June 15, 2023 by Cathy Vartuli

Choose Your Regrets (Tapping)

Congratulations on making a great choice and tapping with us! We’re excited that you’ll anchor this new concept and give yourself relief and a powerful new way to make good decisions for you!

As we said in Do You Choose Your Regrets? — the truth is, whatever we choose, there will be something we’ll miss… something we might wish we could experience. Decisions DO cut us off from other options. Decisions also FREE us to focus our energy.

By choosing your regrets, you are opting into the most powerful choice each time, and over a lifetime, that’s powerful!!

So how do you choose your regrets?

1) Start with two of your choices (If you have more than 2 options, pick two to start, and then use the “winner” to evaluate against the next option.)

2) Imagine that you’re looking back 3 years from today: Would your regrets be bigger and more disappointing if you went with option A, or B? You may want to take a minute to jot down a few ideas and thoughts here so you can tune in later.

3) At the end of your life, would you have wished you went A or B?

Regrets TappingNow let’s do some tapping!

Karate Chop: Even though I feel conflicted and confused, I would love to make a clear decision and have some peace.

Even though I feel bewildered, I would love to put this anxious, fearful energy into creating something instead of spinning my wheels!

Even though I feel lost, I’m ready to look at the regrets each decision might bring, and choose the one that creates the most power and love for me!

Top of the Head: I feel confused.
Eyebrow: I don’t know what to choose!
Side of the Eye: There is so much I want to create.
Under the Eye: So much I want to experience.
Under the Nose: And I’m afraid of making the wrong choice!
What will lead me in a good direction for me?
Collarbone: I’m afraid to move forward,
Under the Arm: Afraid I’ll make the wrong decision.

Top of the Head: But I do have a good idea what my regrets might be.
Eyebrow: I’ve been bombarded with a list!
Side of the Eye: My brain has been chewing on them for days.
Under the Eye:
What if I could use them to help me decide?!
Under the Nose: What if I could choose the regrets I can live with the easiest?
What if I choose the path that will make me proud years from now?
Collarbone: I don’t want to regret what I’ve done.
Under the Arm: I don’t what to regret what I haven’t done!

Top of the Head: I do have the power to choose my regrets.
Eyebrow: I can decide what path will let my heart be at peace with myself.
Side of the Eye: I don’t want to look back and said “I wish I had…”
Under the Eye:
I don’t want to regret the things I missed.
Under the Nose: I get to choose powerfully!
I get to say YES! to the things that let me touch the world.
Collarbone: I get to make my life better and stronger.
Under the Arm: I choose the regrets I can live with,
Top of the Head: And make the choices I’ll rejoice in for years to come!

Take a deep breath.

Because of the outpouring of heartfelt responses to What Does Your Heart Crave, and the longing many of you shared, Rick and I are putting together a special offer. We want you to have your heart’s desire. We care about you, and we know the world is a better place when you feel fulfilled and confident.

There are probably plenty of things you wanted to create this year that you didn’t get to. We want you to use this year to its fullest. To have few regrets about what you accomplished. And to have lots of momentum for the year!

Warm wishes,
Cathy and Rick


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