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Our Clients Say…

We’ve had the honor of working with thousands of clients in groups such as the Thriving Now Team and in individual private sessions and various seminars and workshops.
To receive testimonials like these is deeply touching. We feel blessed to have so many people in our lives who can express gratitude and appreciation so beautifully. Thank you all! And thanks also to many, many more whose private stories of transformation we will treasure forever.
If you have a story of how working with Rick or Cathy has transformed your life, and would like to share it, we’d love you to mail it to the address below.
Peace, joy, and a thriving life,
Rick Wilkes & Cathy Vartuli
Emotional Freedom Coaches

One of the things I like best about Thriving Now is the balance of strong male and female energy Rick and Cathy provide. They have created a treasure chest of resources for anyone aching for a life filled with joy and abundance. Whether I’m participating in a call, tapping along with a recorded session, or chatting on the team forum, being a member of Thriving Now is like sitting around a campfire with my tribe, toasting marshmallows, watching for meteors, and sharing stories.

I’m not certain how I was led through cyberspace to Thriving Now. A gift from the universe, for sure. I had recently lost my husband and was grieving him, as well as the life as I had known it. I craved comfort and a guide to walk with me through this scorched, unknown territory.  At Thriving Now I found my safe haven, my oasis where any topic could be aired and all questions asked. I found my place to grieve my husband and, it turns out, to grieve the parts of myself I had mislaid, discarded, or buried on the way from childhood to widowhood.

I have an image of Hansel and Gretel dropping bread along the forest path. Cathy and Rick’s skillful and tender use of Inner Tapping – tapping on one’s frozen, younger parts – is helping me find my way back to me, scene by scene, big T trauma by little t trauma. With their help, I’ve been picking up, warming and breathing new life into misplaced pieces of Paula. Seems those little rebels, who had been blocking me in areas of abundance and creative expression, had been crying out to be heard and healed.

I’m paying attention. Rick and Cathy are listening and guiding.  Team members are supporting me, too. I’m so grateful to have found my place to moan, whine and, finally, to laugh again.

Paula G.

The first time I saw Rick was in his participation in the Tapping solution movie, later in various online workshops with Carol Look. I appreciate his calm and competent presence, so I had a look at ThrivingNow to check out his page. As I live in a pretty remote place, I do not have a circle of fellow EFT-tappers here. The Circle he offers in collaboration with Cathy gives me an opportunity, I do not have otherwise. I bought one of the premium courses too. I cherish his quiet competence, the “no-hype” approach sprinkled with a fine sense of humour and ease, I appreciate that he uses what he teaches, his honesty and openness about working issues with tapping. For me, he inspires trust and I am grateful for him supporting me with my tapping. A key issue is the respect for the person, i.e., never to bombard the member with “aggressive”, hyped up marketing which I do not appreciate at all, I do not like the usual IM style where clients or contacts are treated as cash-machines. In a nutshell: Rick has gained my gratitude, respect and appreciation.
Hans D., Spain

At the end of each of our sessions I feel lighter and my soul feels nourished.
Thank you!
Marina G.

I want to let you know how much you mean to me in my life journey. You have helped me understand the importance of tuning into my body and listening to my intuition as well as knowing my body yes and body no. I also love, love, love your sense of humor and your unconditional acceptance of tears and laughter. With love and so much appreciation for all you do for our circle,


Rick has helped me again and again when I have hit impasses in my life. I can always count on him for thought-provoking wisdom. Even when I don’t want to believe his feedback, I know he believes it and stands by it in his own life! He helps me to think things through and to look at my issues by offering greater, and often surprising, perspectives than my own. I know I can trust his sensitivity and discretion utterly.


In the over 10 years I've been closely following Carol Look, I've been repeatedly impressed at how helpful and kind Rick is, for Carol and all of her students. I use his "calm and confident" as a model for myself. Thanks for doing this for Rick.  

Nancy N.

I feel so grateful for each session with Rick. His presence and very essence makes me feel seen and valued. Working together is very healing. Thank you, Rick, for being you! We are so lucky you were born & have chosen this path to support others on their journey.


Thanks, Rick, for my first ever Zoom Workshop August 2022. Oh it’s tough to drag me into 21st Century. I've been retired from the NHS for the last 18 years, (ill health) but my new life is Hypnotherapy, and EFT interventions. Thank you, Rick for refreshing my drive, and confidence in EFT. Your written history and large number of suggested wordings have helped me to let go and believe that my interventions bless the lives of those I introduce to this key psychological tool. Thanks for your personal advice for my apologist friend who I now understand as a super survivor of multiple take downs. She is now a commissioned artist of small-scale projects for Ukrainian charitable fundraising.

I say that your open heartedness made this happen.

Best Vibes, Wendy 

I discovered EFT a couple years ago, and thought it was really helpful, but what made such a HUGE difference in my life was discovering Rick.

When I first wrote to him, I was afraid I’d overshared and when I didn’t hear back for a day plus I figured my email had gone into the ether.

Later that day, I got a response, but it wasn’t really an email. Rick had made a 5 minute video for me in order to better explain what he wanted to share with me. He didn’t know me, and of course couldn’t know if he’d ever hear from me again. Yet, he spent time and energy helping someone who was a complete random internet stranger at the time.

When I watched the video, I cried. Then I watched it again, and I cried. Because this lovely human being had given me a huge gift out of the kindness of his heart, something my family of origin never did. I knew I’d found someone I wanted to engage with, and have continued to do so for two years now. I love the Circle; it’s a place of healing and safety. Thank you, Rick, you have made such a monumental difference in my life.

MW, Seattle

It’s hard for me to express how many ways you’ve positively influenced me and helped me move toward a more Thriving life... please know that I feel the benefits of knowing you and working with you and having a friendship with you everyday....I have been changed. Some of the words that come to mind when I think of you are integrity, sincerity, brilliance, honesty, funny, playful, forthright, intuitive and insightful. I am better for having met you and that’s for sure.

