December 9, 2022 by Cathy Vartuli

Letting Joy Into Your Holiday

The holidays are supposed to be full of laughter and joy, aren’t they?

I remember the promise of a glittering tree, brightly wrapped packages, warm cookies baking. As children, we were willing to dream and enjoy the wonder-filled moments of the season.

As adults, we’ve been conditioned to put ourselves last. To check off the list and then maybe, if we aren’t too tired, and the house isn’t too messy, we get to relax.

When did we stop enjoying ourselves? When did we give up the pleasure of being?

Our lives become this rat race to the finish, and the person with the longest list wins…

We always say we’ll stop and regroup LATER. When things are less stressful. But later never comes. The moments and days of our lives pass, and we never take the time to do what really matters most to us.

What makes life delicious to you? Is it a warm hug? A sweet smile? A loving word?

Connection and enjoyment is what we’re all reaching for. Yet we’re so busy, we miss it! Who cares if the tree is decorated just so, or the cards are all mailed on time with a perfect flourish in the signature…

Where is the warmth and love in your holiday?

If you’re missing it, take a few minutes now to connect. If your mind instantly reminds you “there is no time!”, notice that, and gently set that aside. Our primitive brain can get caught up in the struggle, and in the process, never realize that what it wants most is right in front of it!

A lot of us learned to EARN love by doing. So we try harder and harder, get busier and busier, hoping someone will finally give us the love we’ve been searching for.

It may be time to learn some new skills ,too. If you’ve been so busy trying to be worthy of  love and connection, you may not have developed the skills to create it with ease and playfulness. You wouldn’t allow a 5-year-old to drive your car, so why would you use the same social skills you learned in Kindergarten to connect with other adults now!?

We put together the Breaking Out of Your Shell package to help you upgrade your ability to connect and find enjoyment and warmth to make your life more full of wonder.

And you can tap to open yourself up to a more joyful holiday season!

Side of Hand (Karate Chop): Even though I thought I had to work hard to let in joy and love, I choose to allow the warmth of connection in right now.

Even though I thought everything had to be perfect before I could enjoy myself, I do want more joy… and I invite it into my life NOW.

Even though I’ve been trying so hard, and that actually shuts me down and makes me cold and distant, I choose to take a deep breath and enjoy my life right here and now.

Top of the Head: I have so much to do.
Eyebrow: I can’t slow down right now.
Side of the Eye: I’m too tired to be present.
Under the Eye: I really do want more love.
Under the Nose: But it will have to wait.
Chin: I am tired of waiting!
Collarbone: I’m tired of this stress.
Under the Arm: I’m ready for a new way of doing things!

Top of the Head: The warmth I want is right in front of me.
Eyebrow: The holidays can be different this year.
Side of the Eye: I choose an upgrade!
Under the Eye: I can connect with people in a new way.
Under the Nose: I can look people in the eyes.
Chin: I can be present, rather than lost in my lists.
Collarbone: I can enjoy how my body feels…
Under the Arm: Rather than lost in my mind.

Top of the Head: I am busy.
Eyebrow: It’s sometimes fun to have lots to do.
Side of the Eye: I choose to be with myself as I do this…
Under the Eye: Rather than stuck in my future or past.
Under the Nose: Life is more fun when I connect…
Chin: With myself and with others.
Collarbone: I was too busy to notice anyone…
Under the Arm: And I’m choosing to do things differently now.
Top of the Head: I let myself delight in the NOW, and feel the love all around me.

Take a deep breath.

If you have been using the same social skills for as long as you can remember, it might be time to upgrade! That old clunker may get you around, but a new ride can get you there in style and comfort, and with new skills, you can help others feel at ease during this stressful time.

Buy your copy of Breaking Out of Your Shell today, for yourself or a friend who you’d love to see more joyful and connected.

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