September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Depressed and working alone

It is common for people who are depressed and trying to use EFT by themselves to have mixed results. I find with clients that work by phone, or in person where I tap on them, can be very helpful for getting the energies moving. Depression is suppressed or blocked energy flow. Sometimes having another clearer energy present can help break the pattern.

But some people live in areas (or countries) where professional help is not readily available nearby. Others may not have any funds, due to long term depression and inability to work. Here are some options:

I have worked with folks from India by email and have worked with others using Skype (free PC to PC long distance) or direct telephone where the rates are not too high. I do work with many clients using what I call Perfect Exchange Pricing, where we work out an exchange of energy/money that works for both parties. For some who are at a poor point in their lives, it may be just a letter of thanks. There are many practitioners who know the adage, “What goes around comes around.” Many of us offer free websites, email support, groups, etc., for those who cannot afford professional rates. Ask around.

Next, the person tapping ON you need not be some “fancy shmancy” practitioner. My 10-year-old daughter has tapped on me, as has my son, as have good friends, and even a three year old I was teaching how to do EFT. You can do the talking (setup and reminder phrases), and they can do the tapping. It just should be someone who has compassionate care for you. And around whom you can say things like:

“Even though I really hate myself when I feel depressed like this, and feel so weak and useless, I ask my body to wake up, feel energized, safe, and loved.”

Another option, find a massage therapist in your area and get a vigorous, energizing (but not necessarily deep or painful!) massage while YOU tap. Ask them to use tapotement or tapping around key areas of the body.

Another option, use “clapping” of the body rather than tapping. Clap up and down the legs and arms, with vigor. Clap around the face and head. Clap the insides of both wrists. I describe this a bit in Quick energy to get off the couch here on this website.

Another option, tap around the points (not just the karate chop):

“Even though I am losing energy and feel down and depressed and weak, I ASK MY BODY and MY DEEPEST INTELLIGENCE to plug all my energy leaks, to protect me and my energy, and to restore my inner strength and vitality.”

Remember, you are training your energy system to be self-restoring! People who are depressed easily have systems that have made a habit of depression. Watch your physical postures, which can be modeled to emotional postures if you observe carefully. Tap when you feel great:

“Even though I have often been depressed, I am SO GRATEFUL to feel good, I love feeling great, I so appreciate the way my energy system is healing, I forgive my body for its struggles, I choose to feel upbeat, calm, confident, and powerful!”

Why do this when we’re up? Same reason we tap regularly when we are trying to change ANY habit. For example, if I am trying to get off sweets, the time to tap is not when I am in line at Krispy Kreme Donuts!! The time to tap is when I wake up, after I eat everything healthy, when I tap not for the negative, but for my old habit and my new CHOICE. That trains the system. To wait until we are depressed just gets us to the point where our energy is already down. If we lack support energetically from a circle of people and are relying only on ourselves, we’re asking to bench press 500 lbs all by our LONESOME. I’m good at self care. No, I am GREAT at self-care. And I still get support from others and don’t hesitate to ask.

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