September 23, 2011 by Cathy Vartuli

Angry At God

Angry At God 1How can I trust God? I’m so mad and hurt by the things that have happened in my life, and recently I got some unexpected bad news. I heard one of you say that God can handle any of our emotions. But I’m afraid if I show God my anger, he’ll punish me.  — Andi

Note: Different people have different words for “all that is”. Some people call it Source, Universe, God, Higher Power…there are hundreds of names. Law of Attraction just assumes that there is something larger than ourselves, and that something is benevolent, loving, and kind. Feel free to change the word God to whatever works for you, and use he or she or it to refer to that power as you feel comfortable. Because Andi used “God”, that’s the word we’ll use in this article. We don’t think God cares what we call her/him/it, as long as we call…

God can handle whatever you feel. Including the bad stuff, including the blame and anger. Some of us grow up thinking we can hide our emotions and thoughts from God, and still have a connection- but its hard to feel open and trusting of anyone if we have “secrets.” And if God is all knowing, wouldn’t he/she already know you were angry?

We understand. It’s hard to trust God when so much has happened in your life. And if you’re feeling ungrateful, it’s really okay to say that and express it. We do feel awful sometimes. We are ungrateful sometimes. If we tap, we don’t have to stay there… but trying to force yourself out of that feeling before you’re ready doesn’t work really well. It just leaves us resentful and disconnected.

If it feels right, you can do some more tapping on this. We have been really honest with God about what we felt, including calling God lots of really bad names and sharing hatred and fury and resentment. Neither of us have been struck by lightening yet… and we felt calmer and more connected afterwards. (Cathy adds: I personally have used stronger words than are in this script, too. If cursing feels right, let God have it! While you tap, of course…) Feel free to change the words as you like.

Karate Chop: Hi God. I want you to know I HATE you… You BETRAYED me… You LET ME DOWN… I’ve been working so hard, trying to heal and feel more connected to you and you send me THIS?! How can I possibly trust you?!

You’re supposed to be so powerful, and you let this happen. What were you thinking?! I feel like you don’t love me and that crushes my heart. I am SO mad at you and I want to hurt you somehow.

Part of me is afraid to tell you this, but it is the truth. I want to trust you and feel loved by you, but this hurts too much. This is too big. I want to kick you in the shins. I want to pull your hair. I am afraid you’ll punish me for being angry…but I’m open to feeling your calm, loving, forgiving presence instead.

Top of the Head: I HATE you God.
Eyebrow: How could you let this happen?
Side of the Eye: Why would you allow this?
Under the Eye: I don’t understand.
Under the Nose: I try to be good.
Chin: I try to be loving.
Collarbone: And I’ve been working so hard.
Under the Arm: How can I trust you?

Top of the Head: I feel betrayed.
Eyebrow: I need to let this anger out.
Side of the Eye: I hope you’re strong enough to take it God.
Under the Eye: Cause here it comes!
Under the Nose: I HATE YOU.
Chin: You let me down!
Collarbone: I’m not sure how to trust you.
Under the Arm: Not after this!

Top of the Head: So much has happened.
Eyebrow: I’m not sure how to deal with this.
Side of the Eye: I could use your help with this anger.
Under the Eye: I could use some help with my fear.
Under the Nose: Even though I hate you…
Chin: Please help me.
Collarbone: Show me in LOTS of ways…
Under the Arm: That you love me deeply.
Top of the Head: And will help me through this.

Take a deep breath.

Does that help at all??

As scientists at heart, we like to base our beliefs at least SOMEWHAT on observation. We have not observed that anyone anywhere…no matter how holy or lovely or divine in their energy… is immune from: broken hearts, disease, cancer… you name it. Therefore, we cannot base OUR understanding of God on the notion that he is someone doling out favors and treats to the Good Boys and Girls… and punishing the others with disease. We see NO EVIDENCE of this.

We are not JUST physical Rick and Cathy. We have a non-physical reality, too. Call it spirit or soul, it is the Me, and the You, and the We that existed before we came into this earth world and will exist after and that has the eternal relationship with Source.

