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Carol Look: The Law of Attraction

By Carol Look (visit her at www.CarolLook.com)

The Law of Attraction has been written about for decades, and many popular metaphysical teachers rave about its power.  The theory states that whatever you focus on, you will automatically attract in to your life;  there are no exceptions.

For Class #3 of my teleclass series, I ask participants what they are most focused on regarding their financial situation.  And if they aren’t sure of the answer, I invite them to look at the mixture of feedback in their lives in the form financial ease or struggle.  Then we tap to clear whatever seems to be blocking the flow of financial freedom.

One caller, “John” told the class he felt he needed to be in control for anything to work out in his life.  I asked him his theory about why he didn’t get anywhere financially, and he admitted he was holding on too tightly to everything—of his wife, of the checkbook, of his employees.  No matter what he did, he kept getting in the same binds financially.  He said he reminded himself of his father, a controlling alcoholic who worried about money all the time.  John never seemed to make any progress and truly felt stuck.  (When someone is stuck, they are actually just thinking the same equation of feelings about money, so it always evens out.)  We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

“Even though I feel stuck again, but I can’t release the control, I deeply and completely love and accept myself…”

“Even though I refuse to release the control, I choose to release the fear…”

“Even though I’m too afraid to release control and let it flow, I deeply and completely accept all of me anyway.”

Then we tapped on the 8 points:

Eyebrow:  I’m so stuck
Side of the eye: Don’t make me let go
Under the eye: I don’t feel safe unless I’m in control
Under the nose: I need to be in control
Chin: No I don’t
Collarbone: Yes, I do!
Under the arm:  I don’t feel safe about money
Top of the head:  I can’t release control.

Then we tapped a typical second round with more positive statements.

Eyebrow:  I choose to feel safe as I release control
Side of the eye: I can be safe when I’m not in control
Under the eye: I am in control now by feeling relaxed
Under the nose: I love feeling free
Chin: I deserve to attract financial abundance
Collarbone: I am a magnet for profitable opportunities
Under the arm:  I love attracting abundance
Top of the head:  I appreciate how easy it is to release the control

Another of the participants, “Cathy” informed the group that she must be “vibrating” at a level of poverty consciousness because she never had enough clients and the ones that call her always need drastically reduced fees anyway!  Her block in this area was glaring: she said she felt guilty being compensated for her work because she was a therapist, and “didn’t feel right asking for money.” We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

“Even though I don’t feel worthy of being compensated, I deeply and completely accept myself…”

“Even though I shouldn’t charge for the work I do…I should give it away, I accept my fears about what they’ll think of me…”

“Even though I don’t do enough for others, I deeply and completely accept who I am and how I feel.”

Eyebrow:  I shouldn’t be paid for my work
Side of the eye: I’m not good enough at it anyway
Under the eye: I don’t deserve to be paid
Under the nose: I shouldn’t ask for money
Chin: I feel guilty taking their money
Collarbone: I’m not worthy of a good salary
Under the arm: I’m not enough
Top of the head: There isn’t enough anyway

Then we repeated the shortcut round as follows:

Eyebrow:  There is enough
Side of the eye: I deserve to be paid
Under the eye: I’m good at what I do
Under the nose: I love a fair exchange
Chin: I love attracting clients who pay for their sessions
Collarbone: I appreciate all the financial abundance coming in
Under the arm: I attract the right number of clients
Top of the head: I realize getting paid is a good thing!

The next caller on the Law of Attraction class was “Jen.”  Jen’s theory about why she was stuck in a place of financial lack was that she never got any attention in her family  unless she failed.  She was afraid to succeed in her business because she expected her family to then ignore her.  They felt needed if they could help her out financially and emotionally.  Jen was an entirely competent worker and emotionally stable woman, and was on the verge of breaking through this limiting behavior.  She told the group she was afraid of the changes that would happen if she let herself attract (AND KEEP) money.  She had even been resisting doing the tapping because she suspected it would work and create this conflict about attention! We tapped as follows:

Karate Chop Point:

“Even though they won’t like me if I’m successful, I deeply and completely accept my desires…”

“Even though they need me to need them, I choose to accept that I have this conflict…”

“Even though I’m conflicted about being financially successful, I choose to release this conflict now.”

Eyebrow:  I’m conflicted about making money
Side of the eye: They need me to be poor
Under the eye:  They won’t pay attention unless I’m weak
Under the nose: I’m afraid of their envy
Chin: They’ll be mean to me if I’m successful
Collarbone: I have a huge conflict and don’t want to let go
Under the arm: Don’t make me let go
Top of the head:  I can’t let go of this conflict

Then for a more positive round:

Eyebrow:  I can make money and feel safe
Side of the eye: It’s none of my business what they think of me
Under the eye: I choose to feel successful now
Under the nose: I attract the right business opportunities
Chin: I release the sabotage behavior
Collarbone: I love feeling worthy of abundance
Under the arm: I appreciate attracting what I want
Top of the head:  I choose to love them anyway

As an assignment for the class, I recommend they write a brief Gratitude List at the end or beginning of every day.  The list needs to be real (don’t pretend you’re grateful if you’re not) and heartfelt.  Focusing on the feeling of gratitude and appreciation attracts more of what you want into your life.  Try it…it has changed lives.

PART 4 of this series focuses on the topic Claiming Abundance.  I will demonstrate more rounds of tapping for releasing remaining blocks and hopefully inspire you to claim success in every part of your life!

  • Thank! You! So! Much! These individuals sharing themselves has been very inspirational and helpful!


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