December 12, 2016 by Thriving Now Support

Can Avoidance of Housework Cause Migraines?

The human body does a great job of protecting us from that which we want to avoid. Indeed, if you don’t want to do something badly enough, it will even generate enough pain to make it impossible for you to do it… and enough pain that everyone else looks at you and “excuses” you from responsibility. In my experience, it is always important when there has been a chronic condition to ask the question, “What is the downside of getting better?” In this report published by Gary Craig, Jessica Chavez finds the answer, and by using EFT on those emotional avoidance issues, her migraines dissipate.

Jessica: For three years I have been experiencing intense migraines that leave me pretty much useless. I started doing EFT for my headaches about a year ago. At first, I would tap on the pain without much headway. Eventually, as I was doing this, thoughts would pop into my head. I realized then that there was something more to the problem than just a migraine.

Gary Craig: This is often the case.  When you aim EFT at the physical symptom and get little or no result, it is time to look for emotional causes.

Jessica:  My migraines had developed at the same time I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend. I am a messy person. I don’t like cleaning and my clothes are often strewn about our apartment. My boyfriend, Louis, is very neat and we often argue about how messy I am. The migraines developed as a way to feed my laziness. I got them every weekend, with such an intensity that I was bedridden. This was my ‘excuse’ for not doing any housework. With this new knowledge of where my migraines were coming from, I started tapping with these set up phrases:

Even though it’s not fair that I have to spend my weekends cleaning
Even though Louie hates me because of my messiness
Even though I feel useless because I don’t want to clean
Even though these headaches give me an excuse not to clean
Even though I feel guilty for not cleaning

After tapping on these set up phrases, the migraines have dwindled down from every weekend to a few times a year. Now I only get them when I spend a Saturday or Sunday lying around the house, so I tap on the “guilty feeling” and the intensity goes from a 10 to a zero in one or two applications. It has been a great relief to have my weekends to myself again! And I’m still messy (maybe I should tap on that ).

Are all migraines caused by housework avoidance? Oh, if it were that simple. Migraines are often challenging and require detective work and persistence. Sometimes you have to go through many doors to help with both the emotional issues as well as energy system imbalances. It helps to have an EFT coach who can help ask the right questions and join you in the investigation.

P.S. If Jessica really wants to work on the clutter, I would listen to our audio EFT session: Getting Started on Clutter along with No! You Can’t Make Me!

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