Love and kinship,


Dear Rick,

Just knowing that you are out there, that you exist and make the world better (I've been listening to and viewing your videos for more than a decade) makes my heart sing:-))

 Great work, so dedicated. I don't feel alone because of people like you. We don't know each other personally but we are all connected. Sooo happy, sooo grateful!

Thank you! Bless you!  
Barbara from Slovenia

I found tapping -and then you- in 2019. I came into your world and out of your world rather quickly - and you were part of a beautiful turning point in my life. We only ever met on zoom, yet you feel like a longtime friend. I felt safe working with you, and I feel safer and better knowing that you´re in the world.

When we spoke I was in pretty bad shape because of chronic pain. I´m no longer taking any medication (after 18 years of opioids!) and I´m just starting work again. It´s pretty wonderful.

My path took me on to Dr Sarno´s work (Nicole Sachs and Howard Schubiner and all the others), which is where I needed to go to heal. There I learned how important it is for me (and every human) to feel safe - thank you for making me feel safe.

Thank you for being part of my journey. I feel so much love for you in my heart - I hope you can feel it!

I love seeing the pictures of you and your beautiful family.

Thank you for being part of my heart and spirit family - I treasure it.

Big love, big hug,

Rick is one of those kind, genuine lights in our world. Thank you, Rick! -KW

A couple of years ago I had been researching EFT and become aware of Rick through a video clip in which he was a featured presenter at one of Nick Ortner’s World Tapping Summits. Very shortly thereafter, I signed up on the Thriving Now website and took a couple of coaching sessions which deepened my appreciation and admiration for him. Subsequent participation in group zoom sessions which he led or co-led, confirmed that he is a man of authenticity, heart, presence and compassion. I both marvel and envy his ability to display vulnerability and humility—captivating and inspiring! I especially like his use of humor to convey and deepen the tapping experience. To me he is a wonderful model of someone who is fully alive and aspiring to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Love and mega-blessings,
Damon O.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I wish you the very best.  I also wanted to share how meaningful my interactions have been with you.  I've had some challenging times over the past 2 years and your work with Cathy has brought me hope.  Your work is accessible, relevant, personalized, beautiful, and delivered within a community/safety circle.  Thank you so much for what you do.  I've even introduced tapping to my 9-year-old son, and he loves it.
C.P., Toronto, ON

What a difference in my life path your guidance has made. Instead of focusing all my energy into figuring a relationship that was going nowhere, I have been using your EFT resources to be curious about myself and connect with my dreams. 


I have been following Rick’s work for a very long time. I appreciate how gentle he is in the work that he does. His gentleness is such a gift.

Thank you, Rick, for all you share, 


The first thing that struck me about Rick was that he is GENUINE. This was in the early days of the tapping solution. He really stood out, because I could tell that he really did care about the people he worked with and that he really did feel a connection with them.

Then when I had some private sessions with him, I was at a real crisis time in my life, and I felt so connected and so “not alone”. I felt like he was honestly invested and involved and that he was like an old friend who was just very connected with me, and at that time, it made such a difference not to feel alone with the utter panic I was experiencing with the events in my life.

 Then being part of your  various groups, and this includes you too, I REALLY appreciate both of your “genuine-ness.” It so nice to witness your friendship, and it’s so nice and so RARE to be part of a group where the people leading it are vulnerable just like the rest of us. ha ha ha I think the only guru in the group is Adala. Anyway, even though I have not attended the groups for a while, I always love getting the emails and listening to the shares on the podcast.

 So thanks very much to you and to Rick.
The other think I love about Rick is his… I don’t know the exact word, but like vibe or energy or soul, like that part of him that does not stop where his body stops but that is super connected to his body. I can really sense it, and to me it feels like a gentle fireworks. Like there is calm and then “FLASH!!!” like a dance but … well it’s hard to explain with words. But that is my sense of him and how his energetic imprint (for lack of a better term) works. It feels to me like calm and bursts, and I feel joy inside the bursts.
Very very best,

There have been several benefits to participating in the circle membership program.

I cannot say just which has been the most important. The energy of a group is a great thing, even though we are spread all over. I like being in a group and feeling safe within that group.

Another thing I like is hearing the way Rick and Cathy work with people. It gives me inspiration and new ways of ways to work with myself alone.

I find it valuable to hear other peoples’ stories and emotions for it often puts me in touch with things in myself I haven’t acknowledged before.

It is good to know that I am not alone in what I experience in my life. It helps take away the shame. Whether I tap with Rick and/or Cathy or tap along, I find it helps me release old beliefs.

Since I live alone, I find it gives me, even for a few minutes, a wonderful safe connection with other people who are also learning to love and trust themselves.

Since I do other tapping with myself and others I cannot say just what is helping me for it all seems to work together. I am one of those who has not experienced a dramatic one minute wonder. I find that I just gradually feel more at peace inside. I notice I am more aware of other people. I find I don’t get my “buttons” pushed nearly as I used to, which is wonderful.

I am so grateful for this tool of EFT. I find it self empowering and a great way to calm myself and be kind to myself.

With gratitude,


If you really want to see results in your life then, without a doubt, Rick Wilkes is the person to turn to.

Jessica Ortner, Producer, The Tapping Solution

I found and joined Thriving Now after searching for EFT and Arthritis. Cathy emailed me personally and showed genuine interest in my issues.

I thought these were mostly physical: I have a chronic illness which had taken over my life. It never occurred to me that my journey to recovery would be through dealing with emotional issues and body guidance.

I have heard so much about 1 minute wonders and thought that could never happen to me, and now I realize that is neither what I want or need. I am on a journey of physical and emotional healing and on the way I am learning how to listen to and understand my body’s language.