There may be places in this Universe where Souls go to have the Perfect Vacation… where fires only are used to roast marshmallows and keep us warm, where our arrivals and departures are always celebrated, where the food is always perfect and plentiful, the shoes always fit, and the friends are always true.

If there is such a Heaven, it is not this world. It is not this rock. It is not this vacation/incarnation.

We have friends whose idea of a great vacation is to rough it, to take only what they can carry on their back, to develop strength and endurance as they explore realms they have never seen before. We’d call them crazy… except…

It seems that life here on Earth for all of us is going to be a mix of deep intimacy and cold loneliness, of warm embraces and harsh breakups, of delicious foods savored with friends and… vomit. Who amongst us has not puked?

Loving God and trusting God seems to only come from knowing a broader truth, that Life is not begun and ended here, that on some deep level we are each an excited participant in a life here that challenges us… where our friends are challenged… where we cross new rivers and climb new mountains… even if we do so in pain and struggle and tears and shit. And at the end of THIS “vacation” we will most certainly have a story to tell. Just as we share our stories now.

We know that during the darkest times, when the noise gets stripped away, the God has guided us in making the “most” out of the precious time we get on this earth journey. By “most,” it doesn’t necessarily ever mean the most uninterrupted joy. It means sometimes moments of intimacy shared when sick, or when you hold someone’s hand because you would fall over if they were not there. The ONLY difference we can see between a cursed life and a Blessed Life is the perspective of the participant. And that, we do believe, we can always shift with God’s help.

Angry At God 2Tapping while telling the truth of what you’re feeling RIGHT NOW, is powerful. And incredibly healing. Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to speak the truth, or to even admit what it is. Having the support of a caring and insightful group of people can make all the difference. It can sooth your soul and  bring peace much quicker. If you are interested in finding community to share with, there are groups on many cities and towns. and Yahoo Groups can be great places to find connection. And our Group Coaching Program is our personal favorite place to share honestly in a place of warmth and understanding.

  • John Miller says:

    Don’t wory about it. There is no god that cares about you or anyone else. Care for yourself.

    It’s just an ancient supersition that is still thriving in the modern world. You can make it one your own with the help of friends and therapists of the human kind.

    If you’re an adherent of any of the Abrahamic religions, a close reading of the first few chapters of the Bible will alert you to the fact that his god was a vindictive, fascist misogynistic god, just like Abraham, Moses and the rest of them. These people invented a god for their own purposes – social control.

    And if you want to know about love and compassion, think about what Abraham did to his wife’s maid and the child that he fathered. Think of how he traumatized Isaac. Take pity on Lot’s wife and read carefully and digest what Lot did to his daughters. Take pity on Onan … and so it goes on and on.

    Release yourself from this superstitious nonsense.

    Regards and best wishes

    John Miller

  • Re: Your article, “Angry at God.”
    This is my perspective: If you’re going to write about God and EFT, I think you should do it in such a way as to include in the article, those believers who believe in the eternal God of the bible or in other words, the God Christians believe in. You write as if Universe, Source, Higher Power, God……are appropriate terminologies if a person believes in any of these catch-all names. This is offensive to Christians who believe in the one true God of the bible! While you may not realize this, there is a difference, so I’m wondering why Christians’ beliefs are left out of the equation in your article? And I don’t mean you should proselytize on behalf of Christians…..that’s not my point.I think that if certain people believe in some unseen power which they refer to as, the Universe, Source, God, or Higher Power, then their belief is different from mine and millions of other Christians, and they should not borrow the name of ‘God’ to lump it altogether and make it sound like all of these names are synonymous. It is not a one-size-fits-all type of thing!
    The name ‘God’ is a personal name! While God is invisible and all powerful, He is not an invisible power like electricity, and shouldn’t be referred to in the same way as describing the universe etc. God is a spirit Being…..the universe is not! And when you refer to ‘Source’ or ‘Higher Power’……who or what are you referring to? I can understand that you don’t want to offend those people who have no ‘personal relationship’ with God, and that’s fine… one wants to impose a particular belief on anyone against their wishes. But even though they instinctively know there’s something beyond their own comprehension, they have adopted the name of ‘God’ into their list of names. I find this approach is offensive toward the unique belief of Christians who would like to participate in EFT, but wind up feeling as if teachers of EFT are not respecting the Christian belief, while catering to non-Christians. I firmly believe this all got started with the Law of Attraction popularity, which, in order to include all people who might not have a particular religious belief, encourage them to tap into an impersonal ‘power’ called the ‘universe’ etc. Again…..that’s fine if they want to do that, but they should not use the name of God in vain and make it synonymous. But more importantly, you as a teacher/practitioner should not show bias toward that approach. The God of the bible is a very real entity. He is a spirit Being and is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. The universe is not! The universe is NOT God, the universe was made BY God. Thus He is the Divine Creator……He is not the ‘Universe’. And if He is going to be referred to as ‘Source’ or ‘Higher Power’….then His name is GOD and we should respect that.
    It’s amazing to me how people have a way of twisting a belief or a name to suit their own purposes.

