May 17, 2014 by Cathy Vartuli

You Made A Difference!

We want to appreciate you. You made a difference.

How? You were part of the last round of email and the energy of releasing shame and guilt around money.

You are part of our tribe, our community. And whether you tapped along with the email we sent, or bought the program and dove right in (we have some people getting incredible insights and delightful breakthroughs, all over the world)… or if you just saw the headlines and tucked the email away until you were ready to look at them… You took part in that intention.

You MatterJust by being aware that people are clearing guilt and shame around money, you let your primitive brain tune into that possibility. By tapping along with an email, or attending the free teleclass on releasing shame and guilt- you created new openings for yourself and your abundance.

We LOVE connecting with people in our programs, and we care deeply about everyone in our community. You have courage and a willingness to look at things a bit differently than other people. And that will make all the difference!

You made a difference. You’re helping break the mold that keeps people stuck. You’re modeling a new way of being. And a new abundance. Thank you. The world needs you!

Stay tuned… Rick and I have some new videos and ideas to share with you in the coming weeks. In fact, he’ll be in Dallas next weekend so we can shoot some new videos to send your way. I can’t wait to tell you about them!!

In the meantime, lets do some tapping on abundance and making a difference?

Karate Chop: Even though I sometimes get lost in the noise of my life, I am making a difference! I’m tapping right now, and inviting my energy and my beliefs to upgrade.

Even though it’s easy to miss the changes I’m making, sometimes they’re just baby steps…Baby steps can add up to big changes and powerful differences. I choose to notice the steps I’m taking and send myself gratitude.

Even if it’s challenging to appreciate what I do, maybe I can let in the appreciation Rick and Cathy have for me. Maybe I can allow myself to feel their love and support. They are glad I’m part of their tribe, and any time I feel alone, I can lean on that.

Top of the Head: I don’t always notice what I do…
Eyebrow: But I am tapping right now.
Side of the Eye: And I keep asking questions,
Under the Eye: And learning new things about myself.
Under the Nose: Maybe I’m doing better than I thought?!
Chin: What if I let the abundance of who I am, in?
Collarbone: Could I appreciate my efforts a little more?
Under the Arm: And notice the difference I’m making?

Top of the Head: Sometimes I take myself for granted.
Eyebrow: But I am courageous.
Side of the Eye: I’m taking steps a lot of people don’t know exist.
Under the Eye: I’m moving deeper into myself.
Under the Nose: And questioning things others take for granted.
Chin: I can be proud of my efforts.
Collarbone: I’m role modeling a new way of life!
Under the Arm: And I deserve appreciation.

Top of the Head: I do have courage.
Eyebrow: I’m ready to let in new abundance,
Side of the Eye: To match my efforts and courage.
Under the Eye: I let myself appreciate me.
Under the Nose: And all that I do.
Chin: Where some would give up,
Collarbone: I continued on.
Under the Arm: I am grateful for me,
Top of the Head: And the abundance that I am.

Take a deep breath.

Notice how your body feels. If you feel good, warm, alive, wonderful! Celebrate!!

If you feel heavy, tired, or tense, that may be a sign that part of you doesn’t feel safe appreciating yourself. If you know where you learned it- that’s a great place to tap. If you aren’t sure, invite clarity. And know that we appreciate you deeply, even if you can’t appreciate yourself.

Warm, grateful wishes to our tribe,

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