April 1, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

Tapping When Being Bullied At Work

I could use some help with being bullied at work. I have done some tapping, and that gave me the courage to bring the problem to the attention of my boss. I know I’m worthy of respect, but some of my co-workers have been ganging up on me and freezing me out. I want to feel better and enjoy work again. — Carol

BulliesCongratulations on taking action and protecting yourself! That takes courage! Can you appreciate yourself and your willingness to set boundaries?

Dis-empowered people will sometimes gang up and push someone around so they can feel better. Perhaps they learned it from their parents or were treated that way themselves. That does not make it okay!

If it helps you can remember that they are probably insecure and frightened, or they wouldn’t need to try to bully you. Confident, happy people know there is enough abundance to go around, and they can share and work with other people to create it.

You might try some tapping like this:

Karate Chop: Even though they keep freezing me out and ganging up on me, and that feels terrible, I remind myself that they feel threatened and afraid or they wouldn’t bother me.

Even though they’ve been taking their stuff out all over me, I’m setting good boundaries and I don’t need to take that anymore!

Even though they terrified me and made me feel bad, I’m proud of myself for getting help, and I’m open to accepting and loving myself no matter what they do.

Top of the Head: They are bullies.
Eyebrow: It makes me mad!
Side of the Eye: What if I could use that anger…
Under the Eye: And protect myself.
Under the Nose: I’m not staying silent.
Chin: I like that about me!
Collarbone: I tried to make the best of it…
Under the Arm: But I’ve reached my limit and now I’m saying NO!

Top of the Head: They’ve pushed me around.
Eyebrow: I tried being nice.
Side of the Eye: It didn’t work.
Under the Eye: I’m done taking their crap.
Under the Nose: I’m standing up for me.
Chin: They crossed the line.
Collarbone: And I’m taking back my power.
Under the Arm: I’m proud of me and all I’m doing.

Setting BoundariesTop of the Head: I let my primitive brain know…
Eyebrow: That I’m okay.
Side of the Eye: I’m taking good care of myself.
Under the Eye: I’m getting support.
Under the Nose: I’m changing the patterns.
Chin: They may not be happy…
Collarbone: But that’s okay, too.
Under the Arm: I’m proud of me.
Top of the Head: I invite the Universe to deal with their stuff… and to help me feel free.

Take a deep breath.

How does that feel? Owning your anger and setting clear boundaries can change the way you approach those people at work.

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