May 3, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

How Much Is Clutter Messing Up Your Life?

Some insights and tapping below on the surprising effects even a small amount of clutter can have…

But first, we wanted to share how much fun we’ve had with this. Seeing people from all over the world join in this Special Bonus Week for Clearing Clutter and knowing that people from almost every state in the US, in Canada, the UK, Australia, Peru, Sweden, Switzerland, and more have started clearing their spaces and vibrations to allow more abundance and comfort into their lives… this is why we love getting out of bed in the morning! To help people make a positive, permanent difference in their lives!

Based on the emails and the fantastic and generous comments people shared in the Clutter Survey, we learned that it isn’t just your stuff that’s the problem. Other People’s Stuff can be a big contributor to stress and noise in your home and office.

So Rick and Carol went back to the “recording studio” and created another bonus for Special Bonus Week for Clearing Clutter! (Don’t worry, if you already bought your copy of Clearing Clutter with EFT, you’ll get this new bonus as well. But only if you purchase before midnight on November 5th!)

If you need help dealing with Other People’s Stuff, this bonus is perfect for you!

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Okay, now back to the insights on clutter!

Cathy here. I shared in a previous email how much Rick and Carol’s Clearing Clutter with EFT program helped me. How much I cleared out of my space, and how clutter free I’ve been. It’s been delightful!

And I’ve gotten used to having a clear, vibrationally inviting space to create, play, and relax in.

I’d actually forgotten how much even a small amount of clutter can distract, annoy, and sap energy.

I’m having some work done on my house, part of which required me to pull all the pictures from the walls and remove all the decorative things from shelves. Because of the rain Dallas is having, they won’t be able to finish up until next week.

Mind you, my house is organized and clean… but having the pictures stacked around, and my treasures piled on counters, I really notice how different my energy is. I don’t have the same easy focus, and when I try to relax, I feel “pinged” by the out of place things.

clutter-life-impactThe problem with clutter is, it accumulates slowly. So we don’t always notice how much it distracts us and pulls at us until it’s gone.

You may not even be aware how much the disorder and no-longer-needed-stuff is pulling at you.

Try this simple visualization… Look around your space and notice how your energy feels. Is it quiet or noisy? Are you working at ignoring things or can you relax? Then close your eyes and imagine that your space was ordered and clutter free. How does your energy feel now? Is it more present and calm? More focused? Can you relax more?

Imagine how that difference could change your life over minutes, hours, days and years! Just a little bit more ease and less distraction can add years to your life and love in your heart to share!

Lets do some tapping on this!

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve gotten good at ignoring my clutter, maybe it is time to clear it up and clean it out so I can raise my vibration.

Even though I have other things I need to do, and I say I have no time, the truth is, dragging all this stuff with me is a waste of time and energy, and I deserve to have a clutter free space!

Even though I think it has to be hard, what if it could be delightful and easy? And really fulfilling!

Top of the Head: How much is my clutter distracting me?
Eyebrow: How much more energy would I have if I cleared this out?
Side of the Eye: I would love to invite more energy.
Under the Eye: I would love my vibration to be inviting and abundant.
Under the Nose: That can be hard when you’re avoiding the mess…
Chin: Or so cluttered there isn’t room for more.
Collarbone: I’m afraid this will be hard.
Under the Arm: I’m afraid this will take too much time…

Top of the Head: What if it could be easy?
Eyebrow: What if I could relish clearing my space?
Side of the Eye: This could be an act of love for me and my family!
Under the Eye: And the Universe can support me and send me more abundance.
Under the Nose: I’m ready to let go of the noise.
Chin: I’m ready to let go of the clutter.
Collarbone: Once and for all!
Under the Arm: I’m ready to enjoy my home.
Top of the Head: And create a place of safety and joy!

Take a deep breath.

We really do want you to have a clear and lovely space to play, create, and love in. You deserve it!

Rick and Carol’s Clearing Clutter with EFT is a powerful program that can take the pain and effort out of the process and make it easy and fun. Join us in clearing space for a new, powerful you!

Warm wishes!


“Rick and Carol’s work has been LIFE CHANGING. I have crawled out of my box of fear and despair with a steady diet of tapping programs from Carol and Rick.” –Maryann McGerigle, Braintree, MA

“Rick’s enthusiasm and the relevance of his topics is always spot on. I am often really ‘blown over’ by their power.” –Adi, Australia

“I love Rick’s approach and caring sense of humor… somehow I started to use EFT by following his free audios… and find it as an incredible tool to be grounded and in touch with my human-self… and to feel my body… that changed my life. Thanks! YOU Rock!” –Angelique, Peru

“I had a great private session with Rick. He helped me to see things from a different perspective and was so intuitive it was unbelievable! I loved his warmth and rapport and humor. He was wonderful to work with, very helpful, and I plan to do it again very soon! Thanks, Rick!!!” –Sharon, Albany, OR

“I recently read Rick’s article titled “It’s a Shame” and in all my searches for answers as to why I felt as I did throughout most of my childhood and adult life, I found this story to bring it all home for me. Twenty years of therapy did not do for me what I read that day in addition to the tapping exercise. I feel like that cloud that has engulfed me for fifty years has finally been lifted. I would like to say one more thing Thank You Rick. You are awesome!” –Stephanie, Upper Marlboro, MD


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