January 5, 2020 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Growing What Is Precious To You (Free Workshop)

Growing What Is Precious To You!


Growing What Is Precious To You (Free Workshop) 1What’s precious to you?

What feelings nourish you?

What experiences make you feel… Authentically YOU?

If it is precious to you, we want to help you grow that.

Some of what is precious for me is generosity, co-creation, engagement, and emotional freedom. This workshop is an opportunity for all that and more!

It’s free to you! (Generosity). Cathy Vartuli will be there facilitating with me (Co-Creation). We get to work together with you… if you came to the live event (Engagement!).

And we know that core to growing what is precious is to address the emotions around… growing! Being emotionally free means the blocks and traps and resistance are cleared, and we can take inspired action… and feel supported while we do. 

Join us for this working session. It’s free and we’ll do lots of tapping and shifting energy:

Recorded: Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 4pm EST / 1pm PST / 9pm GMT

Hosts: Rick Wilkes – Thrivingnow.com & Cathy Vartuli – TheIntimacyDojo.com

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  • Cathy and I are excited to start 2020 with you! Consider what’s precious to you… and consider what you feel might stand in the way. Share as a reply here if that’s a YES for you!

  • Thank you SO MUCH to those who attended live. You made the event so engaging. If you’re watching the recording, we invite you to “feel” like you are “with us together” as you listen and tap. ~Rick

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