September 16, 2016 by Rick ~ Thrivingnow

Is how you want to Love… typical?

Cathy and I are not typical… and so what?

You are not typical, either.

Have you ever rolled your eyes at some of the notions about “what it takes” to have awesome relationships?

For me, I needed a way of seeing love as co-creating a life that is thriving, delicious, and an eco-system that nourishes me day-in and day-out.

So ideas like Lovership and tuning into the deep Presence a partner is offering (or not) when we hook pinkies is core. Safe, consensual, healthy loving touch is essential in my emotional world and with those closest to me.

Cathy has shared vulnerably her journey of freedom and self-acceptance. Her dating profile, for example, includes words about her size as a big being that you’d THINK would turn everyone off (if you believe the media’s portrayal of what’s beautiful and what’s ugly) and yet her authentic truth-telling filters and identifies people who are compatible with the love-style she’s artistically expressing.

How do YOU want to relate?

Our ways may not be YOUR ways. Yet, there are people relating and engaging in love and pleasure and co-creating across a wide spectrum.

~ You Are Loved ~For Cathy and I our lovescapes include beings of all genders identities and relating choices. Indeed, people who relate in “atypical ways” expand our notion of what is possible and how much of our own range of energies we can bring to our connections.

Tired ways of “man like this, woman like that” are being re-formed… and the new forms of relating are being consciously chosen by people who want to be THRIVING across their emotional world.

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts and how you see yourself cultivating sweet and supportive love in your life. You can always email us at We invite connection!

Warm hearted hugs,

Rick & Cathy


  • Nutsy Waterbelly says:

    Your presentation today made me feel so warm inside. it helped me to recognize the contributions of those I love in my life and to my soul. This is exactly what I needed in this stage of my journey. I am so excited to see more of your writings and information. I definitely identify as a lover an co-creator. Love and light, Nutsy.

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