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Rue Haas – The Power and Gift of Being Sensitive


Rue Haas has written a book called This is Where I Stand:  the Power and Gift of Being Sensitive ($24.95) which combines information about the Idealist-Healer / highly sensitive temperament with using EFT for the issues that arise. Here is some information about the book from Rue:  Have you ever heard (or said about someone else):

“Oh, you are just too sensitive!”
“You take things so hard!”
“Just let it roll off your back.”
“Why can’t you just let it go!”
And maybe even, “What’s wrong with you? You are such a cry baby!”

You have probably thought they were right – there must be something wrong! Being sensitive is an actual emotional temperament. I believe it is the kind of awareness that can save the world.

I speak as a “highly sensitive person” myself. It has taken me most of my life to understand this temperament and value it for its gifts.  In my work as an Intuitive Mentor I have worked with many people who are extra sensitive to stress, traumatic experiences, and environmental toxins.  People with this temperament are also extraordinarily sensitive to beauty and spirituality, and they all have a desire to be a good custodian of the earth.

If you’re reading this and feeling, “Yeah, that’s me, all right!” YOU are the help that is on the way, whether you are sensitive yourself, or partnered/ working with/ interacting with/ or the parent of someone who is sensitive.

• This book describes the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of the highly sensitive temperament.

• It teaches how to resolve and heal limiting beliefs and hurt feelings using the   self empowering Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

• It includes many stories about how people have learned to use this wonderful new method that will make it easy for you to transform your experience of being sensitive into feeling its true power and gift in you.

This is Where I Stand:  the Power and Gift of Being Sensitive is based on a synthesis of the latest developments in neuroscience, psycho-spiritual therapeutic techniques, and the ancient knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I did my best to make it an accessible, friendly, and informative read.  The kind I like to read!

Here is part of Chapter 19, Stand Strong & Sensitive with EFT:

Any kind of chronic pain – whether physical, emotional or mental – is about what we believe about our experience. Limiting beliefs create a disruption in the body’s energy field. Learn and use EFT to neutralize these limiting beliefs (see ch. 11 for EFT instructions).  Starting with the Karate Chop point or the Sore Spot, use the following EFT setups.  Even though …

I worry that I am TOO sensitive
I feel so deeply   I am so open to others’ emotions
I am easily hurt and upset
I don’t like conflict
It’s hard to stop feeling sad sometimes
I can’t watch the news or sad or violent movies
I get depressed easily
I get overwhelmed

I deeply and completely love and accept myself   Even though …

I can’t stand large crowds
I can’t take loud noise
I don’t like hectic environments
I wish I were tougher and could let things roll off easier
I think my sensitivity is a weakness
I think something is wrong with me.
It is my fault.
I wish things didn’t bother me so much
I wish my emotions weren’t so obvious to other people
I wish I could let things go and not worry so much
I hide my sensitivity from others

I deeply and completely love and accept myself


Now Break out of The Cage of the P.A.S.S.T. (Pain, Anger, Sadness, Stress,  Trauma) this way:

1. What have people said to you about your sensitivity?

Tap on:

Even though people have said _______ , I deeply and completely love and accept myself

2. How has that made you feel?? Where do you feel it in your body?

Tap on the feelings and emotion in your body

3. What did you come to believe about yourself as a result?

Tap on the beliefs

4. Choose a specific disturbing incident from your life connected with being
sensitive. Make a movie or inner story of the specific incident. Give it a title.

Note details: clear, fuzzy, movement, still, sound, silent, etc.

Tap on the title:

Even though I have this (title) _______ story in my body about being sensitive…
I deeply and completely love and accept myself

Tap while you watch and feel the story unfold.
Tap on the worst parts.
Tap on all the aspects.
Note what has changed after you tap

Celebrate your sensitivity!

Turning Problems into Preferences
Use EFT to enhance, expand, enlarge and deepen your gifts!

Let’s start with that tapping list that framed all the problems we experience from our sensitivity, and RE-frame them as our gifts. Then we can make them even better!

Now, the following words are mine. You find better ones, ones that fit you and feel good to you! Maybe you like to speak in superlatives – use those. Maybe you have more profound or more spiritual ways of expressing what is truly the best and loveliest and greatest about you – go for it! Use your best words –  ones that make you light up inside!

Tap using the normal EFT spots. But instead of saying “Even though…” try saying “Especially because…” Take out the old phrases in parentheses below and replace them in each case with what follows:

Especially because
(I worry that I am TOO sensitive,)
I LOVE that I am so sensitive…
I choose to deepen and expand my sensitivity in powerful wonderful ways.

