September 5, 2012 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

What Dreams Do You Have?

What Dreams Do You Have? 1What dreams immediately come to mind? Write a few down.

Now look again, a bit deeper. You might find a hidden chest of forgotten dreams…ones your heart gave up on.

Just like cleaning out a closet once in awhile can be useful, cleaning out your chest of old dreams can lighten the load and help you rediscover passions you forgot about.

It’s human nature to stop longing after things at times. Doing so protects us from the pain of not feeling powerful and effective. The problem comes when we stuff all these old dreams away and never examine them again.

This clogs our energy… and can even shut down the part of us that so loves to dream and discover what we most want NOW. And we’ll NEVER make progress if we don’t allow ourselves to play with possibilities.

Times change, we get new resources, new experiences, and previously impossible dreams become easy. Yet, if we’re too afraid to look at them, we never take the steps to realize them.

Here’s an example: When most of us were little, the internet didn’t exist. To find out information you had to go to a library, and hope the information we needed was there. Information moved slowly. A book might take 12 months to be published, and then not all libraries would have a copy. And finding out that the book existed wasn’t always easy either.

So if you wanted to find out about a new technique to help yourself feel better (like EFT), you’d find year-old data if you were lucky. (And if your library didn’t think it was too strange and had the money to buy the book.) It would be challenging and sometimes painful to learn new skills and self-help approaches.

Now, you can Google anything and find resources in seconds.

(Cathy remembers looking for books on abuse in 1991 and finding only two: The Courage To Heal and Rabbit Howls, in a progressive, large bookstore. A quick Google search on “abuse” brought up over a billion hits, today. That’s A LOT more information!)

So it is possible that some of those old dreams you have packed away might just be vital and ready to manifest now. And some of them might be just sweet memories that you can let go with thanks for the hope they gave you.

What’s in your dream chest and what do you want to start creating today?! Let’s do some EFT Tapping and see what dreams may come.

Karate Chop: Even though I had a lot of dreams that seemed impossible, and I packed them away… I’m ready to re-examine those old dreams and see what’s right for me now.

Even though some of those old dreams can go to Goodwill, or off to the ether with thanks, some of them might have surprisingly delightful sparks of passion that I can easily manifest now.

Even though it used to be painful to look at impossible dreams, I have a lot more power and possibility now, and I choose to tap and find ways to create my dreams in a way that’s authentic to me.

Top of the Head: I had a lot of dreams.
Eyebrow: Some of them seemed impossible.
Side of the Eye: I didn’t think I could ever create them.
Under the Eye: I thought the experience was beyond me.
Under the Nose: So I packed those dreams away…
Chin: And pretended I didn’t have them anymore.
Collarbone: My dream chest is pretty full.
Under the Arm: I don’t even remember what’s in it anymore!

Top of the Head: I choose to bring out a few dreams at a time.
Eyebrow: I choose to release the ones that don’t fit me anymore…
Side of the Eye: (I really don’t want that doll or toy I longed for when I was five!)
Under the Eye: And I am open to finding new ways of creating…
Under the Nose: Those dreams that really matter to me.
Chin: It was hard back when I stored them away.
Collarbone: I decided I didn’t get to have them.
Under the Arm: But maybe I sent up a request back then…

Top of the Head: That the Universe is answering now!
Eyebrow: I’m open to creating my dreams.
Side of the Eye: I choose to remember the curiosity and passion from back then.
Under the Eye: And combine them with the resources I have now.
Under the Nose: What dreams are languishing?
Chin: Waiting for me to revitalize them?
Collarbone: Hi, Dreams!
Under the Arm: You feel like an old friend.
Top of the Head: Let’s go play and create, today!

Take a deep breath.

What are you noticing? Does this seem possible to you? Does it awaken your heart?

If you need help clearing some of the limiting beliefs and blocks around creating your dreams, we’d love to help. Check out our group coaching program and get inspired and encouraged as you clear out your dream chest and start manifesting, now!

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