February 12, 2017 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Are You… TOO MUCH?

Are you… Too nice? Too smart? Too happy?

Are you… Too much?

Ouch! When people view us as being too much of anything, it can really trigger our primitive brain. We can feel this need… a compulsion almost… to tone ourselves down, to stay within other people’s comfort zones (no matter how narrow THEIR range might be!).

Isn’t conforming and toning it down what being a good member of the herd requires?

Oh Yeah, just what I *always* wanted. To moo like the rest of the herd… no louder, no happier, no sweeter, no sexier. (NOT!)

Where did people label you as “too (something)”? And what happened after they did?

Too expressive (loud)? Sent to your room.
Too smart? Picked on. Ostracized.
Too nice? Taken advantage of. Rejected.

Make a list. See if you can remember the specific words and facial expressions. These would be perfect opportunities to do some Inner Tapping. (We’re also available for private sessions if you’d like support: https://www.thrivingnow.com/schedule )

For me (Rick), the word “too” has been a trigger in and of itself.

Are You... TOO MUCH? 1I realized that the other day when I posted a picture of me on Facebook. I had paused from rollerblading to admire the Echinacea (purple cone flowers). My friend, Donna, posted a lovely comment: “Rick … You are too cute! Thanks for making me smile this Sunday! :)”

Such is the unpredictable nature of emotional triggers that once I saw the word “too” it acted as a hole in my bucket, and I barely registered the rest of her appreciation.

All of us have words, songs, or expressions that evoke emotional disharmony. The word “too” was that for me.

Rather than trying to get other people to change and say I’m “so cute” instead of “too cute” or “soooooo kind” instead of “too kind,” I’d rather change my OWN energy around the word “too”… and transform my reaction so it feels good!

Now that’s empowering.

So here’s some EFT Tapping that I found helpful:

Karate Chop: Even though they said I was too much… too smart… too nice… I deeply and completed accept myself.

Even though a part of me wants to be just like the rest of the herd, I’ve decided to feel surprisingly free to express all of me.

Even though some people will find me too much, that’s okay. I’m not responsible for their comfort zone, and I never was!

Top of the Head: I’m too much.
Eyebrow: I’m too much.
Side of the Eye: Yes! I am too much!
Under the Eye: Too much for them.
Under the Nose: Not too much for me.
Chin: It always hurt when they tried to shut me down.
Collarbone: It hurts even more…
Under the Arm: When I shut myself down.

Top of the Head: So what if I’m too much?
Eyebrow: I’m starting to feel okay with that.
Side of the Eye: I choose to feel okay with that.
Under the Eye: I thought I had to constrain myself.
Under the Nose: I did back then.
Chin: I did when I was with THEM.
Collarbone: Perhaps I don’t have to diminish myself…
Under the Arm: Anymore!

Top of the Head: Wow, that would feel free!
Eyebrow: Wouldn’t that be TOO wonderful? And yummy!
Side of the Eye: I’m okay with that now.
Under the Eye: I’ve decided to feel gratitude for my full range of self-expression.
Under the Nose: I choose to express the fullness…
Chin: Of Who I Am.
Collarbone: I embrace that freedom.
Under the Arm: I reclaim my power.
Top of the Head: I’m discovering that I AM JUST RIGHT FOR MY LIFE.

Take a deep breath.

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  • Claire Hayes says:

    This really resonated with me Rick.  I was “too clever” in school and “too exuberant”….and now I have learnt to be “too nice”. I’ll be tapping on this for sure….

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