It took me a while to be able to find the confidence to participate in a team call, but I was able to get support through the Forum and I felt the warmth and concern offered to all team members. I was also able to ‘Borrow Benefits’ by tapping along with the recorded calls. The team calls have been invaluable to me – I have been lucky enough to work with Rick and Cathy both separately and together and their energy and insights are truly amazing. I come to a call with an issue and they both have the very rare gift of understanding what the issue is and dealing with them in a such a gentle and sensitive way, and I come away from every call feeling a huge lift and a greater knowledge of myself. I am taking what they call ‘baby steps’ and this feels comfortable to me.  I have never had this with working with any other practitioner before either over the phone or in person. It really does feel like they know me better than I know myself!

What Rick and Cathy have offered here is so unique…..With a variety of team calls each month on special topics as well as open calls all at different times so those of us who do not reside in the U.S. can be a part of the calls, too. Of course any call I miss I know I can listen to as they are available to team members. Thank you Rick, Cathy and the Thriving Now circle. I’m so very grateful that the Universe found you for me.


Here is what I am forever grateful for: Rick helped me hear my heart as the loudest voice and the truest guidance in relation to my daughter. He was one of only two voices in my life holding the sacred space of love and wholeness against an onslaught of voices coming from fear. Because of this, I got my daughter back and she got her mom and her life and the possibility to thrive.

Love, Kathy W.

From my initial interactions with both Rick and Cathy, there was a soft, gentle invitation to get more involved in Thriving Now… for instance, to join the coaching calls. I never felt pressured… never experienced that ‘predatory’ feel some other marketers use to sell their products. That left a nice taste in my mouth, making me hungry for more. And I’m SO grateful that I eventually did join the Thriving Now Team and start participating on the coaching calls. I’m truly honored to be a member and know for certain that I am in very good hands; these guys are truly ‘experts’ in tapping.

During the coaching calls there’s so much mutuality and reciprocity between Rick and Cathy, one really cannot tell who’s “running the show.” Ya wanna know why? Cuz neither of them is! It’s a ‘we’ thing all the way. They both seem to really honor and respect each other’s expertise, and will readily (and with humility? Seems that way!) step aside if it seems the other has something more helpful to offer in any given moment. I guess you could say they work in concert w/each other… playing off each others’ (and our!) energies. It’s really effective.

Having them both there on the call provides a unique level of safety and security that I don’t experience while working with just one person… a real sense of being held with genuine tenderness and care, by not just one, but two loving souls who seem to have no other intention than to support our healing process. They go above and beyond to ensure our emotional safety.

And they are quite skilled at getting to the ‘real’ issue behind the surface stuff. I sit there and wonder, “Whoa! Where will they go with this one?!” only to witness them process someone thru an issue, which readily gets at the ‘core’. Only practitioners w/lots of clarity and experience can do this!

I was first drawn to Rick when I heard him interviewed by Jessica Ortner on “The World Tapping Summit.” I immediately recognized that his spiritual beliefs/practices resonated absolutely with mine. I guess that’s not unusual for us at the edge of evolution, but still, it really excites me! What’s so cool is that both he and Cathy will share spiritual tid-bits during the calls, from ancient wisdom, Abraham-Hicks, other spiritual folk, or nuggets they’ve picked up along their spiritual journeys. I just love it! It reinforces everything I know to be True and need to hear again as a reminder… or with a different spin that makes it really juicy!

And these guys don’t just talk spirituality, they live the principles. It’s easy to recognize cuz during the coaching calls, they readily and with passion will share stories about their personal journeys in an effort to identify with what we’re working on now. For me anyway, it makes my work come alive. And they tell of practices they’ve used to get where they are. Again, concrete steps that we, too, can apply to our daily lives. (Ex: meditation techniques, tapping protocols, what helped when first starting out working with others, positive reframes, etc. All w/spiritual underpinnings).

And I mustn’t forget the humor! There’s always a good laugh or to, which reminds me to ‘not take myself so seriously’!

Last but not least:  Business-related correspondence through email is done thoroughly and thoughtfully… handled with great care. Gives me an experience of being fully seen, heard, and considered.


Rick Wilkes and the Thriving Now site are wonderful – literally – full of wonder.  I count it a lucky day for me when I stumbled on it.  I’ve come a long way since joining this team.  And frankly, I don’t know what else could have done that for me. The roof had come down on my head in a very big way.

Rick’s coaching is wise, compassionate, fun, well-rounded.  He’s amazingly able to tune in on what is needed.  It’s some kind of gift.  And whether we bring Rick really shattering stuff or daily inconveniences to help us with, he’s is invariably patient and kind. I feel better every time I listen.

The other part of the Thriving Now Circle is the community.  Birds of a feather, they say.  The people in this group are warm and supportive. The members help each other search and grow.  And it’s all done with that touch of humanity and caring that makes things possible.  In fact, that might be the point:  this site is making me possible.  Thank you, Rick and team.

Cheryl A.

Working with Rick Wilkes both privately and on circle calls has helped me greatly to release the past, move more confidently into the future and mostly to be more joyfully present in the now. Rick’s open-hearted broader perspective, amazing intuition, and great sense of humor always help me to get right to the core and effectively reframe what ever issue  I have. Listening to him work with others has helped me to get in touch with stuff I didn’t even know was there and inspired me in my own work with others. It is a blessing and honor to work with such a master.

Deja K.

(In reference to Rick’s Presentation on the Tapping World Summit)

Excellent! I am listening this morning before work because I couldn’t make it last night. I was going to skip Rick Wilkes for another time since I purchased the hard copy upgrade but…I’m so glad I heard it this morning. Even though I’m not experiencing pain myself I felt like Rick’s insights into the body and listening to it were so profound. I am going to have a most excellent and uplifting day because of the way I feel right now. I will have much more appreciation and awareness for my own body. I enjoyed Carol’s interview too. Rick’s just seemed to resonate for me today. My vibration must be very high right now. Thanks. I’m looking forwardto the rest of the summit with great anticipation.


