July 11, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

Do You Really Deserve to Sleep?

redhead-yawningDo you believe you deserve to sleep? If not… It may be hard to “find” the time or focus to clear your blocks around getting rest. We encourage you to test this out and see if you’re free of limiting beliefs around sleep.

Limiting beliefs:

The goal here is to identify the limiting beliefs that are in your subconscious. Until you know about them, it’s very very hard to make any changes.

Saying these phrases doesn’t make them true. It just helps you find out if there’s some of this energy present for you.

1) Try out this phrase (say it in your head or out loud), “I believe it’s not safe to sleep deeply.

How true does it feel from 0 to 10 (10 completely true). ____

Let your the answer come to you: It’s not safe to sleep deeply because… ________________________________________________________.

2) Now say: “I would finally deserve deep restful sleep if I earned it.

How true does it feel from 0 to 10 (10 completely true). ____

Let your the answer come to you: I would finally deserve deep restful sleep if I…  ________________________________________________________.

3) Now say: “I can never deserve deep restful sleep.

How true does it feel from 0 to 10 (10 completely true). ____

Let your the answer come to you: I can never deserve deep restful sleep because… ________________________________________________________.

Anything you wrote down is great tapping material! You can tap on the ones with more “truth” (higher numbers) or let your intuition guide you.

Just notice if you want to skip one or come back to it later… Sometimes people will subconsciously avoid facing the issues that could make the biggest difference.

That’s one reason I like a guided program so much. If it’s well thought out, it can help you look at the issues you might be subconsciously blocking!

Obviously we can’t tap on all the issues in this email… There isn’t room! But let’s get started with a bit of tapping on deserving right now.

Karate Chop: Even though part of me believes I don’t deserve sleep… because its not safe, because I didn’t work hard enough, or because of past misdeeds… I’m open to allowing myself to deserve sleep now.

Even though I’m not sure I deserve to sleep deeply. There are lots of reasons… I didn’t get everything done… Someone isn’t completely happy with me… There are people suffering in India… If I can allow myself to sleep deeply and gently anyway, I might have more to offer, and I’d certainly feel better.

Even though I don’t deserve to rest or to feel better, I’m open to discovering that I actually do deserve to release these blocks and feel sweetly rested and amazing.

Top of the Head: What if I don’t deserve to sleep?
Eyebrow: Really?
Side of the Eye: Who does that help?
Under the Eye: If I’m tired, I have less to bring the world.
Under the Nose: I feel less joy…
Chin: And I offer less to those around me.
Collarbone: Why am I punishing myself?
Under the Arm: Why do I feel punished?

Top of the Head: What if those are old patterns?
Eyebrow: Patterns I can let go!
Side of the Eye: I’d love to get some deep, solid rest.
Under the Eye: It would clear my mind…
Under the Nose: And let my body feel better.
Chin: Would I tell my best friend she didn’t deserve sleep?
Collarbone: Would I poke her and stress her out so she couldn’t rest?
Under the Arm: Why do I do that to myself?

Top of the Head: Tonight, I invite gentle sleep.
Eyebrow: I allow myself to accept the rest I need and want.
Side of the Eye: I ask the Universe to watch over me.
Under the Eye: I release all the old blame and worry.
Under the Nose: Just for tonight…
Chin: It’s okay to sleep deeply and thoroughly.
Collarbone: Just for tonight…
Under the Arm: I allow my dreams to be sweet…
Top of the Head: And my pillow soft and inviting.

Take a deep breath.

Notice what came up for you.

If you noticed resistance or stress at any of the lines, Wonderful! Why? Because you have an important clue about what’s going on in your subconscious. Highlight the line or write it down, then ask yourself where the resistance comes from… If you let that go, what would happen?

We hope this helps!

If you’d like to go deeper and release your issues and blocks around sleep, our sleep program is open. Please join us and get the rest you deserve!

To sweet loving dreams!
Cathy and Rick

P.S. Join us now and get the sleep of your dreams!

    • I hear you, Sad. If I can be of service to helping you lift up from that feeling of self-hate, please email me at Rick@thrivingnow.com. Such feelings are so intense, such trauma that leads to such feelings so hard to process on our own. May you find the support and energy to help you feel Yourself and lovable. <3 –Rick

  • I feel like I don’t deserve to sleep because I feel guilty about leaving my younger siblings in an abusive home, l feel like I should be working harder to get them out

    • That’s really a hard situation. Have you considered working with me to work through those feelings and see what clarity you get when the guilts and shoulds are quieted down? https://www.thrivingnow.com/rick/ — I’d be honored to help, and it’s really and truly hard to do that on our own. I’m actively holding a Good Thought for you! ~Rick

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