January 18, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

Tapping for Mental Muggings And Upgrading Your Thoughts…

Ever feel like your thoughts were a car skidding out of control… And you were trapped inside?

Thoughts can be SO powerful. And believable.

It’s easy to get caught up in them and sucked into the story they create. Yet those stories, for many of us, are incredibly negative and fear filled.

If you saw a small child watching horror movies and the most depressing Lifetime movies all the time… And that child was insecure, scared, and intimidated… What would you tell them?

Do you think changing the channels they watch would help?

Can you see that those negative thoughts playing over and over again in your head might make your primitive brain fearful and anxious? And even if those thoughts only come up when you’re stressed or trying something new… How turning them into positive statements might be powerful!?

What if you could change the channel in your brain? As long as it didn’t distort reality… As long as you were practical and prepared?

Hamster wheel ~~What if you could get the hamsters in your head to sing a different tune?  (Thank you, Reid Mihalko for the analogy of hamster infestation).

All that sounds great… But what if you feel like the channel is stuck where it is?!!

If you’re stuck watching horror movies all the time and you aren’t sure where the knob is to change the channel, it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed and powerless.

I have a secret for you…

You do have the power to change the channel. You just were never taught how.

Most of us grew up with people who had their channels stuck. Who didn’t know how to begin to change their thoughts. So that’s what we learned.

And small children don’t have as much brain capability. Their cognitive brains are still developing. They literally have less control than an adult does.

They couldn’t control their thoughts.

Just like a small baby is incapable of walking, very young children don’t have the ability to change their thoughts.

As we get older, we develop new skills. But just as if that baby never saw anyone walking around upright and stable, he might never get to his feet… When we never (or rarely) see people direct their thoughts and tame their hamsters, we may not know it’s possible.

Like learning to walk, we may be awkward when we first start inviting our thoughts to upgrade. We may “fail” at times. But each time we try, we get stronger. And over time, we build more skills and the process gets easier.

We start feeling better about ourselves and have more to give people in our lives. And that gives us energy and positive reinforcement.

The neural pathways in our brains will start changing. It will seek out the nourishing energy of positive thoughts. After all, positive thoughts are “normal” and empowering.

Let’s do some tapping on changing the channel!

Karate Chop: Even though my thoughts seem to think me, and I don’t feel in control of them, what if that’s an old pattern that I can now change?

Even though I couldn’t always control my thoughts as a child… Just like I couldn’t always control my limbs…I’m an adult now. I wonder if this is something I can learn to do?

Even though my hamsters are out of control… And I thought I had to just put up with it… What if I could tame those hamsters and have them run in a different hamster wheel?

Top of the Head: Hey there, Hamsters…
Eyebrow: It’s okay…
Side of the Eye: What if we…
Under the Eye: Played another game?
Under the Nose: Negative hamsters are what we learned.
 But Hamsters just like to run on wheels…
Collarbone: What if they don’t care what the wheels say?
Under the Arm: What if I can remind myself to change the hamster wheels in my mind?

Top of the Head: Hamsters just run and play.
Eyebrow: That’s what they do.
Side of the Eye: I thought because the noise was negative…
Under the Eye:
 It was true…
Under the Nose: Yet most of those thoughts don’t come true.
 They drag me down.
Collarbone: They don’t prepare me,
Under the Arm: They deplete me!

Top of the Head: When I see the hamsters run for the wheels,
Eyebrow: I can say:
Side of the Eye: Hey there, Hamster…
Under the Eye:
 It’s ok…
Under the Nose: Let’s go play
 Another game!
Collarbone: And I can invite my mind to think about something else!
Under the Arm: I can direct those hamsters to a new hamster wheel.
Top of the Head: I can change the pathways in my mind!

Take a deep breath.

This process just takes a bit of attention and curiosity. It can help if you have a place to direct your thoughts. I love having some inspirational audios around. When my mind goes into a thought storm I can listen and be reminded that things ARE ok.

And you can tap on this as many times as you like!

Warm wishes and happy hamsters!

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