Oh Cathy, let me say first that you are a Goddess. (Well, of course we all are, but you stand out as a goddess among goddesses.) I downloaded a buttload (technical term–and particularly appropriate here) of the Body Image calls to my iPod and have been listening to them and tapping along when I can, virtually tapping at other times. There is so much intuition, wisdom, and love there. I feel like I’ve processed about 10 years worth of therapy. Sometimes a specific scene or issue of my own will come up, and I’ll stop the iPod to tap on that and have had some great break-throughs.

Before I found ThrivingNow, I did a lot of surfing on different EFT sites and practitioners looking for a place that I thought would provide good support. What you and Rick are offering is so accessible, usable, and affordable. Oh yeah, and most importantly–effective. I am just blown away that for under $50/month I have access to so many resources and just how excellent those resources are. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful work.


Rick Wilkes:  The Head, Heart and Gut Guy

Head:   brilliant mind.  cuts to the chase.  see’s into the heart of the matter.  masterfully plays with information.  knows where to go. creative solutions.

Heart:  ahhh, so loving.  filled with warmth and compassion.  lover of life.  passionate. deeply connected to the higher fields, the bigger picture and pulls from here.

Gut:   body-based intuition.  feels right.  resonates with perfect tone in me.  leads the way to trusting body signals as guidance.  far-reaching truths come in.  long lost feelings felt.  hidden thoughts revealed.  somatasensory information unwinds.

100% committed. He will match you mile for mile.
Has the capacity to be with a WIDE range of peoples and experiences.  I value this most.  From the depths of my despair to my nascent reachings for the light, Rick has met me there with presence, perspective, heart, holding, insight and humor!!  Bravo!

Lynn A.

With her gifts of compassion and insight, Cathy creates a safe place where feelings, memories and traumas can surface. Just the way she asks questions is an art form in itself —heartfelt questions, gentle in spirit, yet profound in their power to get to the core of issues. Cathy offers unconditional friendship and support and respects a client’s truth.  Her care and concern remind me of one the most touching examples of female friendship in the Bible: Naomi asking her daughter-in-law Ruth, “How do things stand with you, my daughter?” Cathy asks then listens with a patient, open heart.  During an inner-tapping session with Cathy, I feel energy shift. I reconnect with parts of my younger self, release trauma and learn to be my own best parent, mentor and friend.


I have been with “Thriving Now” for over 1 year and receiving Cathy’s and Rick’s support is immeasurable! It is not just the help I get via team calls, one-on-one coaching when I feel I need it, and quick and effective responses to my posts on the forum; just knowing that there is a team available at all times (no matter if it is weekend, holiday, etc), I can turn to when I am in need has immense value. I live a pretty busy life and often can’t connect with others about my ‘inner’ life, but knowing when I come home I can sit down, post queries online and/or receive answers to my questions quickly by Cathy and Rick and others, has become an important part of my life. I also feel I have made friends with some of the other members and at times we can reassure each other that we are not alone.

As I am in Australia, some of the team call schedules don’t suit me, yet I am able to listen to relevant calls at any time. It is so easy to look through the calls library and find something that suits my situation. I have been thriving immensely at a pace I know I would not have been able to do without Cathy and Rick. I feel completely accepted no matter what has been going on in my life during the past year.  In fact, it feels as if I have 2 coaches just waiting to respond to my issues that come up, I could never afford that! However, with Thriving Now I can.

I am so grateful for being part of this approach of team coaching program and can’t praise it enough.

Eva W

Wow! I’ve read quite a bit about EFT and have done work with it on different issues. But I’d never heard of the “inner tapping”. It makes so much sense, though. Last night I watched the video, then watched it again and worked through it on the “elementary gym class” trauma. Oh. My. Gawd. It turned up issue after issue (most going back to my parents who were really cruel people who made Mr. Phillips the gym teacher look like a nice guy). None were issues I wasn’t aware of, but even though I was fully aware of them as shaping experiences & knew they were traumatic, I think they were frozen because I have always been able think about them very matter-of-factly. “Yes, that totally sucked. That was awful. That was wounding and screwed me up.” But it was still considering them from an intellectual perspective.

When I did the inner tapping with them, I was sobbing, feeling tightness and almost physical pain in my chest, and connecting with enormous emotions. Oh, also lots of yawning, which I know is a sign of energy shifts. It was exhausting (fortunately it was right before I was ready to go to bed), but also lightening.

Your group coaching offer looks like the deal of the century. Where do I start?”

— Liz

I found Rick through an Internet search over a year ago….I was looking for a person that I could work with in coaching that had a strong balance of both intellect and spirituality to assist me to move forward, both personally and professionally. He is what I consider a one-of-a-kind “coach” that a person could work with in either business or personal issues.

I interviewed many people, and found Rick Wilkes to be such a wonderful fit, as most of his clients do, with his good-hearted humor, endless encouragement, openness, and his warm non-judgmental manner…all the elements that make a top-notch coach, in my opinion.

I found Rick to be comfortable and add deep insight into all of life’s subject matter from a heart-felt space, to even the most complex or overwhelming issues; he has a unique gift of being able to transform and re-frame complexity into a more simpler “digestible” form that then becomes workable, so a person can easily move forward through obstacles to achieve their goals and dreams.

I feel very privileged to have worked with Rick, and continue to learn from his vast insight and feel he is a true friend, coach and mentor to all he comes in contact with.

Lorree F. Medical Professional, Los Angeles, CA

Rick Wilkes has helped me transform my life. With integrity, deep intuition, a fearless heart and lots of laughter, he supported and guided me as I faced my darkest memories. He reframed the trauma to a wisdom and compassion I didn’t dream possible. He knows when to be gentle and when to dig deeper, and is incredibly generous.

He has a quiet, unshakable strength. No topic is taboo, no question too personal. He is incredibly gifted at cutting through the noise and targeting the core issues.  He uniquely combines intelligence, curiosity and wisdom with a practical spirituality. My life has become more wonderful than I ever dreamed. He has my deepest gratitude and admiration. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be free to celebrate a thriving life.

