now Program is open, so if this is a fit for you, please join us now!

  • wow, just tapped along to my inner child and I began to cry as I really felt the abandonment when I was left as a baby in soiled nappies alone! I’ve ME/CFS and suffer from severe sleep disturbance so I’m really excited to be participating in this program as I truly believe that the sleep disturbance is preventing me from recovery and the subconscious thinking I’ll die when I go to bed and therefore goes into freeze mode makes sense.

    • So glad you’re joining us in the program… I know with my partner who has the same condition from long before we met that sleep is CRUCIAL for her, and anything we do to help unwind core tensions and past traumas really helps A LOT. Do keep us posted, okay? There’s a comment section for each module of the Sleep Now program where you can continue to post your insights. Module 1 is designed to really help with what you describe. https://www.thrivingnow.com/sleep/

  • I’m at my wits end. So many symptoms I’ve been taking for granted are getting worse as I finally understood that lack of sleep may be causing them. And I’m so desperate for a night’s sleep, feeling incapable of a clear thought, stressed out and unwell, unable to do anything about it. Just did the tapping on allowing change and now considering getting the program.

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