August 17, 2016 by Cathy Vartuli

It won’t work for me.

Have you ever longed for what other people have… heard how they did it… and thought “It won’t work for me?

That painful longing can be so painful. So disheartening!

Once our brain decides we can’t get there, we feel like a little kid looking through the window into a wonderland we can never visit.

We’ll even build that sense of failure into our sense of identity, and make up reasons why we can’t… because as soon as we ask our mind “Why can’t I have that….?” our brain will figure out answers.

Even if those answers aren’t true or are out-of-date.

This is a really important concept! (And it has something to do with baby elephants…)

Let’s explore this more together and do some tapping…

elephant-playDo you know how they train elephants?

They chain baby elephants to something they can never move, and the baby learns that if there is something around its ankle, it can’t get away. (Makes me feel sad just thinking about it… and how so many of us went through something similar growing up…)

Even when the elephant is all grown up and powerful enough to go just about anywhere it wants, it thinks that a thin rope can hold it.

That elephant thinks, “It won’t work for me to tug this stake out of the ground.” Even when it is just a small stake that the elephant could actually yank out of the ground with little effort.

Once a grown elephant learns that it can pull free… There is no holding it back! It’s FREE.

We want that freedom for you.

We invite you to consider the fact that there may be many small ropes “holding” you in place… Binds and blocks your brain learned about long ago, when you weren’t as powerful or able.

When you can gently and thoroughly let your brain know how things have changed, it may let you see all kinds of options that were hidden before. Options that let you live the things you used to look at hopelessly, longingly through the window!

There are ways to reset your brain in a comprehensive way. We’ll share more about that in a couple of days. In the meantime, let’s give your brain a nudge in the right direction with some tapping!

Karate Chop: Even though I firmly believe it won’t work for me, what if I could find a way to make a difference?

Even though it will never work for me, what if there are ways I can see this differently?

Even though I’ve believed… it won’t work for me… for a very long time, what if there were things I didn’t consider and now I can yank that stake out of the ground and create what I dream of?

Top of the Head: It won’t work for me.
Eyebrow: It never did!
Side of the Eye: I can’t do it!
Under the Eye: I tried and failed!
Under the Nose: Of course, that baby elephant tried, too.
He probably tried a lot of times,
Collarbone: Until she gave up…
Under the Arm: And never realized she grew up.

Top of the Head: What if I’m more powerful now?
Eyebrow: What if I can go where I want?
Side of the Eye: What if only the belief and the fear hold me back?
Under the Eye:
I don’t want to fail again.
Under the Nose: It hurt a lot back then…
I felt frozen and hopeless.
Collarbone: Powerless and miserable.
Under the Arm: I can gently let go of that feeling.

Top of the Head: I allow myself to feel more powerful.
Eyebrow: I allow myself to feel curious.
Side of the Eye: If I could get where I want…
Under the Eye:
How would I like to do that?
Under the Nose: What has changed for me since the last time I tried?
How have I grown?
Collarbone: What new resources do I have?
Under the Arm: I’m curious and intrigued…
Top of the Head: And ready to pull out old stakes!

Take a deep breath.

Playing-with-an-elephant_1Notice what you feel in your body. If you feel good — let that feeling percolate.

If it feels heavy and sad… Ask yourself why! You may be closer to an insight and breakthrough than you think!

What if you could not only have it work, but let it be easy?

The tapping you just did may give you more shifts than you feel at first. Notice the thoughts and patterns that appear to you over the next few days.

We hope this gives you new freedom and power. You deserve to go where you dream, and create what you desire!

You deserve it!
Warm wishes
Cathy and Rick

  • Thanks Cathy and Rick for taking up the above issue.

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