Cathy Vartuli, Ph.D.

Rick is one of the most gifted, brilliant EFT Practitioners I know.  I have been a member of Thriving Now since March of 2006.  I first heard Rick on Carol Look’s radio show.  At the time I was very sick and had been for six months.  I was physically very strong.  I was training for my third marathon and was in great shape, but emotionally I was going down a deep slope and totally powerless to stop it.  I went to several doctors over the course of six months.  They were the hammers and I was hoping they would find a nail (me) and diagnose what was wrong.  Three cat scans, endoscopy, x rays, draw blood many times. They could find nothing physically wrong.

It all changed on a February 2006 morning, hearing Rick on the radio discussing EFT.  He seemed to be talking directly to me.  When the student is ready the teacher will appear.  I immediately sent him an email and he responded in kind.  I joined the Thriving Now community and began working with Rick on several emotional issues.  Most from childhood that I was consciously unaware of.  The road to recovery began.  His skill level of finding core issues and bringing them out to be cleared is amazing.  He taught me EFT and to take it to levels that just amaze me still.  Today, I am emotionally strong.  I continue to learn and grow in the Thriving Now community.

Simply put, Rick is the best!

Andrew B.

Don’t Just Live – Thrive! This was one of the quotes I had put up after spending a week in the hospital two years ago for severe depression. I just KNEW something better had to be out there…available…to me…it was just a matter of finding the tool that would get me there.  It was exciting when I realized that “Thriving Now” was that tool, and exactly fit the quote I had put up earlier in my life…Law of Attraction at work!
I suffered with severe anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and low self confidence for most of my life…I also experienced fybromyalgia pain and chronic fatigue every day for probably my entire adult life…It was such a common state of being for me, that I actually learned to just accept that “pain was my life.” It really started to define who I was as a person and what I could accomplish in my life. I had tried all the conventional medical treatments, even quite a few non-conventional techniques. But nothing really seemed to bring continued relief to my body.

Six months after that long week in the hospital, I happened to come across the Thriving Now website. I remember spending a lot of time just clicking the different links to tap along, and read all about this very odd technique. After finding Thriving Now, I started to experience relief with the very first tapping session. Not that the pain went away suddenly, but I began to notice a sense of inner relief and calm in my life at that particular moment…a sense of “It’s OK”…and “I’m OK.”  That was definitely a
new experience for me. At first, it was very odd. My brain and my body resisted this new sense of being. Lots of inner chatter would come up…This won’t last…Who am I without the pain and suffering…What would my life be like without the pain…That couldn’t really happen for me.  The issues really challenged my limiting beliefs and my firmly entrenched life rules.

For me, Thriving Now means…inner emotional calm and freedom, regained physical strength, a renewed sense of inner peace and confidence, an increased sense of Spirituality and connectedness. Rick is wonderful! He is incredibly…authentic, accepting, compassionate, honest, highly intuitive, generous, and refreshing. He brings humor to areas that were previously stuffy and painful…which seems to bring a sense of relief and calm.  What a blessing to have come across Thriving Now and Rick Wilkes!

Karen L., New Mexico

My response to the recording of Rick Wilkes was very dramatic. I was surprised even old emotions came up. I have had a horrible time with my back and my knees after being fired from my job for being ill. They used an excuse that I talked too loudly. I internalized all of it. Rick found the key. I have lupus and have been living on disability and cannot purchase the recordings or workbook but this is the first time all of the source of my pain opened up. I appreciate that at least I had the opportunity of hearing Rick Wilkes. Rick addressed issues none of the therapists I have seen have been able to reach. Thank you again.

Sincerely, Rose

I was introduced to EFT a couple years ago, thought it was interesting but never did use it a great deal.  Somewhere down the line I found Rick’s Thriving Now site and decided to join the calls.  Wow!  What a difference working with a professional coach has made.  Rick’s life experience and professional background make him uniquely fit as a coach.  He is compassionate, understanding and incredibly insightful.  My life is richer, more vibrant and I have seen greater growth this past few months, leaps and bounds, than in several years.  I get it now!   I have returned to a natural state of joy and excitement in Life. What a blessing; EFT and Rick Wilkes together.

Thank you,
Sequoia W., L.M.T.

Thriving Now and the support of Cathy and Rick has helped me see things in a more balanced fashion and helps me to understand more fully what I am observing in myself. The coaching program has helped me in identifying the fears behind my emotions which has been a big help. I love that we have the forum to be able to write down our thoughts and feelings and get suggestions and feedback on certain issues.

For me, trauma and having certain memories come up over and over again has been a big issue with me. A lot of that has caused my body physical distress. Through the tapping and coaching calls it has helped me to lessen the intensity, release the trauma, and look at things from a different perspective. I have received much relief doing EFT with the support and help from Rick and Cathy on the coaching calls. You both are so genuine and compassionate. I hold you both in my highest regards in my thoughts always!  My gratitude is beyond measure. Thank you.

Jennifer R.

I have participated in EFT chats with several practitioners, including Masters. I’ve discovered that Rick’s combination of humor, compassion, and intuition is unsurpassed. His recent series on the Law of Attraction was, quite simply, one of the best seminars I’ve attended—and I am a seminar junkie.

In addition, his site provides the most—and in many cases—the best information and insights available on EFT.

Connie B.

Timidity has always been my biggest problem, but I never truly considered tapping on it because I thought it was imbedded in my personality, or character, or….. so, I learned to deal with it as much as I could.  But since I got the option to work on it with Rick and Cathy, I initially struggled stepping forward for such a subject, because after all, I was already timid, so how can I even do that.  Thankfully, Rick mentioned baby steps to start with, and that made it easier for me to take that first step.  Since then, wonderful things happened!

1- Indirect benefit: To my surprise, right after the first call on 09/01/08, I noticed that my chest cough instantly disappeared – I had been coughing for 4 months.   Who knew that timidity was the cause of it.  I am glad it is gone!