    I’m sure you know all this, but I’m just reminding you that you seem to cater more to readers who have a generic, impersonal attitude toward, or ignorance of the Divine Creator of the universe and all things that were made….i.e. God. I have great difficulty focusing on your article above because of this bias. You should emphasize that EFT is simply a ‘tool’ to be used, just as we use medicine or any other aid in our daily lives….it shouldn’t be presented as being connected directly with God. I believe God gives us many tools to use for our benefit but we should be very aware of Who is the ultimate healer and giver of peace and harmony in our troubled lives. Having said all this, I don’t mean to sound too critical of your contribution to the readers, this is only my perspective on your choice of words in the article. I appreciate your dedication to helping others learn how to overcome so many of life’s problems through EFT, but along with being a teacher/practitioner I feel you have a responsibility to be sensitive to certain other groups, namely Christians…….who, by the way make up a huge portion of our population. Thank you and God bless.

    • Mare, we do appreciate and honor your perspective, and how you know it to be your Absolute Truth. If you find our softer, more open and accepting approach to the Divine (by whatever name) to be truly “offensive” then we’re really not ideal coaches for you. 

      We are grateful that over the past 8 years we’ve helped many people to restore their connection with God… a connection that was abused and destroyed by humans acting in “God’s name” and sometimes with the Bible as their cudgel. Our approach is to offer people a softer more personal way to reconnect with a safe, accepting Source of Love. 

      If every time you displeased your parents you were struck, slapped, or spanked in the name of “God,” if every time you were deprived of acceptance and forgiveness and protection it was done to you because “God disapproved,” then wouldn’t it be Grace indeed if someone were willing to start with you were you were, with an anger towards “God,” and helped you feel what we strive for in EFT… a deep and complete feeling of acceptance. The Christian path of forgiveness from Christ is one way to get there. In my prayers, God is quite comfortable that we offer ways of experiencing the Creator that is accessible to so many… knowing that churches and Bible study groups and evangelists and others can meet other people’s needs. We also have clients who practice many different religions. The way we write and speak of God, and Source, and Universal Love is meant to feel safe to those who respect freedom of religion at its core.

      Best wishes,

      • Thank you Rick for your thoughtful reply here. God is bigger than the narrow little boxes people try to put him in.

    • Wow Mare, sounds like you could use some of the therapy offered here too. More mature Christians don’t feel so offended (threatened actually) by things like what Rick has to say in this article. Just sayin. I’m a Christian but am not offended. Not everyone sees things the way I do, but I’m secure enough in God to not find that threatening.

  • John Miller says:

    The  ‘one true god’ you refer to is the mysogynistic, fascist, brutal, vindictive, murderous god of the ancient Hebrews. He has a name,
    ‘Yahweh’, use it. He is not God, he is a god and a lightweight one at that.

    Just read your Old Testament closely and you’ll find out just how vicious this Yahweh was. When you think of this ‘loving god’ think about Lot’s wife, Onan, the little boys in Egypt and Lot’s daughters. Yep, after Yehweh killed Lot’s wife he watched on as Lot rooted his daughters. Killing of course is against the 6th commandment. This is the god who breaks his own commandments. I don’t think Yahweh (or Moses) had a commandment forbidding incest.

