July 11, 2015 by Cathy Vartuli

Tapping For Sleep…

Ever been flat on your back, staring at the ceiling, knowing you need every minute of sleep you can get… and feeling the hamsters of worry, stress, and anxiety have a party in your head so loud that sleep feels impossible?

The sad thing is, good sleep can ease a lot of the worry and stress. Rest and renewal can erase anxiety and help you find new solutions and peaceful outcomes. But if you can’t sleep, those hamsters seem to breed and get bigger through the night.

In the morning, it can be hard to focus and the tiredness can make problems seem overwhelming. Your tired mind struggles to remember where the car keys are… and what you have to do next.

The thing is, your brain is doing its best to solve problems for you by “thinking” about them. Which keeps you locked awake and more stressed than ever.

We’ll go deeper into this in our Sleep program… and we wanted to get you started with allowing those thoughts to calm down and even take a break for awhile! It’s so crucial to sleep and recharge your energy and find the insights that come from quiet guidance.

Let’s tap!

Karate Chop: Even though the worry hamsters are having a party in my head… I choose to take a deep breath and know that rest is best for me right now.

Even though my brain is doing its best to solve all my problems right now by thinking them to death, I thank my brain for working so hard, for caring so much, and I invite it take a deep breath, too.

Even though I have a pattern of stress and worry, I invite myself to try something different tonight, just for a little while…

Top of the Head: I breathe in.
Eyebrow: I notice how many hamsters I have in my head.
Side of the Eye: I breathe again.
Under the Eye: I am okay.
Under the Nose: I just have an abundance of hamsters.
 They are trying to help…
Collarbone: By squeaking a LOT.
Under the Arm: And I can breathe.
Top of the Head: There, there, hamsters.
Eyebrow: It’s ok.

Side of the Eye: Thank you for trying to help!
Under the Eye:
 Thank you for being the best hamster you can be!
Under the Nose: There, there, hamsters…
 It’s ok to rest right now.
Collarbone: You can be hamsters again in the morning!
Under the Arm: Right now, it’s time to sleep.

Top of the Head: I can be loving and firm with the hamsters.
Eyebrow: They are doing their best.
Side of the Eye: And while they make a lot of noise…
Under the Eye:
 About things I’m concerned about….
Under the Nose: I don’t have to join the worry party.
 It’s time for sleep, little hamsters.
Collarbone: I don’t have to believe your stories of gloom and doom.
Under the Arm: It’s time to close your eyes,
Top of the Head: And allow deep and restful sleep.

Take a deep breath.

Notice what you feel in your body. And in your mind.

Most people have a habit of letting their worry hamsters run the show. Most people believe their hamsters.

But hamsters are fear-based and scared. They aren’t guidance. They aren’t empowered. They’re just squeaky loud.

sleeping-hamster-teddyIt may take a bit of time, but you can train your hamsters! You can first learn to quiet them down and take a break… and over time, you can give them something much more powerful and useful to do.

In the meantime, we hope this helps!!

To Sweet, Hamster Free Dreams,

Cathy and Rick

P.S. UPDATE: The Sleep Now Program is available!


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