October 14, 2012 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Loving and Accepting Ourselves… Right Where We Are

(And why is Cathy in her bra???)

One of the basic tenants of EFT/Tapping is “Loving and Accepting Ourselves… Right Where We Are”. We tap on this for a reason:

As long as we’re fighting, blaming, or shaming ourselves… or believing other people’s stories about what’s wrong with us… it’s hard to have a happy life or to change in a positive way. What we resist, persists.

With Rick and other powerful coaches, Cathy’s made some amazing changes in her life. She says:

I have so much more confidence and love to share. I love my life!

Since I started tapping, I’m naturally eating better. My triglycerides, cholesterol, and other blood work went from “danger” to normal levels. I don’t feel stressed and scared all the time, and I’m doing things I dreamed were never possible. When I go for my annual exam, they often take my blood pressure several times. They can’t believe that someone overweight can such have low values.

I workout. I’m much more flexible. And I’ve dropped some pounds. My skin looks so much clearer, and cellulite that distressed me is mostly gone. A lot of those changes happened as I accepted and loved myself, as I got out there despite the old limits I had believed for so long.

I believe that people deserve happiness, love, and connection. No matter their age, weight, gender, sexual orientation, race, or past history. I let my beliefs hold me back for too many years. I encourage you, no matter where you are, to love and accept yourself RIGHT NOW. If you choose to make changes from that point, and can do it in a loving way, you win at all levels.

And get out there and start living your life NOW! Not only does it bring joy and delight back into your life, it helps you identify your blocks and practice new skills…

Like doing a professional video… in bed… in your bra 😉

Would I like to be more slender? Sure — it would be easier. And I can love myself right now, have a life today. I don’t think people need to be slender to be valuable or desired. And in case you’re wondering, I did the video in my bra because I accept my body, and I think we can be sexy and out there, no matter what. Sharing this message is so important to me, I wish someone could have told me this years ago, in a way I would have heard.

Let’s do some tapping.

No matter what your block is, you can connect with yourself. Feel free to change the words to fit what holds you back, or tap with them as is… your subconscious will change things up for you. We’ll use weight in this tapping script, since so many people struggle with it. I have friends who are size 2 who let the extra pound or two hold them back, just as much as others let 100 lbs hold them back.

Karate Chop: Even though I don’t feel comfortable with my body, it doesn’t look like I was told it should, I choose to celebrate the things that my body can do, anyway.

Even though I’ve been taught to struggle with and hate my body, and I get 100’s of thousands of negative messages about it each year, I choose to be my body’s greatest ally and start loving me now.

Even though I’ve been waiting to do so many things, until I looked “right”, I choose to do those things now and stop waiting for me to be perfect so my life can start. I choose to start my life now!

Top of the Head: I’ve been waiting.
Eyebrow: Holding my dreams at bay.
Side of the Eye: Waiting until I looked “right”…
Under the Eye: To get out there and live again.
Under the Nose: My life has been passing me by.
Chin: I don’t want to wake up at the end of my life…
Collarbone: And realize it’s too late.
Under the Arm: I’m ready to start living now.

Top of the Head: I don’t look like the people in magazines.
Eyebrow: But no one does.
Side of the Eye: Not even the people in the magazines!
Under the Eye: They’ve been airbrushed…
Under the Nose: And Photoshopped.
Chin: They are an illusion.
Collarbone: Should I be stopped by an illusion?
Under the Arm: I choose to live my life now, anyway!

Top of the Head: What if I don’t have to wait until I’m a certain size?
Eyebrow: What if it doesn’t matter what the scale says?
Side of the Eye: My heart is loving and strong.
Under the Eye: There are lots of people who need and want love.
Under the Nose: And the best of them don’t need me to be different.
Chin: They want to connect now.
Collarbone: I can start living my life today.
Under the Arm: And I can start loving my body right now.
Top of the Head: It does so much for me, and it deserves love and appreciation.

Take a deep breath.

What’s coming up for you? Embedded shame can make it hard to believe anything else is possible. If you can, remember those rules and beliefs are taught to us over and over again… but it doesn’t make them true. The world wasn’t flat, no matter how many times people said it. And those who braved the oceans found an abundant and free new world. You can too!

From Cathy: This can be challenging. I know. I was nervous at many of the steps I took along this journey. I tapped. I got support. And I did it even though I was scared. The magic often happens outside our comfort zones. If you want support on your journey, and want to love and accept yourself no matter what, join our group coaching program!


  • Cathy,
    What an inspiring video clip!
    Thank you for being vulnerable with yourself…so others (myself included) could learn to do the same thing. You shared yourself in a most authentic way…letting others know it is safe to step out there. Very tastefully done! And very well stated. I especially liked the tapping too! Hits home for those of us who are perfectionists.
    Right on!

    • Hi Karen, I’m so glad this connected for you. It feels wonderful to hear that it served it’s purpose and shared the message intended. Thank you for letting us know, and for being a light in the world. -Cathy

  • What an honour it is to see someone expressing themselves openly and honestly. It takes both being courageous and vunerable to be ourselves. Thank you for being you, all of you. We even need to love the bits of ourselves that we have long ago ignored and bring them to light, I am learning how to do this for myself NOW as I have in the past suppressed my feelings and emotions so now it is a challenge to be at peace with old suppressed energies. Love to YOU from ME and the UNIVERSE ♥♥♥

    • Hi Ceedee, Thank you SO much for sharing this. It’s very touching. You do deserve to love yourself- and I’m glad you’re tapping to release those old surpressed energies. Sending warm hugs and deep thanks. – Cathy

      • Hi Cathy, thanks for your gratitude and appreciation, however I am stuck in not being able to tap or know what words to use to tap with to help me clear old surpressed energies. Any suggestions. Fancy a trip to Australia to teach others!! Love to YOU ♥♥♥

  • I Suddenly felt like a little girl peeking out from a curtain when I asked this question-
    Eb- Is it ok now?
    OE- Is it really ok to take care of myself and be ok with me?
    UE- Is it really ok now?
    UN- Is it ok?
    Chin- I really want to love and approve of myself
    CB- Is it ok to approve of myself now? Is it really ok?
    UA- I’m a little scared to love myself like this- Is it safe?
    Top head- I feel like it is ok now
    EB- I am safe to love me- just like I am
    OE- Am I safe? Is it really safe?
    UE- I am approving of myself right now, It’s ok
    UN- It’s safe to love me now, just like I am
    Chin- I am loveable and kind hearted, I deserve to love me now
    CB- It is safe to be in my body and love me nowHands at heart…..

    • How fun, Susan! What a delightful script. I hope you find yourself loving yourself more and more. You deserve it! – Cathy

  • thank u so much for sharing this! it was exactly what i needed to hear today. i was in the process of beating up on myself when i came across this article. the universe is kind and loving. as so are u! namaste

  • thank u so much for sharing this! it was exactly what i needed to hear today. i was in the process of beating up on myself when i came across this article. the universe is kind and loving. as so are u! namaste

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