January 9, 2020 by Rick

What Your Primitive Brain Is Doing To You Around People!

What Your Primitive Brain Is
Doing To You Around People!

with Cathy Vartuli & Rick Wilkes

  • Do you find yourself acting in ways you don’t want to act? (Who IS this person?!?! Where did THAT come from?!?!)
  • Do you find yourself feeling like you want to run away while another part of you wants to stay?
  • Have you found yourself feeling shut down and isolated… and like all your worst fears just came true?

If so, we invite you to join us and tap along in this workshop as we explore together what your primitive brain is doing to you around other people… and how you can prepare yourself to be more solid, grounded, and resilient in social situations.

Recorded: Saturday, March 2, 2019. One of our participants requested that their session be removed from the video.

Our Reprogram Your Primitive Brain Coaching Program goes into this in depth and truly helps you develop deep resilience and solid, calm presence around others.

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