September 1, 2010 by Thriving Now

Using EFT While in a Yoga Posture

Julie Thompson of writes:

I discovered something kind of interesting:  I was doing a yoga pose that’s supposed to open up your hips-it’s basically sitting with one leg out in front of you at a 45 degree angle and putting the other leg on top of it at the same angle and just sitting and breathing, waiting for some stretching and release in the hip joint.  For anyone who runs and does yoga, you know how tight hips can get.  Also, I had heard that the hips store many emotions (the issues are in the tissues, as they say in yoga!).  So I sat in that posture and started doing EFT, with a set-up phrase “Even though my hips are tight, I intend to release them along with any stored emotions.”  Then I just tapped on “tight hips”.  I didn’t get any repressed memories or anything, but my hips really started to loosen up and I got the best stretch I’ve ever had in that pose.  It was also VERY relaxing. 

  • This is amazing. I’m preparing to collaborate with a yoga teacher, bringing in some EFT on grief to his workshop.

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