July 3, 2011 by Cathy

Tips and Tapping to Reduce Social Anxiety in Empathetic People

I’m struggling with social anxiety. I’m lonely, but being around people is stressful and tiring. I’m very empathetic and the feelings I get from others are overwhelming. What can I do to feel better and relax around people? –Fay

When you feel other people’s stuff strongly, it certainly can be stressful. The constant flow of emotional information can be overwhelming… especially when it resonates strongly with any unhealed traumas and hurts you have experienced.

Tapping to release your old traumas does help. It can quiet the noise, reduce the intensity, and help you “hear” others more clearly. It also helps you to separate your feelings from the vibes you pick up from others.

And asking your inner guidance to “filter” for you can help, too.

Being empathetic is wonderful… being bombarded and unable to function isn’t useful to anyone. If we can focus on what’s useful and let the rest go, we are able to be more helpful and still take care of ourselves.

Let’s tap together…

Karate Chop: Even though I am very grateful for my empathy, I ask the Universe to draw my attention only to those I can help or learn from.

Even though I do care about what people feel, I don’t need to “hear” them all. I can only connect with so many people. I ask for my attention to be tuned to those it is useful to hear, and let the others connect with the right person for them.

Even though I like that I can be aware of how others feel, I choose to take care of myself, too. I choose to focus on what’s important and allow myself to feel calm and confident when I’m in social situations.

Top of the Head: I feel overwhelmed.
Eyebrow: There’s too much to listen to!
Side of the Eye: My primitive brain thinks it has to hear it all.
Under the Eye: But that just makes me anxious and tired.
Under the Nose: I choose to tune to what is useful.
I ask the Universe to help.
Collarbone: Please tune me to what is helpful…
Under the Arm: And let the rest pass by.

Top of the Head: Of course I’ve been overwhelmed and anxious.
Eyebrow: I have 15 radios playing at once.
Side of the Eye: I can’t hear any of them well.
Under the Eye:
I choose to tune into fewer stations,
Under the Nose: And allow myself to enjoy the connection.
My primitive brain was trying to help.
Collarbone: Trying to hear everyone.
Under the Arm: But it’s okay to be selective.

Top of the Head: The Universe can guide me.
Eyebrow: I don’t have to guess what’s right.
Side of the Eye: Please help me to connect with those I can help… and choose to.
Under the Eye:
Please guide me to connect with love.
Under the Nose: I don’t have to help everyone.
I turn that over to the Universe.
Collarbone: Maybe I can relax and enjoy being present.
Under the Arm: I ask for clarity.
Top of the Head: I ask for calm, loving connection.

Take a deep breath.

How do you feel? If you notice a strong anxiety, ask yourself if it feels safe to only tune to certain people or do you think you have to do it all? If it’s all up to you, when did you learn this? What experiences taught you this? Tapping on them can help release this pattern and allow more abundance into your life.

You may also have some underlying fears about how safe it is to connect with people. The empathy could be the surface reason covering the deeper truth. When we fear being hurt, we tend to be anxious, jittery, or overwhelmed. Tapping can help that too! Where did you learn that people hurt? That connection was dangerous? Releasing those beliefs and old, unresolved traumas can help you feel calm and confident and connect more deeply and lovingly than you are able to now.

Our Group Coaching Program is a wonderful place to learn connection and how to receive safe energies while you release old traumas and learn healthy boundaries. Join today!

  • Being empathetic is wonderful… but being bombarded and unable to function
    isn’t useful to anyone. If we can focus on what’s useful and let the
    rest go, we are able to be more helpful and still take care of

  • This was a perfect article and tapping exercise at the perfect (Divine timing) time for me given what I am feeling at my job each day and how I’m reacting to it (with overwhelm and fatigue).  I’m going to do this tapping exercise daily for a few days to lessen the anxiety I have been feeling at work (lots of unhappy, deeply distressed clients and I feel the obligation/pressure to help everyone and try to “make it better”).  Thank you , thank you for this!
    Peace to us all,

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    Tinapeers64 says:

    Thanku so much,this tapping helped me so much,im so grateful to u all much love and appreciation for your work xx

  • this tap scripts really helpfull to understand balance in empatic behaviour.thanks guys…

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