The Crucial Importance of Stress Relief

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How do you feel when you're around a STRESSED OUT person? What impact does stress have on us? How much energy would be freed up when you have a successful way of bringing yourself RELIEF...especially if you can make a difference in your stress level in a few minutes....?

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  • What stresses you out?

    It’s vulnerable to acknowledge how our stresses have affected our body, how we view ourselves, and impacted others. My hope is that we can all get to a place where we can be truthful about our stressors AND have practices that help us alone and Together relieve the stresses that contribute to a toxic experience ~ inside and out. Love to you, and do ask if you have any questions.

  • imreadyandiwanthis says:

    Love this clip! I don’t always think about how my stress impacts others when I am “in it.” I am definitely aware of other people’s stress and how it impacts ME. It was helpful to imagine the other person taking steps to de-stress and how that would feel to me. I remember being very stressed out from law school, bar prep, job, or activism and my friend joking that they needed to sage themselves after being around my energy. It’s nice to think that my activism these days is more aware of what I am putting out to the universe and how I am doing internally, rather than what actions I am taking. Thanks, Rick!!

  • Very comforting and encouraging !

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