I’m So Stressed! How Do I Release This and Feel Better?

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Workbook Steps for Releasing Stress and Feeling Better


Step 1 - What is actually stressing you out? 

Be specific and write it down. "My demanding boss is expecting this to be done today!" Or, "The kids refuse to pick up their clothes." 


Step 2 - Say what's stressing you out loud, and measure how intense it is 0-10. 

0 means not stressful at all. 10 is intensely stressful! Write that down, too. It will likely change as you tap.


Step 3 - Notice where in your body you are feeling the stress and what it feels like.

What sensations do you feel? What color is there? If there was an emotion there, what might it be? Write these down, too, because after tapping they are likely to shift and change. 


Step 4 - Put your hand on the area and ask “Is there anything you want to say?”

Our body has intelligence, even in the middle of stress and strain. Maybe what it wants to say is about the pain and distress. After tapping, you may notice that it also offers wisdom or ways you could adapt your approach to feel less strain.


Step 5 - Tap! Breathe. Tap again!

EFT Tapping helps us to feel what we are actually FEELING, accept that those feelings are our reality right now, restores balance to the body, and releases resistance. It need only take 5 minutes to "wash up" your emotional energy and feel much more calm and confident.

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  • I really liked tapping making intuitive sounds and no spoken words. I think much of the stress I experience is triggered by my non-verbal childhood experiences that manifests as high functioning anxiety and creates what feels like a feedback loop. Trying to come up with words to name my stress adds to the anxiety. Naming where I felt the stress in my body was helpful. I could feel it in my throat and rib cage.

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