May 20, 2023 by Thriving Now Support

Quick energy to get off the couch

It was a low-energy day here on the mountain. A perfect day for meditating, which I did. Then I felt that what I really needed was to get moving, to get out on the trail and move my body. Yep! That’s what I needed. And the more I thought about doing that, sitting there on the couch, the more tired I became.

Then I felt down that I was so fatigued. I thought about tapping (EFT), but I realized I didn’t even have the oomph to do that. Sad sap. Couch potato. Blob.

Ever feel that way?

Here’s what can give you a quick boost of energy; it did for me this morning:

CLAP the inside of your wrist. Like you were clapping your hands, but instead of clapping the palm, you clap the inside of one wrist with the other hand. Clap 5-7 times, and then switch sides and clap the other wrist. Clap loud enough to make some noise! Applause!

Feeling just a wee bit stronger? Good! Now, clap the inside of each ankle, above the ankle bone.

Are you now feeling strong enough to get up? Great! Do it! Move! I'll join ya!

Edited from the original posted Oct 28, 2004 - still useful all these years later!

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