May 3, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

Finding Hope Around Clutter

bigstock-Messy-Bedroom-755259I used to be a pack rat and a bit of a slob. My father once threatened to shovel the stuff in my room out the second story window (he didn’t). I had clothes, books, empty cereal bowls, notebooks, the odd bridle from my pony, shoes, and my backpack scattered on every surface, including the floor.

I thought it was normal to have stuff everywhere. To not be able to find things like car keys, birthday cards, small children… ūüėČ

It’s a standing joke in my family that if you see something you like, you should buy two of it… Cause you never know when you might need another.

Of course, you could never find either one of the things you just bought once it was in the house, because there was so much stuff from other shopping trips.

I actually started to get better about having so much stuff when I started tapping. As my primitive brain relaxed, I didn’t need to hoard so much to feel safe. It was a huge relief to not feel so compelled to buy EVERYTHING, and try to shove it someplace. And it started getting easier to put things away and organize. (It also made it easier to save money, which was a beautiful side-effect!)

But I still had a lot of things. Now there is nothing wrong with that, as long as those things bring you joy. And hopefully some ease. For me, it seemed like each of the things I didn’t need anymore created some background noise in my house. I would walk through a room, and I’d feel “pinged” by each item. It didn’t bring me joy, and it didn’t feel easy.

And I was still having to shove things in the spare room if someone came over. It created a frantic 15 minutes before guests were to arrive… everytime!

And then something really cool happened. I was still pretty new to tapping, still learning the ropes. And I was helping Rick Wilkes and Carol Look with some of their projects, doing audio editing, proofing transcripts, that sort of thing.

Rick and Carol sent me their Clearing Clutter with EFT audios. And I started editing the audios.

Now please understand, I didn’t realize I had a problem with clutter at this point. I was MILES ahead of where I started, and I thought my situation was NORMAL. Like a fish in water, who doesn’t realize there is anything but water, I thought my struggle was just part of life.

But I always tap along. So I tapped through their program while I edited the audios. And I noticed things shifting. And then I read through the transcripts, still tapping.

The next Saturday, I woke up at 5am for some reason (I am not normally a morning person), so filled with energy and intent that it was easy! And I started sorting through things. One area at a time. Naturally and easily deciding what to keep and what not to.

Other than a couple trips to get boxes, I sorted and organized all weekend. And each night after work for a couple hours. It was like magic. I couldn’t NOT do it. And it felt so authentic and good.

The following Saturday, my garage was full of 43 boxes and some odd furniture. And I had a moving truck pick it up and take it all to the local Woman’s Shelter.

I also had 21 bags of shredded paper I left out for the recycling center. And 12 bags of trash.

It felt GREAT! My house had all kinds of space. The energy was quiet. And I knew where everything was. And while I occasionally have a few piles of things I need to go through, my house has stayed clutter free since.

We know from the feedback from the Clutter surveys you did (Thank you again!!!), that some of you have little hope that you’ll ever be able to deal with clutter in a different way. You feel like it rules you and you won’t ever have control.

I offer my story as hope. I truly believe that ANYTHING can be healed, given enough focus, love, and yes… Tapping!

So I invite you to tap along with me:

Karate Chop: Even though I’ve had this clutter problem for so long, I’ve almost give up hope… It might be time to turn this around in a new way.

Even though I’ve struggled with clutter for as long as I can remember, what if I was ready to see this in a new light? The clutter might be as sick of me as I am of it!

Even though I feel heavy whenever I think of my clutter… I never had Carol’s and Rick’s help with it before. What if I can clear my mental blocks and fears and create space and ease for myself, starting now.

Top of the Head: I am tapping right now.
Eyebrow: I’m telling my primitive brain I am safe, right now.
Side of the Eye: Tapping helps change my fears.
Under the Eye: So I’m already doing something good.
Under the Nose: Of course it doesn’t seem to be enough.
Chin: That’s almost always my first thought.
Collarbone: I always thought that voice was helpful…
Under the Arm: But I’m starting to think it shuts me down.

Top of the Head: What if the steps I take…
Eyebrow: To learn how to clear clutter…
Side of the Eye: Could be taken with joy and delight?
Under the Eye: What if the skills I’ll learn…
Under the Nose: Will make me more resilient…
Chin: And more relaxed?
Collarbone: I invite hope and joy right now.
Under the Arm: I invite ease and delight.

Top of the Head: What if clearing clutter could become an act of love…
Eyebrow: For myself and my loved ones?
Side of the Eye: What if it could be easy and playful?
Under the Eye: Part of me doubts that is possible…
Under the Nose: But EFT can do pretty amazing things!
Chin: I invite the Universe to help me.
Collarbone: Please send me hope, inspiration, and insight.
Under the Arm: And let me find what I need to make clearing clutter easy.
Top of the Head: So I release the noise and create ease.

Take a deep breath.

How hopeful do you feel now? How would your life be different if you could make even a small difference in your ease around clutter?

Watch for an email next week… we have a special Clutter Announcement coming up!

Warm wishes,



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