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Emotional Freedom Circle

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Gliding Scale Group Coaching Program

  • Circle Coaching and Tapping Sessions 6x per month
  • Real Skills Workshops 2x per month to develop skills for Thriving
  • Extensive Self-Paced Resource Library including 8 programs worth $416
  • Community Center Forums and Email Support
  • Credit Cards, Paypal, and Bitcoin Accepted
  • One-Time Membership Fee covers all Circle Member services without expiration.
  • Gliding Scale Monthly Membership renews automatically. Easily cancel anytime. Includes credit of your monthly fee towards private coaching.

Or... Choose the Gliding Scale Monthly Fee that is Generous and Balanced for Us All
Includes Private Coaching Credit

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Self-Paced EFT Tapping and Coaching Courses

Free / Donation


EFT Tapping can bring you quick, effective RELIEF from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, pain and suffering, distressing thoughts, disturbing memories, and limiting beliefs.

Emotional Freedom - 52 Lessons

Free / Donation


Building the clarity, skills, and energy needed to feel what we most want to feel... True Emotional Freedom!

Emotional Freedom - 13 Lessons

Members Only


Circle Members have access to an abundance of resources including regular circle zoom sessions, self-paced coaching courses, real skills workshops, and an extensive audio and tapping library.

Circle Members - 16 Lessons

Circle Members / Premium


Put Calm Confidence at Your Fingertips ~ Want to build resiliency in your life when you face intense stress…?

Find Relief - 24 Lessons

Circle Members / Premium


We show you how the brain stores trauma and teach you a powerful way to release old childhood fears and beliefs so you can feel more confident and in control of what you do, think, and feel now.

Find Relief - 9 Lessons

Circle Members / Premium


Tired of struggling to get to sleep? Quiet The Inner Noise and Recharge Your Energy!

Find Relief - 41 Lessons

Circle Members / Premium


It's like having an energy medicine cabinet at your fingertips. EFT Tapping brings relief to your body and mind...

Find Relief - 78 Lessons

Circle Members / Premium


Cast Off Ancestral Shackles and Create Abundance Now! Release inner conflict and naturally and confidently transform your relationship with money...

Emotional Freedom - 21 Lessons

Circle Members / Premium


Discern what are the YES Steps in any situation… even the ones that look impossibly ugly on the surface. Make clear choices by tapping into all your deeply personal sources of Wisdom and Guidance...

Clarity - 9 Lessons

Circle Members / Premium


Release the Blocks to Self-Expression and Recognition. If you’re wanting to express yourself and be recognized for the Being you truly are…

Emotional Freedom - 10 Lessons

Circle Members / Premium


Overwhelm keeps us from knowing how to direct our energy in pleasing, loving, and effective ways. Now you can shift easily from chronic Overwhelm to Clarity.

Clarity - 10 Lessons



Take The Parking Brake Off Your Life! Transform and align your brain so that you start getting more meaningful and fulfilling things done, in less time, while having more fun!

Emotional Freedom - 80 Lessons



It's time to clear the inner emotional conflicts that are keeping you stuck to your clutter. If you want more simplicity, more space, more freedom...

Clarity - 21 Lessons



Break out and start a new way of engaging with people you love in a safe, empowered way. You can allow affection. You can feel safe, and you can start doing that now!

Emotional Freedom - 8 Lessons



Release Your Traumas and Change Your Life with EFT and Trauma experts Carol Look, Rick Wilkes, and Sue Beer...

Find Relief - 20 Lessons

  • Yes! The link is on the page here. One 20-minute session with me for anyone in the Engaging Hearts Circle per calendar month. (Doesn’t apply to Emotional Support Circle or Emotional Freedom Circle… those circles we connect on the group calls). Looking forward to that continuity with you!

  • All the 8 courses currently included with Circle Membership are now available again in the course system! yay!

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