February 11, 2017 by Cathy Vartuli

I’m Afraid To Move Forward

I think I’m stuck. I’ve been doing tapping and studying the Law of Attraction and most of the time I feel really good. But first thing every morning I have a strong fear coming up. I worry that I’m just wasting my time with this. What can I do? – Ivy

Doubts in the MorningIt sounds like part of you is afraid to move forward. And it happens at times even to the most confident of us!

If you’re feeling good most of the time, but have strong doubts and fears sometimes, there may be a frightened part of you that decided long ago how to be safe. All the changes can be unsettling! The frightened part of you may be resisting all the change and trying to hold onto patterns from long ago.

Does it feel safe to ALL parts of you to feel better? Do you deserve it?

If you feel better, what will those around you think? Do you think someone you love (dead or living) might feel jealous?

Rather than fight the doubts, see if you can dig underneath them and figure out where they came from (what rules or early decisions you are breaking by feeling good now), and tap on them. You can even tap on the doubts…

Karate Chop: Even though I have these doubts and fears, I worry that I may be wasting my time, I acknowledge all my feelings and accept myself just as I am.

Even though I am feeling better most of the time, part of me is scared. I send comfort and love to that part of me, and ask that part to open up and help me understand.

Even though I have these doubts, I’m glad I’m taking care of myself and feeling better most of the day. I may be wasting my time, but I feel better than I ever have… so maybe I’m on the right track after all!

Top of the Head: I have these doubts.
Eyebrow: What if I’m wasting my time?
Side of the Eye: What if I’m just fooling myself?
Under the Eye: I think I’m feeling better.
Under the Nose: But I’m not sure if it’s real.
Chin: What if part of me is scared?
Collarbone: Uncertain how to behave with these new feelings?
Under the Arm: Frightened of moving forward?

Top of the Head: I send comfort to that part of me.
Eyebrow: This is indeed new and strange.
Side of the Eye: I like how I feel…
Under the Eye: But it frightens me, too.
Under the Nose: Why am I frightened?
Chin: Am I breaking a childhood rule?
Collarbone: I don’t feel safe…
Under the Arm: Not entirely.

Top of the Head: I’m ready to feel better.
Eyebrow: I’m taking good care of me.
Side of the Eye: I do have my doubts…
Under the Eye: And I’m tapping on them right now.
Under the Nose: I accept myself just where I am…
Chin: And I’m open to noticing all the ways I feel better.
Collarbone: Maybe I’ll write a list…
Under the Arm: Of all those good things…
Top of the Head: When I have those doubts.

Take a deep breath.

Reaching for the SkyHow does that feel?

If specific memories came up for you, some Inner Tapping can help transform those feelings and fears. And our Self-Sabotage: Removing Your Subconscious Blocks program is a wonderful way to help you release resistance and start feeling confident and powerful.

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