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Getting Started on Clutter

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Each and every item we own has its energy “claim” on us. We have to find it a home, return it home when it gets moved, and keep it clean. I know there is balance in my life when I feel that there is room for my possessions, physically and emotionally. When I start looking around and feeling distracted by the mess and feeling tense that I don’t know what to do with it all, it’s time to help some of these items find a new home.

This is where resistance comes in. Our primitive brains want to hang onto anything and everything of value. We might need it someday! We would feel lost without it! It has been a part of us, literally connected to our energy, for so long! I mean, if I didn’t trip over all the mess on the floor of my closet, it wouldn’t feel like my closet anymore.

There is often an unsettled feeling when we even consider letting go. What you may find is that the resistance is stronger than you can deal with right now, and that needs to be okay, too. So let’s do some EFT work on that resistance, and feeling okay with our choices.

We start at the karate chop point. Keep tapping while you say these phrases aloud with me:

“Even though I am not going to clear out all my clutter right now, or maybe EVER, I am okay!”
“Even though some people may think I am a pig, or at least I don’t keep a perfectly clean house, I choose to feel okay dis-organizing my house the way I LIKE IT.”
“Even though I feel this pressure to have a clean space, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

(Top of head) I feel this pressure to have a clean house.
(Eyebrow) I won’t do it!
(Side of eye) These are MINE!
(Under eye) You can’t make me give them away!
(Under nose) I don’t care what you say, Mommy and Daddy!
(Chin) I can keep my spaces the way I want!
(Collarbone) No one can force me to clean up… even me!
(Under arm) I am in control here.

(Top of head) I control the stuff I keep.
(Eyebrow) Maybe I can control the stuff I give away.
(Side of eye) I love feeling safe with my things.
(Under eye) I accept all of them.
(Under nose) They are mine… and I choose their home.
(Chin) Their home has been with me.
(Collarbone) I am not sure I am ready for them to leave home!
(Under arm) And that’s okay.
(Top of the head) I can choose to keep or to let go, and feel calm and confident no matter what I choose.

Take a deep breath…. Are you feeling a little bit better?

It’s not about guilt. It is not even about changing behavior! What I wish for all of us is the emotional freedom to choose how to invest our energy. It could be that you have better uses for your time and energy than cleaning, clearing, and organizing. More power to you! A perfectly clean house that is home to neglected and brow-beaten children is a far worse “mess” than one with happy, joyful people who are casual about their belongings.

Nonetheless, I do believe most of us can sense when we’re out of balance, and if the clutter is taking a toll on your energy, here are some EFT rounds that can help you get started:

We begin at the karate chop point…

“Even though I am overwhelmed by all this clutter, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
“Even though I am overwhelmed by all this mess, I deeply and completely accept all that I have drawn into my life.”
“Even though I am overwhelmed by all this clutter, I choose to find it surprisingly easy to clear the energy in one small part of my life.”

(Top of head) This overwhelming clutter.
(Eyebrow) I don’t know what to do with it all!
(Side of eye) How did this become such a mess?
(Under eye) I can’t make it perfect.
(Under nose) There is too much to deal with!
(Chin) How can I do it?
(Collarbone) It makes me anxious to look at it all.
(Under arm) This just isn’t possible to clear up.

(Top of head) Maybe it is…
(Eyebrow) Maybe I can see a way…
(Side of eye) I can take a little step.
(Under eye) I can create a clear spot here.
(Under nose) That would feel great!
(Chin) I love finding the best home for my possessions.
(Collarbone) I choose to feel calm and confident starting to clear the clutter.
(Under arm) It feels so freeing to clear the clutter.
(Top of head) I love letting go of all that clutters my world and making a better home for all that remains.

Take a deep breath….

How does that feel? Did anything come up for you?

Remember, it needs to be okay for you to take these steps. So look at what resistance appears. Would you feel a sense of loss by giving away a certain item? Tap on that. Then just see if it feels right for that item to move on to a new home or stay with you.

I encourage you to take a little step. Find one corner of your home, and decide what feels right to “hold the space.” Make it a corner where you can spend time and feel peaceful. Then, each time you feel a bit overwhelmed, clear the energy from that corner. Has something moved into that space that belongs somewhere else? Restore that space to balance. Listen to how your body feels when it looks at and spends time in a space that has balanced energy. If you like how that feels, focus on letting that energy expand from that place as you clear and balance other parts of the room, and then other rooms in your home and office.

And let me know how it goes!

Carol Look and Rick Wilkes developed a comprehensive audio program called Clearing Clutter with EFT. Read more about it here.

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