2- Direct progress: A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to attend a large business association meeting, and before I could articulate my usual “no thank you,” I agreed to go.  In the meantime, I got the opportunity to work on timidity again with Rick and Cathy [09/06/08], a very timely session, considering I was thinking of a way to call and cancel.   During my drive there, a little over an hour away, I prayed, and then I tapped [collarbone only for safety reasons], when I realized this is an opportunity for me to measure my progress.  Interestingly, I walked in through the crowd, and felt unusually courageous.  I normally stand in one spot and hope that the person who invited me would find me and take care of me.  But this time, I looked for her, walked to her and chatted with her….easily… no sweating, no paralysis, no blushing, my arms and elbows were not stuck to my sides.  I felt GREAT and so LIGHT….. until we were told to introduce ourselves, formally, to the rest of the group.  I took a deep breath and panicked a bit, but when my turn came, I spoke well and clearly.  I felt softer inside and flexible enough to actually interact with a group of people I never saw before.  The best part for me is that I ate, that is I chewed, comfortably during the dinner, an event that I normally avoid at all costs unless I have known someone for quite sometime.

I can truthfully confess that I am still timid at some level, and have ways to go, but I have also come a long way so far.  A key factor in this is that I felt genuinely heard during the call sessions, which in turn calmed me down and encouraged me to take another step forward towards emotional freedom from timidity.

Thank you for your help,
Hoda T.

Cathy, I am sleeping so much better these days.  I don’t even remember the last time I took a sleeping pill…pretty awesome.  You and the Thriving Now Team are in my gratitude journal every day!


Just finished listening to Rick… I’m still leaning over my desk, and I still feel no back pain [as I said in my last email the pain is usually 3 out of 10], so I got up and walked across the room, still taking care with my movements [that’s been in-built for years], but I felt no trauma getting up or sitting down! Folks, I can tell you – this works! Thank you so much!

Yours gratefully, Chris W.

P.S. I thought I would never feel like this again!

Rick Wilkes… talk about a package – experienced therapist, intuitive guide, caring friend and insightful conversationalist – all in one!

Knowing you Rick, has indeed brought my vision of myself, the world and people into a whole new perspective. What you have contributed to my well-being, and support that you have provided is something that lasts forever.

Knowing and working with you in not an ordinary thing. It has a special flavor to it. You present the work in a playful way. Delicious – sweet, better than good, better than damned good… its Delicious! I cannot think of you and associate it with something that is not unique, fresh, lively, youthful and thriving. You always find a way to stir in some courage, some determination, something to enhance it………make it whole……………………………..a whole lot more meaningful in a larger sense.

I will always be grateful to you!

Dear Rick,

I found you and Thriving Now when I was searching for an EFT coach to help me with what I used to call “my lifelong allergies.”  I had year round allergies to everything and asthma.  I had tested positive to animals, pollen, dust, dust mites, mold- you name it.  I was on a bronchial inhaler (about 5 years on and off), an inhaled corticosteroid (about 3 years) and a nasal allergy medication (about 10 years) which I took every day.

It is with the foundational EFT work we did privately, and as a team member, that I was able to realize the connection between the allergy symptoms and my stuck emotions. Together with you as a gentle witness I released some lifelong sorrows and some old patterns.

I have continued to work on these energies after I left you using your website, and free recordings (especially th
e restricted breathing audio- thank you for that) and I am happy to say that I can breathe through my nose (amazing), and I have clear and open lungs.   I find that the incidences of runny nose and the dis-ease in my lungs are diminishing.  I no longer use the medications. What is more I am energized and vibrant!

When we were working together I became pregnant with my third baby. I have to say that this was probably the darkest time of my entire life.  At my ugliest (or so I thought) you always held me in a place of positive regard and love.  By following your suggestion I was able to experience true grace, unconditional forgiveness and love.

Rick you are like an artist who paints with presence, compassion and humor.  YOU INSPIRE ME!

Thank you!

Barbara R.

If you’re reading this testimonial you are very fortunate because you’ve found the website for Rick Wilkes. You’ll find the site an amazing resource but to really benefit I suggest you take the team membership. You can listen in and take part in coaching calls. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – something has lead you to this point, find out for yourself why all these testimonials are so glowing in their praise.

Robert B. UK

I find that Rick has an almost magical way to get to the heart of a matter.  On a group call I often ask about one subject, but Rick asks the questions that guide me to what’s really bothering me.  I leave the call feeling energized and often full of hope and light.  I know that when I post on our team forum I will get helpful answers and suggestions not just from Rick but also from a group of members that really cares about each other and our journey.  It’s a unique environment lead by a remarkable mentor.


I don’t know where to begin to thank you for all the valuable information you offer through

As a member of the Thriving Now Circle, I’m able to join in on all the coaching calls each month.  And, what’s great is, if I can’t make the live call, I can listen to the recording at my convenience.  I’m always amazed on the live calls when you or Cathy are speaking to someone with regards to their own situation.  Both of you have an amazing ability to zone in on the core issue.  I love hearing the team members react to that “aha” moment.  Rick, through the team calls and the correspondence I’ve shared with you and your support team, and the activity on the forums,  the energy on this site is incredible.  I also can’t end before I thank you for your quick responses whenever I’ve had any questions or concerns.   I’m grateful for all the time and effort you’ve given to all of us ThrivingNow team members!


When I was first starting to look for work, I tapped on my fear of not being able to get a job, my fear of not being able to fit in, not being able to manage it physically (I had fibro), and no kidding, I sent out six resumes, got two interviews, and was offered a job. The entire process from start of looking till job offer was very short. I think that Rick’s work with me clearing obstacles got me in alignment to get a job….

Rick has been so incredibly generous with his time and that in and of itself has been a great teaching for me. The other thing I like about the way he works is that he just jumps in, tunes in, is willing to try new things and is seeming to continually innovate and improve on his EFT. I really like that.

