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Tapping: Variations You’ll See

Our short form of Tapping drops the complicated 9-gamut procedure that is part of Gary Craig’s long form of EFT.

Gary himself rarely used that procedure in his later work, and most experts have found tapping works as well or better without it.

Also, some practitioners start or end at different points, or may include or exclude the top of the head points.

Tapping: Variations You'll See 1Some include points on the fingers. (Near the bottom of the nail bed, on the thumb side of the finger).

Others include other meridian acupoints (there are over 400).

Some rub the sore spots (shown on the tapping diagram) rather than tapping the karate chop.

As far as we can tell, these variations are stylistic rather than substantive. If it’s working for YOU, you’re doing it right.

Some people like tapping on the finger points, the Karate Chop point, and the Gamut point (between the pinkie and the ring finger, down about 1-2″ in the back of the hand). This can be done in meetings, movies, or while talking to friends… without drawing too much attention.

See what works for you! It’s okay to be curious and notice what works best within your energy system.

9 Gamut Procedure

To perform the 9 Gamut procedure, first locate the gamut point on the back of your hand.

It is 1/2 inch (1 cm)  behind the midpoint between the knuckle of the ring and little finger.

While continuously tapping this point, perform the following 9 different actions:

1. Close your eyes for a second or two.
2. Open your eyes.
3. Eyes down hard right, while holding your head steady.
4. Eyes down hard left, while holding your head steady.
5. Roll your eyes in a clockwise circle.
6. Roll your eyes in an anti-clockwise circle.
7. Hum 2 seconds of a song, ie. happy birthday.
8. Count rapidly from one to five.
9. Hum 2 seconds of the song again.

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