April 25, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

Creating Your Dream Life

To All Dreamers and Creators,

One of the things I’ve noticed over and over again, is I often need to see different perspectives and hear insights from different sources before I really “own” the experience and integrate it deeply. The more I’m exposed to new information, the more important my primitive brain thinks it is, and the more open I become.

I often feel frustrated because I can’t find people who are aligned with what I want to learn and I have to spend time, energy and money to search them out and create a circle of people who are authentic and tuned to me. I love the opportunity to hear about self-empowerment and self-expression, whether it’s an old message tuned a different way, or a brand new insight I’ve never seen before.

Here’s some EFT tapping to get you creating some new perspectives and doorways for yourself!

Karate Chop: Even though it is sometimes comfortable to stay with the known, I love the surprise of finding new insights and new connections.

Even though it’s hard to sort through all the noise, my heart knows what I want, and I crave new opportunities for grown and healing.

Even though it’s uncomfortable to try something new, I want to grow and I’m ready to attract more powerful people into my circle.

Top of the Head: I want to surround myself with curious creators.
Eyebrow: I want peers and teachers who encourage me.
Side of the Eye: I feel alone sometimes,
Under the Eye: Trying to figure this out.
Under the Nose: But I’m not alone.
Chin: The Universe Loves me.
Collarbone: And I’m asking for more doorways to insight.
Under the Arm: I’m asking for more inspiration.

Top of the Head: There’s so much to do in my life.
Eyebrow: I can get caught up in the busy-ness.
Side of the Eye: And I don’t want my life to pass by in the mundane.
Under the Eye: I am curious and open,
Under the Nose: To new insights and doorways.
Chin: What is around the next corner?
Collarbone: What haven’t I discovered yet?
Under the Arm: The Universe loves me,
Top of the Head: And is sending good things!

Take a deep breath.


  • lotusrose says:

    Thanks Cathy Great tapping script ! Love the words. Very gentle inspiring and encouraging

  • Pamelamurl says:

    I just love the wonderful tapping you have provided.  I have longed for curious co-creators in my life and now I have a wonderful script to tap with to manifest them!    Thank you so very much for this.

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