Especially because
(I feel so deeply)
…I have this fabulous capacity to feel deeply…
I choose to accept it as an honor, and learn how to share what I know in ways that are helpful.

Especially because
(I think my sensitivity is a weakness )
I like that I am sensitive…
I choose to love and appreciate and honor this powerful, world changing soul quality that I have been so blessed with. The world needs what I have to offer!  I am ready to be more!

Especially because
(I think something is wrong with me. It is my fault. )
I believe that I am a good person…
I choose to open to what I know in my deepest heart that I can become! I love and appreciate and honor this precious being that I am!

Especially because
(I wish things didn’t bother me so much)
I am glad that I am so aware…
I choose to trust the Universe to handle the problems and I use my awareness and my energy to make a difference in this world that I care so much about

Continue tapping beginning with the phrase “Especially Because:”

Especially Because… I have this wonderful gift of being able to think and speak in abstract big picture, profound concepts…
I choose to deepen and strengthen my ability to be an Imagineer, and use my manifestation ability even better so that the goodness I sense has a space to live in, in this world.

Especially Because… being cooperative and diplomatic is important to me …
I choose to break the rules that aren’t working for me and make new ones that feel right, in ways that still honor other peoples’ integrity and intentions

Especially Because… I hunger for deep and meaningful relationships… I make creating and maintaining a good and satisfying relationship with myself my first priority.
…I value personal growth, authenticity and integrity …
I choose to discover my own strengths and excellence, and do everything I can to enlarge them.

Especially Because… I am internally deeply caring…
I choose to take just as good care of myself as I do of _________.

Especially Because… I am deeply committed to the positive and the good …
I choose to honor that commitment to myself!

Especially Because… I have a mission to bring peace to the world…
I choose a mission of bringing peace into my own life

Especially Because… I have a strong personal morality…
I choose to stand even taller in my own strong life!

Especially Because… I often make extraordinary sacrifices for someone /  something I believe in…
I choose MYSELF!!!!

Especially Because… I have a good imagination…
I choose to find amazing ways of bringing magic into my life where there was only misery before! Evolution itself depends on how good I get at this!

Especially Because… I think I am unusual and unique…
I choose to stand up for myself and express who I am with love and a light heart. No
one can resist that…

Of course you are noticing that you don’t have to apply these phases ONLY to the issues of sensitivity!

Love and blessings all around—

Rue Hass


  • Anonymous says:

    It is such a challenge being so sensitive. By instinct, I do whatever I can to shield myself. I left a job because of the mental and physical drain it was placing on me. A health insurance call center, where the callers are sick, the elderly, where they either could not hear you or they cannot see well.  The company place the emphasis on handling the call in as short a time as possible. By the end of the day, I was exhausted! I took my frustrations out on driving home, which I realize was a sign that the job was NOT for me.  Going as fast as I can to get out of there.  The anger from members being quickly and thoroughly absorbed by me.  My break, I would retreat to my car, the silence, a haven. During lunch, I lived close enough to go home and smudge and enjoy the quiet time, while having a bit of soup.  At the end of the day, I was drained.  I was not able to keep the pace of my non-HSP co-workers, I was soon placed on written warning. I began to take my person belongings home and bringing the essentials. The last day, I was relieve..I cannot tell you the relief I felt as I left the building.  Yes, unemployed ..again. Perhaps, in a prior life being an HSP was wonderful, others cherished and respected someone like me, but it’s not in this life. 

    • There are places where the services of highly sensitive people are incompatible. You described one. Even non-HSP folks have a horrible time quite often in call centers. We wish you well in finding a place more compatible.

  • Allywit1142 says:

    I am a truly hyper-sensitive person.Even in relationships that did not feel good to be in,I would feel sad that It was ending due to the feelings or dependancy of the other person.I would often prolong the relationship due to feeling guilty.I to this day,(I’m 38) still cry and feel so much sadness when I see an animal that has been killed on the road.I remember a couple times as a child,having a panic attack(not being able to catch my breath)due to a neighbor kid saying hurtful things to me.Another time when I had a nightmare,my parents had to call paramedics because I could not seem to calm down.I truly feel that I take peoples emotions that are around me and asorb them for myself.I due feel often ackward that things affect me this way.

    • Have you considered working with a coach and doing some inner tapping with your hypersensitive inner child, to see if you can rebalance your mirror neurons to be more solid in yourself rather than externally triggered?

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