March 29, 2020 by Cathy Vartuli

Tapping For Clearing Anxiety Around Money

One of the issues that many of you shared in the survey was anxiety around money. When we feel anxious about something, our primitive brain wants to feel better… and two of the ways it can do that is to avoid the subject.. or get rid of the object causing anxiety. Just like you might avoid or get rid of a poisonous snake that lived in your back yard…

Neither of these “solutions” are really useful for dealing with money. They can leave us perpetually short of the stuff, or constantly unaware and out-of-control around it.

If you can gently thank your primitive brain for doing the best it knew how (it might have learned this pattern long ago from parents, or “discovered” this solution when money started playing a painful part in your life), you can release some of the tension that keeps that pattern in place. Offering upgrades and taking baby steps to make your interaction with money more peaceful can open new doors and create a lot more ease and abundance! You CAN become empowered and confident around money.

Let’s do some Tapping together. Our EFT Tapping Guide can be found at if you are new to this powerful approach.

Karate Chop: Even though I have so much anxiety around money, I’m open to finding a new way of interacting with it.

Even though my primitive brain tries to avoid dealing with money, or gets rid of it if I have “too much,” I invite my primitive brain to see things another way.

Even though I have a habit of anxiety around money, I’m ready to take a baby step forward to safety and confidence now.

Top of the Head: I feel anxious about money.
Eyebrow: There is so much I don’t know.
Side of the Eye: I’m afraid to make the wrong decisions.
Under the Eye: I’m afraid there won’t be enough.
Under the Nose: What if I spend it on the wrong things?
Chin: Or do something people laugh at…
Collarbone: Or worse, get mad about!
Under the Arm: No wonder I’m anxious about money!

Top of the Head: Hey, Primitive Brain…
Eyebrow: What if money is my friend?
Side of the Eye: An easy way to exchange energy and value?
Under the Eye: What if we just thought it was scary…
Under the Nose: Because we hung out with people who didn’t understand it?
Chin: They were frozen in fear…
Collarbone: But we know how to tap…
Under the Arm: And how to learn gentle steps for moving forward.

Top of the Head: I send my primitive brain comfort and love.
Eyebrow: I invite it to see money as useful and friendly.
Side of the Eye: I’m ready to understand money just a little bit more.
Under the Eye: I don’t need to avoid it or get rid of it.
Under the Nose: I can treat it like a friendly cat or dog…
Chin: Instead of a scary snake.
Collarbone: I can learn simple things to take care of it…
Under the Arm: So it can keep me warm and loved.
Top of the Head: And I can have LOTS of abundance!

Take a deep breath.

Notice how you feel now. You might feel a bit more relaxed… if so, celebrate! You just took a great step toward having a better relationship with money! You might also have a bunch of thoughts, memories, or beliefs coming up… if so- write them down. They are prime tapping material. Gentle tapping, even for a few minutes when you get a chance, will start changing your pattern and help you go from anxious to abundant around money!

Keep up the great work and congratulations on taking this step!

Before we go… Here is some of the positive affirmations we’re getting back from the Financial Abundance Survey about the effectiveness of this approach:

Taking the course, “Reprogramming Your Primitive Brain,” has literally transformed my life. I have made shifts in all areas of myself. I have more confidence in handling my emotions, accepting myself, and allowing myself to be powerful. I am so grateful to Cathy and Rick for the work they have done on themselves and the gift that they have given me with their choice to walk the path they do. ~ Drew, Brooklyn, NY

Cathy and Rick have been amazing at showing me how go deeper into myself. Their affirmations really hit the mark and help to unblock energy that has been stuck for a long time. They have helped me to look at things in a different and helpful way in a safe and loving environment. ~ Jeannie, Bainbridge Island, WA

This is the first practice I’ve encountered that shows immediate results, but also resonates to the core to continue an ongoing transformation. Once you start you cannot go back! ~ Teddy Gorey. Los Angeles, CA

In Reprogramming the Primitive Brain, Rick and Cathy have opened my eyes to seeing myself and every part of my life, past, present and future, in a positive, healing new way. It is such an exciting, freeing journey and I can never thank them enough for their wisdom, down-to-earth warmth and deep compassion. ~ Ellen, Clarendon, VT

Thank you so very much for your feedback and support. We appreciate the efforts you make in your life and in the world so very much, and are honored to be on this journey with you!

Cathy and Rick

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