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Stress Relief on Tap – Welcome

Module 1

Module Structure

Getting Started 5 Lessons

The Crucial Importance of Stress Relief

What impact does stress have on us? How much energy is freed up when we have a successful way of bringing ourselves RELIEF? Especially if you can make a difference in your stress level in a few minutes....?

Skills We Use

We use the skills of grounding, breathing, and EFT Tapping in this course. Learn more about them in this lesson.

I’m So Stressed! How Do I Release This and Feel Better?

Here's a simple 5-Step Process of releasing stress and feeling surprisingly better!

A Guided Meditation to Release Stress

This eight-and-a-half minute guided meditation takes you to a place of clearing resistance and Allowing stress to release.

We Are Here to Support You!

You can reach us anytime at or by leaving a question or comment on any of the course pages. Circle Members can bring stress relief issues to any open circle call.