As an EFT practitioner myself, I listen carefully to the words and phrases he uses because the way he puts things inspires me  and motivates me to try phrasing things differently with my own clients.

He has helped me with his ongoing classes to get through some pretty tough times, including having a nearly full blown panic attack at almost losing my job where I was feeling physically and emotionally paralyzed about going into destitution, he helped me realize that I am in a different place than I was ten years ago when I was really physically and emotionally suffering.

Kathilyn S.

When I first discovered EFT, I saw the value in it however, the way it was presented just didn’t pull me in. Then, a few years ago I ‘Googled’ EFT and the Law of Attraction and Rick’s Thriving Now web site came up.

After a few minutes of reading articles, I realized that this was a great blending of EFT and LOA and I wanted to know more. I didn’t sign up as a Team Member right away, first I listened to some of the free MP3’s.

After hearing the wonderfully artful and intuitive EFT approach Rick uses with members on the team calls, I was convinced and signed up for the Thriving now Team. By this time, I had even started thinking about changing my full time hypnotherapy practice into an EFT practice.

In the first few months, I’d gotten so much from the calls, that in the fall of 2007 I was able to transition into having a full time EFT practice. I also decided to do 100% of my Emotional Freedom coaching sessions over the telephone and I gave up my client office. Now I work with people all over the English speaking world. I really don’t think I could have done this without Rick and the Thriving Now Team!

After being involved for a little over a year, I have listened to (and borrowed HUGE benefits from) every team call and teleclass workshop in the members only archive. I am constantly blown away by the material. It’s like Christmas every time I log on and find new calls to download to my MP3 player. Dish washing has become so much more pleasurable. Although, I have to take a moment to wipe my hands before tapping along!

I am very grateful to Rick and the Team. Thanks to all for helping me change my career path and my life.

I sure am ‘Thriving Now’, well beyond my imagination… this time, one short year ago!

Karen N. C.Ht., P.Nlp
EFT Practitioner – Level III

On one of the recent morning calls, Rick worked with me on an issue about selling a house to people that had been living there for free (by my agreement with them) and how now that the time was almost up, they would have to start paying, or I would have to make a choice to kick them out or not. I knew I was blocking the flow as I BELIEVED they did not have the money to be able to pay. My thoughts were “No way, ain’t happin’.”  Rick brought possibility into the situation through 20 minutes of tapping with me.

A half an hour after the coaching call, I got a phone call from the man who lives in the house.  He said, “I want to come out and finish picking up the debris in your yard for you.  And while I am there, I want to talk to you about the house.  Did you ever do that amortization table for buying the house and get the payment total?” I answered yes, and went over it with him. He then said, “could you print a copy of that for me?  I want to start the payments by December.  And in the meantime I am going to start giving you enough money to go on the 2008 taxes and insurance for the next 3 months.” (that was not his responsibility as per our agreement) Then he said, “I am going to have the house payment taken out of my retirement check automatically and have it put electronically in your bank account. That way you will be sure to be paid first.”

I just sat there on the phone with my mouth hanging open, saying “ok…ok” My issue had gone from 0 possibility in my mind, to possibility, to being handled — “out of the blue” — in just a few hours!!!!!!

With much gratitude,

Rick Wilkes is one of the most outstanding EFT practitioners I’ve ever had the chance to work with and see in action.  He is caring, warm and extremely knowledgeable on what needs to happen in order to get results.  I would recommend Rick to anyone!

Nick Ortner – The Tapping Solution

When working with an EFT practitioner, it is extremely important to find the best possible match between practitioner and client.  How blessed I was to meet just such a person in working with Rick Wilkes.

Before coming to Clear Point Center for the filming of Try It On Everything, I looked at the websites of the various leaders of the event.  When I saw the picture of Rick with the dolphin, I immediately knew he and I would be very compatible.  I told my family my hope was that I would be able to be one of his clients.  Imagine my joy when I learned I would be the first participant up in front of the group, working with the talents of the amazing Rick Wilkes.

Rick’s extraordinary psychic abilities immediately tapped into my core issues, and hearing him echo back my own words brought clarity and peace to a story that had been relived in my mind hundreds of times. He sensed my sorrow, and traced it back to a powerfully emotional time of my life. He always knew how far to go to bring me into the feeling place of healing–never forcing or coercing, but always allowing me to lead the way. When he spoke in his gentle, loving tone, everything shifted.  Within seconds, I felt a deep peace come over me, just by looking into the calm and compassionate eyes of this remarkable healer.  There is something much deeper in Rick…as if he carries an ancient wisdom that exudes wholeness through the gentleness of his words.  I believe I could have worked with hundreds of other practitioners who would not have made the connection as quickly and precisely as did Rick.  To this day, I stand in awe at how a 15-year-old battle with fibromyalgia collapsed in a matter of minutes, under the careful and watchful eye of Rick.  He turned my sad knees into happy knees, and one year later, I still have no pain. Yes, indeed, I am thriving!

There are many types of healers and many ways to heal, but this man has a gift uniquely bestowed.  Without saying a word, he could draw down the intensity of a heart-wrenching memory.  All it took was his smile across the room or the touch of his hand on my shoulder.  Just like that…I would find myself feeling better.  Being a metaphysical healer myself, I recognized this as energy transferred from one to another, simply by the recognition of our shared environment.  What he felt within himself was powerfully transforming what was within myself.

While in Connecticut, there was another moment we shared in a private session where I was so overtaken with sorrow I could barely speak.  Rick’s composure and professional knowledge allowed me to unlock the pain I had hidden inside for so long.  When he spoke the words, “I was doing the best I could,” my self-punishing guilt gave way to forgiveness and healing.  I could love myself again.  I finally felt worthy of being loved.  All those years of not feeling good enough were gone…just like that.  How do you thank someone for something that remarkable?

