March 17, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

How do I decide… make the right decision?

Ever been stuck… Not sure what the right decision is?

It’s a horrible feeling. I don’t know about you, but my brain can suck every ounce of energy out of my life trying to find a solution. The anxiety of not being able to decide feels awful.

Decisions!How do you decide?

How do you break out of that conflict and make a good decision?

There are a couple steps that can improve your odds of making a decision you’ll be aligned and happy with, and we go into those in our Reprogram Your Primitive Brain course.

The very first, critical step is…

Are you ready?

Calm your primitive brain.

We almost never make the best decisions when we’re reacting. The panicked brain is trying to pull a last ditch effort that might save the day. In that space, our cognitive brain is not part of the equation. It’s all instinct and adrenaline.

If someone was trapped in a burning building and there was no way out, scrambling and throwing themselves against the wall might break through… 1 in a million odds, but better than nothing if the end was near.

It is not the best way to decide to buy a car, choose a job, a partner, talk to a boss, or make any important decisions.

Like Rick shared in the last message, emotions are contagious. So if you’re around other anxious or stressed people, it can be harder to ground yourself and feel calm and focused.

Some gentle tapping can shift anxiety quite quickly, and create some contagious calm for others to enjoy!

To calm your primitive brain:

1) Take a slow, deep breath. (This signals the brain that there is no danger- you wouldn’t do this if a bear was chasing you!)

2) Notice your feet on the ground and wiggle your toes. (This gets you back in your body, where wisdom resides, and out of your head where anxiety thrives).

3) Look around the room and notice that there are no violent threats. No angry bosses, no lions, no bears, no frustrated spouses. (Really look around, your primitive brain needs to see).

Now tap along…

Karate Chop: Even though my brain is spinning and I feel so anxious and overwhelmed, I allow myself to calm down and make a decision that works for me.

Even though I’m scared I won’t make a good decision and it will mess up my life, I choose to allow calm and clarity.

Even though this feels too hard, I know things will be better if I can step out of reaction and into my body.

Top of the Head: My brain is trying to decide.
Eyebrow: It is thinking itself in a circle.
Side of the Eye: And wearing me out!
Under the Eye: If I could think my way out of this,
Under the Nose: I’d already have this solved.
 Maybe I’m not thinking as clearly as I want.
Collarbone: What if I could ground myself,
Under the Arm: And let my primitive brain relax?

Top of the Head: Hey primitive brain!
Eyebrow: Thanks for trying so hard!
Side of the Eye: I know you really care.
Under the Eye:
 It’s ok to relax now.
Under the Nose: There are no lions or tigers.
 Just a couple prickly problems I want to solve.
Collarbone: I ask for clarity and calm.
Under the Arm: I invite guidance and grounding.

Top of the Head: When I can think clearly…
Eyebrow: Decisions are easier.
Side of the Eye: I want to make a decision that is in my best interest.
Under the Eye:
 Something that’s gentle and loving.
Under the Nose: And I remember that the Universe can turn almost anything to good.
 I am loved.
Collarbone: I can be calm and grounded.
Under the Arm: I invite a powerful decision for me.
Top of the Head: And a delightful and loving outcome.

Take a deep breath.

Even if you calm your brain just a bit, you’ll have more room to see clearly and create a powerful outcome.

Congratulate yourself on taking the time to calm yourself and change they way your brain deals with life’s stresses.

And if you’d like to learn how to transforming your brain and reprogramming so your primitive brain works with you rather than against you, join us!

Cathy and Rick

This course created an abrupt change in my life’s trajectory. I did not expect this, and only took it to ‘see’ what would happen.
What I found is that working through the modules with Rick and Cathy, I gained an increase in my energy. Seeing as I contend with ongoing health issues around this topic, this was a huge surprise. I was able to tackle some huge life tasks I’d been putting off with ease.
All I can come up with is that I was able to release old stuff and it freed up my energy – the energy that was already in me, but being used to ‘handle’ old pain. As these were tasks I hadn’t been able to see tackling for years to come, and suddenly it was happening with ease, the only thing I can attribute it to is addressing my primitive brain’s issues.
I’m grateful to Rick and Cathy for this course. ~ Naomi

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