February 20, 2015 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

It Takes Too Much Time!

You’d think working 120 hours a week I’d have gotten A LOT done.

And I did!

I worried… A LOT.
I stressed… A LOT.
I struggled… A LOT.

I felt stuck… trapped… A LOT.

I wish I’d known back then that I was stuck in a “mode” that made it impossible for me to focus my time and energy effectively.

If you’ve ever felt stuck like this, I’d like to share a nugget of what I’ve learned with you from those workaholic days… and do some tapping together.

Stuck in Survival Mode

So what was this mode I was stuck in, week after 120-hour workweek?

It was survival mode.

Survival mode is where a person is programmed to care only about survival. The primitive brain takes over. It wants to fight competition and other ‘threats’ (real or imagined).

If the primitive brain can’t fight right now, it will want to hide under the table (or by scrolling through Facebook).

When it gets exhausted or scared, the primitive brain freezes the body-mind into inaction. Hours and hours pass… with nothing useful to show for it (other than web ‘research’, a few TV shows, and a bit more Facebook).

HELP -OverworkedOver the years being stuck in primitive brain survival mode…

– Sucks the health out of the body.

– Drains the love out of life.

– Rots the gut, aches the heart, and drives the mind nuts.

Cathy and I are convinced after working with thousands of clients that the greatest change that can happen in a person’s work life and love life starts when they…

Get Out of Primitive Brain Mode!

This is not easy… especially if you grew up in survival mode and live in that mode some (or all) of the time now.

And there’s hope!

Today there is a new technology… an emotional technology. It is designed to tune into what’s happening in the body-mind when it is in survival mode… and switch it to ‘empowered mode.’

I know from experience that when trapped in survival mode, 120 hours can go by without anything creative to show for it. I remember feeling like I wasn’t DOING enough… I wasn’t working HARD enough.

In empowered mode… just two hours can feel so alive and expressive!

We want that for you. We want you to have the ability to switch out of survival mode and into a mode where you can focus, engage, and express who you are in ways that are deeply satisfying for you.

Back in my workaholic days 20 years ago, I’d have insisted, “I don’t have time for this!” So I want to honor that you’re already showing more Willingness and Awareness than I could have mustered back then. It’s a great sign for your future.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to go into more depth about how to make this shift… both initially and consistently. We’ve developed an approach to reprogramming the primitive brain’s reactions that leads to much greater confidence.

In the meantime… I’d like to encourage you to do one of these two tapping audios:

The first is a simple tapping and breathing exercise. If you need a quick shift out of anxiety, this is where to go: Anxiety Constricted Breathing and Tapping.

If you’re feeling the inner fight or flight that shows up when we’re wanting to try something new and make a deep change in our life, this is one that have proven incredibly helpful over the years: NO! You Can’t Make Me!

After you’ve listened and tapped along with one of those, would you share your experience in the comments below? Questions are also always welcome… here or at support@thrivingnow.com.

Warm smiles,

  • I am so glad the Reprogramming the Primitive Brain Course is coming back. When I took it I was able to release a lot of old emotional baggage that helped give me the courage to start creating my own videos. Growing up with a cleft lip and looking different I never felt confident enough to enjoy making videos showing myself. I also had enough confidence to co create a radio show with a cohost. We had a fun 2 year run and now I host my own show with no cohost. I was amazed that I felt so calm and confident doing the show.

    As a child who grew up having many surgeries that traumatized me and terrifying dental appointments, I was able to go to the dentist recently with zero anxiety. This I could not even imagine before tapping! It felt like a MIRACLE and it truly was. Sure I still have some anxieties, I’m human, but they don’t come as often and I have these wonderful tools to help lessen their intensity. I am looking forward to going through the Reprogramming The Primitive Brain course again to see what other wonderful things I can create. I’ve been through other therapies but EFT and tapping with my wonderful coaches here on Thriving Now, Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli was the key to my real healing. So I hope anyone who is considering taking the Reprogramming the Primitive Brain course is helped by my testimony. I would be happy to tell you more about how this worked for me. Just ask. Jean.

  • At last some info about why I spend so much time ‘frittering away my time’ as I call it. This makes perfect sense to me. Look forward to hearing more. I can’t tap on either link right now – I’m on a train. 🙂

    • I use finger point tapping in public places, especially when trapped in a stressful setting. But normally it works better for me to focus and tune into the issue when I have some privacy.

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