January 27, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

Do You Hate Your Body? (Or parts of it…?)

Do You Hate Your Body? 

Would you be surprised to hear that a lot of people say “no” to that question… at first?

So many of us have been hating at least some part of our body for so long that it’s like that old fish in water… It seems so natural and “normal” that we don’t even notice it.

But the distrust and negative energy is there.

Do You Hate Your Body? (Or parts of it...?) 1Would you test it out for a minute?

If you’re in a safe place, close your eyes and scan your body.

Notice if there’s a spot (or several) where your energy feels resistant or heavy.

Are there aches and tensions that you normally tune out?

Just be with those areas for a minute. And if you have trouble with that, just notice that it’s hard to be with parts of you.

It’s a basic survival mechanism to be able to tune out a part of us that is injured temporarily… so we can escape danger or take care of more urgent needs. But we’re also designed to tune back in and address the issue “soon” if we can.

Yet, many of us were taught there were… and this may be hard to hear… defective parts of us that we couldn’t fix. That parts of us were unacceptable, useless, unlovable, or definitely not good enough.

And it wasn’t anything we knew how to fix… so we stayed tuned out.

We’ve been dragging that negative energy and dislike along with us for years, maybe decades… And wondering why we feel heavy, unlovable, and numb so much of the time.

We’d love for you to reconnect and help those parts of you feel loved… and to heal deeply and completely.

Here’s a recording of the coaching session we did on I Hate (Parts of) My Body with tapping and guided visualizations:

If you’d like learn more about our Body Confidence Program click here, and make your energy lighter, more aligned and congruent, and your body more vital.

Cathy and Rick

  • I’ve witnessed the freedom that rises when someone releases the hate they might have towards their body… for my clients and definitely for myself. I spent a long time hating my own guts after they, for a period of years, had intense unrelenting pain.

    By freeing myself of that self-hate through tapping, it brought me much greater calm when I have normal bowel changes.

    Also clearing some body-issues that arose as part of my teenage years, I started having a much more accurate (and positive) sense of my size and strength. I’m grateful to tapping and the co-creating with Cathy on these aspects.

    What’s true for YOU these days about your body and how you feel about it (or parts of it)?

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