July 5, 2011 by Thriving Now Support

Tapping for Improved Focus

How can I use Tapping (EFT) to give me better focus? -Ann

What we recommend is that you start the tapping by including how you feel right now… scattered, stressed, and chaotically trying to multitask 100 things at once… while giving your energy an intentional direction: relaxed, open, focused.

Karate Chop: Even though I feel scattered, and I can’t seem to find my focus, I’m open to relaxing and allowing my focus to find me.

Even though I keepTapping for Improved Focus 1 trying harder to stay focused, the stress is getting in the way. I allow myself to slow down and naturally focus on one thing at a time.

Even though I thought I had to do 100 things at once, I’m learning that doesn’t always work for me. I invite my mind to release this effort, and naturally and deeply focus on what’s important to me.

Top of the Head: I feel so scattered.
Eyebrow: My mind is jumping all over.
Side of the Eye: There’s too much to do.
Under the Eye: My brain is overwhelmed.
Under the Nose: I invite my brain to relax.
Chin: Some of this stuff isn’t important.
Collarbone: I’d like to relax and tune in to one thing for awhile.
Under the Arm: I think I’d enjoy that!

Top of the Head: I have this habit of being all over the place.
Eyebrow: I learned this habit somewhere.
Side of the Eye: Who taught it to me?
Under the Eye: Where did I learn it?
Under the Nose: Maybe it was reasonable back then…
Chin: But it’s getting in the way now.
Collarbone: And it’s wearing me out.
Under the Arm: I’m ready to focus more deeply on one thing at a time.

Top of the Head: Part of me doesn’t feel safe.
Eyebrow: What if I forget something?!
Side of the Eye: Maybe that’s okay.
Under the Eye: I’m missing things right now with my scattered mind, anyway.
Under the Nose: I’d like to relax and enjoy the process.
Chin: Maybe it doesn’t have to take so much effort.
Collarbone: Maybe I can tap, and allow my mind to relax.
Under the Arm: I’m ready to focus and tune in.
Top of the Head: I can’t wait to see what I can create!

Take a deep breath.

How does that feel? If some part of you says it’s not safe or you’ll miss out on something important… or you realize you don’t know who you’d be if you weren’t always feeling so BUSY BUSY BUSY… write them down and tap on them. If your life is cluttered, you can get help here:


Tapping for Improved Focus 2It also helps if you can figure out where the rule or belief about being busy came from. Was it the best solution back then?? Does it still apply now? If we’ve been traumatized in the past, our primitive brain may still be feeling vigilant and scared of danger. Tapping can help!

And if you were not Always BUSY, is there something you’d “have to” focus upon that you really don’t want to face? Sometimes people keep stressed and busy so they don’t have to look at what’s really painful… their relationship, their health, their finances. Our group coaching program is a perfect place to get support and guidance on these issues. If you’re interested:


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