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Address The Experiences from Your Past...
That Still Negatively Impact You Now

Early childhood experiences color most of what we think, do, believe, and resist. Negative emotional intensity around any “lessons” we learned as a child can leave us “stuck” as an adult with the fears and energies we learned long ago. 

In this self-paced course, we will show you how the brain stores trauma and teach you a powerful way to release these old fears and beliefs so you can feel more confident and in control of what you do, think, and feel.

Childhood Trauma Relief - Course Outline

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Rick Wilkes + Cathy Vartuli are emotional freedom coaches devoted to helping their community to be Thriving... Now and Always. They specialize in bringing relief to stresses, traumas, anxieties, pains, and more through their coaching and EFT Tapping programs. They can be reached at

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