    The three great religions that believe and trust in this god were all devised by criminals to enhance their status – Moses, Paul and Mahommed. Abraham, of course was a skitzo. Just think about the boy Isaac. And think about Abraham’s wife’s maid and the son her and Abraham had and how they were treated by Abraham. So much for love.

    This is the god who punched below his weight – he delayed the invention of the Gatling gun by 3,000 years. It would certainly have helped ward off the Babylonians.

    This is the god on whose behalf we had to endure the dark ages, slavery, murder of free-thinking men and women (witches), jailing of people for blasphemy, persecution of homosexuals, the taking of babies from unmarried mothers, the persecution of children in orphanages … This is the religion that is undemocratic and doesn’t permit women to hold high office.

    If you want to liberate yourself, find an ideology to believe in that promotes liberty, equality, democracy and respect for the rule of law. The christian church has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to acquiese to these values, but in it’s own structure ignores it. Don’t just look at what they say, look at what they do.

    Let the truth set you free. You’ve been duped. You’ve been lied to.

    Stop thinking about this god. He’s an apparition, a phantom, a ghost.

    You’ve been indoctrinated. Read your Old Testament closely and find out what a fraud it is, and never trust a man wearing a frock, sprinkling water over the carpet and brain washing young children.

    John Miller

  • John Miller says:

    I forgot to add: every time Santorum and Romney open their mouths about Catholic and Mormon values, just understand that the churches they work for and are members of don’t value respect for women or democratic structures with their churches. Be very wary of a man who iosn’t in favour of contraception, the right of women to have control over their own fertility and for men and women to live in a range of loving relationships without being persecuted.

    What’s being played out here is the veiled continuation of the dark ages run by theocrats.

    John Miller

  • Reena Chudasama says:

    I think this was a wonderful article. I think we all do feel like hating GOD atleast once in a lifetime and we are also scared to do so inspite of believing him to be the All Loving and All Forgiving. we still do get angry at him and feel desperate that we cannot do anything, this article offers something which can take away the desperation.

  • John Miller says:

    Who is this god we have come to call ‘God’? It’s the apiration of Abraham, a ghost, a figment called Yahweh – the fascist, misogynistic, vindictive god of the ancient mesopotamians.

    This is the god who killed lot’s wife and Onan. This is the god who punched below his weight in Babylon. This is the god who delayed the invention of the Gatling gun by a few million years.

    This is the god of Abraham, the schitzophrenic who threatened to barbeque his son, who fathered a child with his wife’s maid and then banished them, into the wolderness.

    This is the god of the mass murderer and liar, Moses. Which of the first three commandments isn’t baloney. Don’t work on Saturday!

    You don’t have to be angry at this god, just ignore it and it will go away. There’s nothing loving about this character.

    You’re wasting your time praying to this dreadful superstition. Pray to yourself.

    Read the Jewish Book of Fairy Tales and find out what a monster this god is. Read the Epistles of Paul and reflect on his own criminality, fascism and misogyny.

    Always keep in mind the god you believe in doesn’t believe in democracy, the rule of law or the equality of rights for women, slaves, homosexuals and people of an enquiring mind. If you want something to think about, Think about Lot’s daughters, the boys killed by the bears, Joan of Arc, the Albigensians and the thousands of women who were killed because Christian priests called them witches.

    There is definitely little love in this religion. It’s a concept designed to keep criminals in power.

    Search for the truth about this monster – it will set you free.

    If you want something to read, read Aesop’s fables and Grimm’s Fairy Tales.


    John Miller

  • God is often blamed for the suffering on this earth that is mainly caused by man.  Just because he tolerates or allows suffering, this does not mean in any way that he causes it.  The question therefore should be, why does he allow the suffering, why does he not intervene?  The bible gives satisfying answers to such questions and thus allows the reader to restore the relationship between him and his creator.   The bible says “with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone..” James 1:13 and encourages us to  “Draw close to God and he will draw close to you”. James 4:8

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