August 17, 2016 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Dolphins Don’t Climb Trees – Your Child and ADD/ADHD

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Dolphins Don't Climb Trees - Your Child and ADD/ADHD 1Listen as Jondi Whitis of TappingStar and EFT Radio Online interviews Rick Wilkes, popular EFT practitioner and teacher, as he describes how your child with ADD/ADHD can benefit by using EFT. From the parent to the teacher to the student, everyone wins from the skillful application of EFT. Learn how in this 60-minute conversation with expert tapper, father, and author, Rick Wilkes.

Rick says, “We spend a lot more time labeling kids than co-creating safe environments where they can express themselves authentically. This system produces emotional distress, pressures, judgements and self-doubts for everyone – kids, parents, and teachers, too!”

This session covers using EFT to promote better classroom behaviors, as well as how to use EFT for our reactions as adults… to set the stage for more grounded communications and relationships… and learn how to grow together with laughter, acceptance, and confidence.

The Thriving Now Childhood Trauma Relief Starter Kit is a powerful resource for helping mitigate the effects of these issues for both children and adults.

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