Anyone who has the honor and privilege of working with Rick will find themselves forever changed. You cannot be in his energy field without feeling different…better.  His healing abilities are powerful, and just being in his presence is soothing and comforting.  His joy is infectious and his love is real.  His brilliant wisdom seems to come from places unknown, but how grateful I am for having the experience of sharing company with him.  I often wonder if there will ever, ever be any way I can repay him.  It seems the best I can do is to go on to share my experiences with the rest of the world, through written and spoken testimonials to the wonders of EFT and the loving man who changed my life with it.

It is with humility and profound gratitude that I offer my personal testament as one of Rick Wilkes’ clients.  If you have the opportunity to share time and space with him, you will immediately understand my admiration.  Truly, you will not find a more gifted and generous practitioner anywhere.

When I came home from the filming of the movie, I was so moved by how EFT worked, I became an EFT practitioner myself.  Today, I model my methods after what I learned from those four special days I spent under his care, and now, my own clients benefit from the master teacher who shared his healing techniques with me.  In my eBook, Tapping Into Clarity, I write of just how much Rick’s skills transformed my entire life, and I grasp for the proper words to express the enormous gratitude I carry with me, all the time.  No matter how many ways I try to say “thank you,” it never seems enough.

Rick Wilkes will forever remain one of the most respected and trusted heroes of my life.  Please feel free to contact me through my website to ask further questions or to hear more about how deeply this experience changed my life. I often write about Rick on my blog and in my ezine, and I would be honored to share more of my story with anyone who asks.

Meanwhile…Rick, I dedicate every healed client under my care to the freedom you released in me!


Jodi McDonald (of the The Tapping Solution - Try It On Everything movie)

Rick is someone who I have never met… yet who knows things about my life that those closest to me are probably not even aware of…This is because he has the ability to make me feel as if there is nothing I cannnot share and tap with him as there is no fear of being judged by him. As he so often says there is no right or wrong answer; what is important is how we feel. We have tapped on being trapped in a burning building, on difficult mother issues, to what foods are vibrating with my body, not wanting to exercise to even, would you believe, enjoying sex! Talk about blushing for that one! Anyway thank you, Rick and members of the Thriving Now team for creating that special safe place where I can be my true self and feel so loved, accepted and supported thru it all…


I met Rick back in October 2007. We were filming the weekend retreat for the EFT documentary Try It On Everything and Rick was one of the experts working with the 10 participants. I was just there to help out with the filming, but on the last day when Jackie and Jodi were up on stage working with Carol Look, I was triggered in a big way. I pretty much lost the plot and a whole load of fragmented traumatic memories that I’d previously completely supressed came popping up. I couldn’t breathe or stop sobbing. I didn’t know what to do and that’s when Rick stepped in. He took me off to a quiet area and worked with me for about 3 hours straight to put the pieces back together. He used a combination of EFT, body work and intuitive coaching or guidance. My physical reactions were very intense to begin with – including shakes, body chills, sweats and lots of tears. In just that one session alone, Rick helped me to find my equilibrium again so that I was able to even face the issues that had been triggered for me. By the end of the session, I had stopped shaking and crying and my body temperature had returned to normal. I felt very safe with Rick which was essential for me when recognising an abuse trauma like that for the first time. I am eternally grateful to Rick for helping me at that time and for reassuring me that I had the strength to move beyond this.

Thank you.

Karen F., Bethel CT.

Rick has enabled a wonderful change in my life.  When I compare last year to this year, there’s no comparison — I’m a different, better, more fun-loving person.

I signed up with Thriving Now because I had problems with abundance; but with Rick’s skillful guidance I saw that I had limited so many aspects of my life.  There were so many ways that I held myself back and so many fears that I did not even know I had, and thus, of course, could not address.  When Rick brought these to my attention, he did so in a gentle, kind and funny way.  So many of his tapping sessions end with hearty laughter.

Rick’s intuition is amazing and Cathy’s is awesome too.

My finances now are not perfect, but I’m not standing in my own way where abundance is concerned.  Rick has shown me a place of acceptance — so much more productive than beating myself up about past mistakes.  With Rick’s guidance, I’m no longer fearful about taking steps to improve my circumstances and I’m not unrealistic — expecting everything overnight.  Such a great perspective to finally have.

My relationship with my 9-year old is fantastic!  Just one set of tapping with Rick about this on one of the calls turned our relationship around.  I now have a child who bounds out of bed in the am, happy and laughing.  He doesn’t “fight” me about things that have to be done and he’s constantly making my day bright.  Thank you Rick for giving me my relationship with my child.

My life is good, so much happier than a year ago.  My focus is all the good stuff that I have and if I do get a little down, “that’s OK”.  I have tools to get me to just a little better and usually that’s all it takes to change my direction.

I highly recommend the coaching calls.  Yes, borrowing benefits works BIG TIME.  Even more amazing are the calls where every participant asks a question that I need clarity on at that particular time.

I also appreciate Rick’s ability to “take baby steps”.  It’s so comforting.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Rick for your openness, intuition, skill and loving kindness.

Cathy, your work too has been a fantastic bonus.  Getting the two of you on calls is really amazing.  The two different perspectives you both give is great.  Thank you very much.


I had the incredible pleasure of working with Rick during a four-day EFT intensive (for the documentary “The Tapping Solution”).  What can I say?  Rick’s expertise, sensitivity, intuition, confidence, smarts and humor put his healing therapies in a class of their own.  It’s been over a year since that weekend with Rick and I still remain free of the intense back pain, heaviness and discomfort that plagued me before.  I don’t know how Rick does it, but it works and I’m forever grateful and well because of it.

Patricia C.

  • “I am already so much lighter, clearer, and less burdened
    since joining Thriving Now. Emotionally Spiritually and Physically. Less mental
    and physical clutter, a lot less emotional baggage and a lot less items in the
    overnight suitcase I use as a brief case, I drag back and forth to work each
    day, no after midnight middle of the night eating, a lot less eating binges,
    and I have discarded 14 pounds of extra body fat as well. So Thank You” -Lotusrose

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