June 14, 2023 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

What has to Change for you to feel more Free?

As you feel into your life, what has to change for you to feel more free... especially emotionally free?

For me one of the first things that had top change on my way to a thriving life was...


Worry was literally eating me up inside. Changing my patterns of worry freed up so much energy and helped restore my health. 

The next thing I had to change was...


I don't know about you but there were times when I would get way, WAY more frustrated by what was happening than was helpful. Over-reactions are hard on our nervous system... and on those around us. Changing knee-jerk reactions into more considered responses helped me re-balance and have energy to put into my business and helped my relationships be stronger, safer, and more filled with ease.

What is it for YOU? What specifically needs to change for you to experience more emotional freedom?

I'm putting together a series of free videos and audios to help make changes in your emotional world possible... and even surprisingly easy! I'd really appreciate knowing what's one thing that needs to change for you to truly feel more free and thriving. 

You can click the green button at the bottom of the form above and send it to me privately. Or you can post a comment below! Thanks!


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