July 11, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

Treating Yourself Right For Deep, Soothing Sleep…

How do you treat yourself at night?

I mean… If you’re thirsty, or cold, or have to pee… How do you respond to your needs?

Are you gentle and loving, getting yourself that glass of water, the soft, extra blanket, the trip to the restroom, and then tucking yourself back in bed?

Or do you fight the urge to quench your thirst, try to sleep with cold feet, or tell yourself to hold it a few more hours until the alarm goes off?

water-by-bedOften, the way people treat themselves is how they saw care modeled when they were little.

Parents are often tired and overwhelmed. It isn’t unusual for them to feel a bit grumpy with a middle of the night request for ice cream or random questions. But hopefully they can generally be compassionate and caring for children recognizing a need and a valid request for help.

Have you ever spent most of the night fighting your needs, when a 3 minute break would let you sleep much more easily?

Where did you learn to treat yourself that way?

If you could transform your energy around this from frustrated and resentful to easy and loving, how would that change your night’s sleep? How would that change how you felt treated and cared about?

How would that start changing your life?

Let’s do some tapping!

Karate Chop: Even though I learned to be impatient with nighttime needs, I’m open to exploring a new way of approaching them… and feeling more love and compassion for myself.

Even though I probably learned these patterns from my childhood… I internalized other people’s frustration and impatience… I’m open to meeting my body’s and my mind’s needs and loving myself to sleep.

Even though I sometimes deny myself to try to be “good,” I bet I’d sleep better if I honored my needs and took gentle loving care of myself.

Top of the Head: I do get impatient with myself.
Eyebrow: I tell myself to wait for morning…
Side of the Eye: And spend the night with a thirsty throat…
Under the Eye: Cold toes…
Under the Nose: Or a full bladder.
Chin: And I mentally beat myself up at the same time…
Collarbone: For not sleeping as deeply as I’d like…
Under the Arm: For being tired in the morning.

Top of the Head: I’m open to trying something different.
Eyebrow: What if I gently met my needs…
Side of the Eye: And spoke to myself more kindly?
Under the Eye: What if I left a glass of water by the bedside?
Under the Nose: A soft, fluffy blanket at the foot of the bed?
Chin: And gave myself permission to use them.
Collarbone: And to make a trip to the restroom when I needed it?
Under the Arm: What if I noticed what a good job I did when I snuggled back in bed?

Top of the Head: I’m afraid I’ll lose sleep if I take care of my needs.
Eyebrow: (Sometimes part of me wants to distract, and not go to sleep).
Side of the Eye: I can set gentle limits…
Under the Eye: And meet my needs with care and compassion.
Under the Nose: I can love myself to sleep,
Chin: And feel more rested and alive the next day.
Collarbone: I can role model self-care.
Under the Arm: Even in the middle of the night!
Top of the Head: I can change my sleep and my energy!

Take a deep breath.

Notice what you’re feeling and if any thoughts or memories come up.

Those can make great tapping fodder! We’ll be digging deeper into this topic in the new sleep program as well!

How would it change your life if you treated yourself better during the night? Feel free to hit reply and let us know. (We can’t answer all your emails, but we do read every one!)

Special Announcement:

Rick and I have been working on the new sleep program. We love the inspiration and asking you’ve shared with us. It help us dig deeper and create some approaches we’ve never seen anywhere else. We’re honored to be part of your lives and we want to make a loving and powerful difference.

Thank you again for your support, insights, and encouragement. Knowing what a big difference good sleep would make to you is so important to us!

To sweet dreams and a loving night’s sleep!

Cathy and Rick

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