Clearing Clutter From the Inside Out

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About this course

It’s not about your stuff!

Clutter is just a symptom of inner emotional conflicts.

And until we resolve our inner emotional conflicts that show up in our lives as physical clutter, this physical clutter will stick around.

We can help you heal what's "missing" for you emotionally and help you clear the conflicts that are keeping you stuck to your clutter.

If you want more simplicity, more space, more freedom, let's do this together...

Clutter can be complicated. While it’s just stuff, obviously, it’s not that simple!

Holding onto clutter blocks you from:

  • Feeling the peace, happiness, and freedom you deserve
  • Moving forward in your personal relationships
  • Enjoying the financial success you deserve in your life

What emotional conflicts are connected to your clutter?

Wherever or whenever your emotional conflicts originated, they need to be expressed, validated, and then healed.

Then, and only then, will you make significant progress in your clutter challenges.

That's because simply cleaning up your clutter isn't the solution… It's not about the STUFF!

Remember, we are all living proof of this cycle - until these emotional reasons for holding onto clutter are healed and cleared, the clutter will stick around.

So if you are:

  • Tired  of going around in circles when you try to clean it up
  • "Done"  with holding onto stuff you no longer want, but can't let go because of your emotional attachment
  • Ready  to do the real healing needed so you can let go of what you no longer need

Then let's heal the emotional reasons you STILL hold onto your stuff

Tap along with us and release the REAL reasons you still hold onto your clutter.

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Rick & Carol

Rick Wilkes

An Emotional Freedom Coach and Clutter Relief Specialist that helps people of all ages and lifestyle orientations to transform their emotional world so they can live, laugh, and love with confidence. He’s a leader in the development of simple and profoundly effective emotional technologies that release emotional and physical pain. He loves helping clients feel the clarity of their own inner guidance.

Carol Look

An Intuitive Energy Healer, Psychotherapist, and EFT Master, Carol was trained as a traditional psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist. She is an author, speaker, abundance coach and the creator of "The Yes Code" – her unique coaching style helps you clear your fears, find your "yes" and make the right decisions to live a life of passion, peace and harmony.