June 15, 2023 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Books! Books! Everywhere!

Books! They can change your life!

And “too many” books can weigh down your energy and clog you up. (The “too many” is by YOUR definition, not anyone else’s. If they give you joy, perfect. If you feel overwhelmed or weighed down, that would be the emotional clue we’re talking about here.)

Right now, we’re going to explore how clearing a book clog can change your life, too. Ready?

It’s as simple as this: if there is an area of your life where the energy is out of balance – let’s say the cluttered bookshelves overflowing with books unread or no longer important – chances are really good the same energy applies elsewhere in your life.

For example: can’t let go of a book you didn’t even like that much? Does that feeling remind you of any FRIENDS that you don’t even like that much? (Like that person still on your Facebook Friends list that leaves comments that annoy you?)


If you tap and consciously engage the stuck energy around the books you can’t let go of, it will be infinitely easier to do the same with friends who don’t serve you, too.

You’d also find it easier to let go of other joyless stuff in your home and office. Email newsletters and print magazines. Even stale, no-longer-inspiring dreams.


1. Take a book from the shelf that you liked at less than a 7 on a 10 point scale.

2. As you think about letting it move on… what emotions come up and where do you feel them in your body? TAP on those!

3. Put the book in a box labeled with a destination you feel okay about: gift to library, thrift shop, used book store.

Then take a break and do another book the same way an hour later. Rinse and repeat until you feel ease and flow.

This works. Thriving Now team leader Jean Maurie is in the process of Right-sizing her possessions for a move. After a recent clearing clutter call, Jean reported that two full boxed of books she previously “couldn’t get rid of” went easily and gladly to the local spiritual book store… and she got money for them!

Aren’t we all right-sizing? In my life I know that finding balance with something physically tangible like books helps me find the balance with food, work tasks and projects, social activities, TV time, and more.

There’s a reason spring cleaning is a healthy ritual… and it is not just about dirt.

Clearing Clutter refreshes our energy system.

Right-sizing restores balance in our flows.

Creating space allows for fresh ideas and inspiring projects.

I’ve seen this over and over and over again. It’s why the program Clearing Clutter with EFT covers so many aspects of being emotionally trapped and clogged with our “stuff.”


Carol Look and I invite you to let us be your coach this season to really free up the clutter in your emotional connections. This comprehensive tapping program gives you what is needed to free up your energy and clear your spaces.

Right now with your purchase I’m including the recording we did this month that helped Jean get unclogged and clearer with her book right-sizing. And, we’ll have another recording this month for clearing clutter from your emotions.


I going through this process this month myself… taking items from my world and tapping and getting clear on whether to keep, recycle, sell, gift, or discard… so if you have questions or want to share successes or stuckness, feel free to email me at support@thrivingnow.com or leave a comment below.

To feeling spacious and free!


  • I just realized something! We also cut the cable – got rid of Direct TV because their prices just kept rising and rising with so many infomercial channels and channels we never watch. We bought two outside antennas, got a Roku and subscribe to slingtv and netflix. My tv watching habits have changed and I’m so much happier. I’m reading more and doing more of what I want to do instead of just sitting in front of the boob tube. So downsizing and right sizing in this area works really well too.

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