Stress Relief is a skill we all need to learn and then practice. In this course we use three essential skills that help us release stress energy and get back into balance in our body. After the list below you'll find some videos and links to learn more from other resources here at Thriving Now.

  1. Grounding and Centering means to take a moment (even just 3 seconds!) to pause and feel our feet on the floor and let gravity work with us to encourage release in the jaw, shoulders, chest, core, pelvis, and legs. Ask the question, "Is gravity working?" and let your BODY show you, "Yes, at least gravity is working just fine!" That sends a signal to your primitive brain that it's okay to pay attention to your body.

  2. Breathing is something we have to do, and it can happen "all on its own" as part of our autonomic nervous system. It also is a body system we can control with our thoughts. Take a breath, and notice... how shallow or deep is it? How much stress is in your breathing right now? Then take another breath a little deeper, a little softer, and let out a sound -- a sigh, a moan, a groan, anything. That sends another signal to your primitive brain, that it is okay to breath more naturally and make a sound, too. 

  3. EFT Tapping is such an effective and time-efficient upgrade for stress relief compared to many other ways people release their stress. We consider it as Big A Deal as indoor plumbing! 

    With EFT Tapping we stimulate natural comfort points on the body while tuning into what is distressing us... and giving that energy a direction to flow: acceptance, calm, confidence.

Grounding & Centering Resources

Grounding audio coaching and simple 1-page worksheet

Breathing Resources

Anxiety Constricted Breathing Exercise with Audio

How Can Breathing Help You Ground? (Video below)

EFT Tapping Points

Skills We Use 1

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  • Like any life skill, grounding, breathing, and tapping can be applied in many different ways at different times. What I love about this is how efficient it is… it can be as quick as washing your hands. 🙂

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