September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now Support

Quick energy to get off the couch

It’s a low energy day here on the mountain. A perfect day for meditating, which I did. Then I felt that what I really needed was to get moving, to get on my elliptical trainer and move my body. Yep! That’s what I needed. And the more I thought about doing that, sitting there on the couch, the more tired I became.

Then I felt depressed that I was so fatigued. I thought about tapping (EFT), but I realized I didn’t even have the ooomph to do that. Sad sap. Couch potato. Blob.

Ever feel that way?

Here’s what can give you a quick boost of energy; it did for me this morning:

CLAP the inside of your wrist. Like you were clapping your hands, but instead of clapping the palm, you clap the inside of one wrist with the other hand. Clap 5-7 times, and then switch sides and clap the other wrist. Clap loud enough to make some noise! Applause!

Feeling just a wee bit stronger? Good! Now, clap the inside of each ankle, above the ankle bone.

Are you now feeling strong enough to get up? Great! Do it! Move!

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