July 3, 2011 by Cathy Vartuli

Facing This Alone…

Facing This Alone... 1When we get news that devastates us, we can feel very alone. Whether we learn that a loved one has passed on, we get a diagnosis of cancer, or we lose something else dear to us, the impact is often overwhelming. Tapping can sometimes only soften the blow. But any comfort is much better than none.

This is is from a woman who is facing a medical diagnosis none of us ever want to hear.

I really do feel all alone. Am I capable enough to get thru this? I can’t afford not… to I have young kids to take care of. If I am not here who will be? –Sue

We’re sorry you feel so alone. We know that’s a terrible, frightening feeling.

Could you imagine a group of family and friends there with you? Including both of us and all the other EFT experts you like? All sitting around, tapping for you and sending you warm wishes and energy? So you’re surrounded with all kinds of flavors of energy? We could have tea or hot cocoa or lemonade (because it helps calm our primitive brain when we have something comforting to drink), and just be there with you?

Being alone is one of the most challenging feelings we face. It can undermine the strongest heart and the bravest soul. Especially for those that value connection and love.

Would it feel okay to do a little tapping on that?

Karate Chop: Even though I feel all alone, and I’m not sure I can handle this, I ask for guidance and comfort… and a whole bunch of clarity.

Even though I can’t afford not to handle this, it’s bigger than I know how to deal with… I ask for support and gentle direction on this journey.

Even though I feel so alone, I have so much responsibility and this is knocking me off my feet, I’m open to all kinds of loving support and inspiration.

Top of the Head: I feel alone.
Eyebrow: Unbearably alone.
Side of the Eye: I don’t know how to do this.
Under the Eye: I’m not sure I’m capable.
Under the Nose: It’s too much.
Chin: But I have to do it.
Collarbone: For them…
Under the Arm: And for me.

Top of the Head: I feel all alone.
Eyebrow: I have to face this.
Side of the Eye: It’s my decision.
Under the Eye: That terrifies me.
Under the Nose: What if I make the wrong one?
Chin: What if I’m not strong enough.
Collarbone: Maybe I don’t have to bear this alone.
Under the Arm: I ask Source to surround me with love and comfort.

Top of the Head: Please help me feel your love.
Eyebrow: I can’t do this alone.
Side of the Eye: Please help me know what is right for my body.
Under the Eye: Send me compassionate and wise doctors.
Under the Nose: Let me hear your love in a friends voice.
Chin: Your wisdom in my body.
Collarbone: I am struggling with this.
Under the Arm: I ask for help.
Top of the Head: I pray for warm and comfort.

Take a deep breath.

Facing This Alone... 2We don’t know if words can help at such a time… These are sent with love and respect.

There are moments when we face the darkness alone. We do think they show who we are at our heart. Those moments bare our soul, and we are changed forever by them. We know you have the courage to do this, whatever the path may bring. (And it may help to remember courage doesn’t mean you never kick and scream and moan….)

To you, right NOW, we’re sending wishes for a surprisingly easy and gentle healing journey.

  • Thank you for that post. It really conveys the thoughts and the love and the wishes we would wish to hear if we were there and to say. xx

  • Could you imagine a group of family and friends there with you?
    Including both of us and all the other EFT experts you like? All sitting
    around, tapping for you and sending you warm wishes and energy?

    • Yehudittz says:

      love the idea. I will take it to work with. yehudit

  • I want to thank you for all that you send me. I am trying to work on helping myself. I  i have RSD/CRPS which is the highest form of chronic pain other than car accident which you can get over at some point.  I am disenegrating, and lay in bed. Thanks to your free information i can reduce some of the pain i am in.  I know the more i do it the better i will get at it.  i have the postitions down, have a hard time remembering what to say, so having your reminders, helps me get it all said the way it should.  I wish i could buy some of your books or cd’s but i am truly all alone and barely making it.  But, with your help i am doing much better.  I really appreciate all your materials.  Again thanks, for helping me RSD/CRPS, carpul tunnel, disc dengeration disease, osteoarthritis, thoraic melaycia, no cartlidge in knees, hips etc…. just to name a few.wearing loads of  braces. I can’t be operated on unless it is life threating.   God Bless you. You doing a good thing for me and many others.  blessings xxoo

  • So many souls carrying different pain.  Physical, loss, disappointments, abandonment, broken hearts……May we cry out together and rejoice that God hears…..and He weeps with us.

  • Ana nazareno says:

    Thanks a lot for this post…I am in desperate need of confort as  well as  pain release of my disc hernias.. I have been told I have to be operated but I do not want to, I live alone and have undergone a terrible experience in a previous operation…so I am scared and do not know what to do… could you help me with EFT for the back pain?
    Thanks a lot for your kindness!!

  • Chriswalk2 says:

    I was thinking about this issue of going it alone over the past couple of weeks (I have been going it alone most of my life) I wondered if I do really need someone in my life to talk too etc, then by synchronicity I recently watched a movie called PS I LOVE YOU, in which a young wife had lost her husband and was facing life alone. When she asked her single mother how she had coped with her struggles in life all on her own the mother answered “Sometimes I imagine all the other people in the world that are alone like me, I feel that I am one of them too, therefore I am not alone.” I thought wow there is the answer to the questions in my mind! Sometimes we perceive that we are alone, but we really are not.

  • Sometimes when I feel alone and need a hug I ask the lord for a hug. Beleave me this helps he knows what we are going through. Also a statement the Henry Ford said if you think you can or you think you can’t your are correct either way it’s the thinking that makes it so. So beleave in yourself and that you can make many new friends. Oh and read Dale Carnagie’s book How To Win Friends and Influence People. This book is amazing for helping you ro make new friends

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